Gosaikunda: Best Trekking Spot In Nepal


Overview Gosaikunda

Located high at 4380m in Langtang National Park places one of the beautiful benchmarks of Nepal, The Gosiankunda Lake. A high-altitude stream lake, The Gosiankunda is one of the premiere hiking points of Nepal. And more than the sequence of one’s era, hikers won’t overlook the incredible experience added throughout their climb and stay at uplands of the Langtang region.

However, there are numerous hiking opportunities in Nepal, the Sundarijal to Gosaikunda path is one that trekkers always goal to attain once in their lifespan. The trek extending from Kathmandu-Gosaikunda goes along the turning point hills over the spiritual crest.

In addition, the way provides a difficult climb filled with pristine falls, thin footpaths running over the falls, unsplit woodlands and sheer stony lands. The jungles are basically enclosed with numerous assortments of fern, deciduous oak and maple, and evergreens such as pine, and numerous kinds of rhododendron.

Even though the hikers follow tough and from time to time unsafe topography hiking around 8 hours per day, the trip endlessly gives explorers with remarkable sights and politeness of the mutual folk.

How To Reach Gosaikunda (Gosaikunda Trekking Guide)

  • Step 1

Most of the Travelers start their ascent from Sundari jal situated at 1-hour journey away from Kathmandu and move through the forests and greeneries over Shivapuri National Park and end at Chisapani, a hill position at 2900m providing spectacular sights of the Langtang, Ganesh and Gauri-Shankar Foothill.

  • Step 2

The next day trekkers climb uphill over rocky topography crossing over foggy highways and hill tops with remarkable sights of the foothills and peaks around. The day completes at either Kutumsang or Mangengoth dependent on the time occupied by mountaineers to ascent, as the topography just weights difficult ascent. Also, remember, one should always complete the day tasting Garlic soup or black tea (a distinctive endurance drink of the area) served by Lamas offering home stay amenities.

  • Step 3

Basic lodging is simply accessible in the area throughout these two days. In the next day, the guesthouses must be pre-booked as there are just some of them.

  • Step 4

The following day trekkers start climbing from about 3400m and walk up to Fedi hiking previous routes and gorges with a quick movement of water developing out from the 108 ponds in the Gosaikunda area. Tourists cope with hazardous topographies and if fortunate, one can spot infrequent flora and fauna such as mountain Himalayan black bear, the goat-like rhesus monkeys and red pandas.

  • Step 5

Though, a small type of Yak, mountain mouse, birds such as Himalayan Monal, Tibetan Snowcock and Pied Thrush, Khalij pheasant are mutual findings in the area. Besides, Lantang National Park is measured to be an outstanding bird watching and nature climbing point. The park is graded 3rd amongst the finest National Parks and trekking destination in Nepal.

  • Step 6

Besides the trail, the explorers can also take mini-detours to the admired Buddhist hermitages throughout the way. Another day of the trip facilitates trekkers with lots of marvels to deliberate upon. Yet, the finest is yet to arise.

  • Step 7

The 3rd day completes at Fedi, a summit situated beside a gorge at 3700m. Sherpa is the common inhabitants of the place who carry out home stays at the uplands. After at Fedi, hikers sense over the clouds as the topography offers sights of far and reserved mountains and down your eye assortment with smokes of white and grey soaring on those hills.

  • Step 8

The 4th day, trekkers battle with various topography, no more trees and pine forests but foothills enclosed with grass and toxic flowers nested at the high height stony topography. Furthermore, cases of top height illness are stated in the area throughout the last day hike. Though the danger is value it when you hike to 4610m, the Lauri Bina La Pass marks the borders of the spiritual Suryakunda Lake, the initial lake between many along the path towards Gosaikunda.

  • Step 9

From Suryakunda, explorers begin 30 minutes simple hike to 4380m towards Gosaikunda. Separately from being the extremely admired Alpine Freshwater ponds of Nepal, Gosaikunda also has an ideal spiritual consequence towards Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.

  • Step 10

Based on Hindu Mythology, Gosaikunda is measured to be the residence of Lord Shiva and Gauri. Scriptures praise the formation of lakes to Lord Shiva who stabbed the foothills with his trident to satisfy his thirst and finish the discomfort after accepting a huge amount of poison he swallowed from the primaeval mountains.

The Final touch,

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