Everything You Need To Know About Namche Bazaar (Gateway To Mount Everest)

Namche Bazaar

The ancient capital of Khumbu, Namche Bazaar in Nepal is the main administrative hub in the Everest region. Standing at the elevation of 3500 meters, trekkers and mountaineers know Namche as the gateway to Everest. A vibrant market in the lap of Himalayas, it welcomes travellers from all across the world each year. You shall find Tibetan artefacts to trekking equipment and climbing gears here. There are several shops, pubs, and eateries in Namche Nepal.

From the local Sherpa culture to the world’s most dangerous airport, there is a lot to see in Namche Bazaar. Before you set off for the trip, you need to have information about the place from Namche Bazaar hotels to Namche Bazaar weather.

We Preset You Details On Everything You Need To Know About Namche Bazaar in Nepal.

Why Is Namche Bazaar Famous?

Namche is the entry point for the journey to Everest and other mountain peaks in this zone. The buzzing town in Khumbu has to offer everything a climber or trekker may need for the journey. Also, souvenir shops adorn the metropolis.

If you are an explorer, you could go around the headquarters and find out details on the different climbs done, get to know the memorabilia of expeditions and other facts on the lifestyle and unique culture of local Sherpa people.

Namche is the historic trading point between Nepal and Tibet. Homemade yak butter and cheese are still available. People love the majestic view of the Himalayan peaks surrounding the beautiful valley.

One amazing thing about this town is that no matter how modernized the world gets, no matter how developed, the people still adhere to their culture and way of life. You will receive great hospitality with warm smiles here.

The reason behind the popularity of this place is the people, facilities, and history.

At What Elevation Does Namche Bazaar Reside?

Namche stands at an elevation of around 3000 meters. While trekking, this place is often used for acclimatization, especially by trekkers heading to the base camp of Mt. Everest along with the mountain climbers. Nevertheless, the town lies in a geographically difficult location.

While people adore Namche and come for vacation time and again, life is hard for the locals. The weather can get ruthless. It is cold in winter. The summers turn warm. However, the mist comes, and it veils the views of gigantic, snowy mountain peaks.

Namche Bazaar Weather

Namche Bazaar Weather

The topography and altitude of Namche have a direct bearing on the climate and Namche Bazaar weather of the region. In different months of the year, the Namche Bazaar weather varies. While spring and summer are warmer, there is rainfall in monsoon. You will find that the weather is warm, windy with increasing humidity levels.

During the winter season, the temperature decreases to as low as minus 15 degrees to minus 30 degrees centigrade. The best season to go for trekking is in Spring and Autumn. In the other seasons, Namche Bazaar weather is harsh and dangerous in terms of weather and the condition of the land. You will have different experiences in different Namche Bazaar weather.

Namche Bazaar Hotels

Namche Bazaar Hotels

To book any Namche Bazaar hotels or lodges, you can avail of assistance from us at HopNepal. Namche is a tiny town, and the environment remains serene. There exist Namche Bazaar hotels worth your money value. You shall not be disappointed with Namche Bazaar hotels.

At around 20 dollars per night cost, you shall find great lodges that are clean and welcoming. Namche Bazaar hotels are famous for their food and service.

People And Life In Namche

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, people in this small town live peacefully following their old traditions and culture. Everyone observes the age-old festivities; there are cultural dances and shows. You may witness galas where the locals remember the old kings from centuries before.

The town has a very rejuvenating energy, spiritually.

People value the guests, and every tourist feels at home in this zone; this is the reason why people keep coming back to Namche. Even the Namche Bazaar hotels shall feel like home with warm Sherpa people. Rich culture, unique festivities, and friendly people have magic over you. Namche experience is an unforgettable one.

Available Financial And Health Services

There are two ATMs in which Sidhartha Bank operates with VISA debit cards. And three banks are there for a currency change.

Currency changing centres are present in Thamel too with better rates and longer opening hours.

You might see a dental hospital, namely Namche Dental in the region. An American Himayan Basis (AFH) operates it. People say that the service is excellent in this clinic.

Namche Monastery 

Namche Monastery

Most people in Namche have Buddhist faith. Three monasteries reside in the region.

The Tengboche monastery is popular among trekkers. Opposite to it is the Thame monastery. You have to walk for some time to get to these monasteries. The beautiful monasteries offer quiet surroundings for contemplation with the secluded and peaceful atmosphere. You will love the colourful prayer flags and Mani walls adorning the site.

Namche Museum

The museum at Namche has the name Tenzing Hillary Museum. This museum stands on the Tengboche route above the village. It has to offer interesting facts on Sherpa climbs and expeditions, the lifestyle and culture of Sherpa people, and other artefacts.

There is a hall of reputation in the museum where pictures of Sherpa who summitted Mount Everest are present. You shall see the pictures of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary too.

Is Mt. Everest Visible From Namche?

The mighty Everest is visible from the Everest View Hotel at 3880 meters. You will witness the magnificent view of Khumbu peaks as well as the Everest. The experiencing of watching Everest is awe-inspiring. At certain seasons in the year, Namche Bazaar weather may not allow for the views clearly, but it is clearly perceptible other times.

Mount Everest is significant to both Nepalese as well as Tibetan people. Touching the horizon, these peaks attract numerous trekkers and climbers to itself. Despite how dangerous the ascend to this peak is, many climbers endeavour each year. Nevertheless, to have a look up close, you may plan a trekking journey or a luxurious flight.

Shopping In Namche

Just like Thamel in Kathmandu, Namche happens to be a tourist hub. While some are moving across the shop to shop looking for gears and trekking equipment, others enjoy alone time reading a book or buying souvenirs. Delicious homemade cheese and butter are on sale, and the town is a renowned trading centre for it.

Some decades back, Tibetan investors and Sherpa people from close vicinity negotiated about the conventional art crafts. The local people remain close to their roots despite the radical transformation across the world.

What Items Are Available There?

While the daily necessities are available in this mountainous town, they have high prices given the difficulty to transport them. There is a proper stock of basic medicines (aspirin, throat lozenges, and so on), trekking gear, solar block, toiletries, and others. Remember that cost of branded devices is not that different from the ones in your home town. Knock offs do not exist for more than a day’s journey.

Handicrafts And Books

The first street you see at Namche has many Tibetan run shops for handicrafts. People make woollen materials by hand, and other products found in Namche are available at Kathmandu too.

Namche has places with brand new and second-hand books. You may find the different selections at the Namche Hotel.

Travel Advice

After a scenic air journey to Lukla, you need to walk to Namche. You start hiking from Lukla. With different trekking options available, while some trekkers begin their trekking journey to Everest from Lukla airport, others take the route around the countryside park in Everest.

You do have the choice to take a helicopter trip from Kathmandu to Namche. This strategy will save you time and effort.

Most people hike from Lukla to Namche since it is cheaper than taking a helicopter. When you reach Lukla, different mountain peaks welcome your presence, smiling brightly with white now. Some peaks visible during Lukla flight encompasses Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse and Mt. Pumori.

The airport resides at the height of 2843 meters. We call it Lukla airport since 2008. Before this, the name was Tenzing-Hilary airport; named in honour of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

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