How to Choose the Best Travel and Tour Operator in Nepal?

Dec 01 . 2020

Finding the right travel operator to manage your tour in Nepal is quite a weary job. Managing your entire trip mostly includes making your travel and stay safe while within the country. Tour operators are responsible for ensuring the safety of the tourist as well as coordinating all the mentioned facilities in the travel package at the best price.

They are there to oversee the proper arrangement of accommodation, guidance, transportation, and preparing travelling permits for the vacationers. In Nepal's context, the travel and tour operators market is vast, so in this article, we'll provide you with tips for finding the best travel companies in Nepal.

Are the Guide and Staff of the Travel Company local?

The first thing to check while seeking a responsible tour operator company in Nepal is to check whether the agency has hired local staff or not. Our affiliated travel operators in Nepal have a team of staff and guides who have been involved in the tourism industry for years and are familiar with the country's vicinity.

Premier Travel Experiences Await

Hiring local travel operators helps to improve the economy of the locality and in the growth of the community as well. Also, local travel companies hire people from their region who have a better knowledge of the area and are the best people to guide you through your days in Nepal.

What do the Travel Guides and Porters Gain from The Tour Operator?

The second important thing to check is that the travel agency you'll be choosing provides the best facilities for its travelling guides and porters. 

It is necessary to hire a well-managed tour operator who looks after the rights and safety of their employees. Make sure that the people who'll be travelling with you, guiding you along the trip, have all the benefits that they require.

Are the Prices set by the Travel Company reasonable?

The most important question to ask yourself is whether the travel package fits your budget or not. In the process of choosing the best travel operators in Nepal also check for the price of the travel packages that they offer and compare them.

A reliable tour operator provides the best range of services and facilities at a very economical price. 

However, in some cases, looking for cheaper packages may land you in situations that might have a sour effect on your vacation. To avoid such bitterness research for reasonable prices and the travel operator who provides the best package.

What options of Traveling does your Travel Agency cover?

Make sure the trip operator you'll be appointed to manage your tour, covers a varied range of travel options from trekking to hiking, cultural trips, helicopter flights, jungle safaris, etc. 

One of the significant attributes of a responsible tour operator is to be able to provide all the available touring options, out of which customers choose only the ones that are relevant or interested. Hiring the best travel operator involves avoiding all the leg-work that the clients have to bear.

It can be tiring, standing in lines waiting for your documents to be verified and getting travel permits on your own. A good tour operator manages all those areas of travelling while their customers make the most of their tour.

Are the Tour Operators committed to Social and Local Tourism?

Travel operators in Nepal usually boast about being committed to the social cause and funding for the upliftment of the tourism of the local communities. Being committed to social and domestic tourism means abiding by safe travel practices and being eco-friendly in order the preserve the natural and cultural heredity of the locality.

As the travel company is the leading player in the trip management field, they must stick to ethical tourism procedures and practice processes that are responsible for the uplifting of the general society and community. The methods that they practise to manage tours within Nepal should not hurt tourism or the Nepal Tourism Board.

Does the Travel Company have any Achievements?

While analysing to recruit to best travel operator to manage your trip in Nepal, look for agencies that have previously been recognised with awards and achievements. If the agency has certificates from a reliable source, then they must be the genuine one who excels in the field of tourism.

Generally, travel agencies are awarded the Certificate of Excellence, proof of their ingenuity. Tour companies we work are in this field for several years, and some of them are placed in the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame.

Do you know any Travel and Tour Operators in Nepal?

If you have no idea regarding finding a trustable travel company in Nepal, then fret no more. Below we have enlisted a few tour operators that have been working in the tourism business for many years. Please go through them.

  • Create Himalaya Adventure Pvt. ltd: The tour operator has been in the tourism industry for 14 years and provides a varied range of activities that you can partake in while in Nepal.
  • Welcome Nepal Treks: They are the proud winners of Trip Advisor Awards Excellence Customized tours and personalized service. The travel company has been in the business for over 12 years and are pleased to have served more than 800,000 vacationers.
  • Himal Eco Treks Pvt. Ltd.: Founded in 1996, Himal Eco Treks have been serving tourists and travellers for 21 years. They provide a wide variety of packages for people looking to visit Nepal, India, China, and Bhutan.
  • Nepal Trail Finder Treks & Expedition: NTF has been in the business for over a decade and is confident to serve its clients in the best possible way it can.
  • Frolic Adventure Pvt. Ltd: Rated 5 on 5 by Trip Advisor, FA are also one of the leading tour operators in Nepal. They have been associated and certified by Govt. of Nepal, TAAN (Trekking Agency Association of Nepal) and Nepal Mountaineering Association.
  • Nepal Kailash Trekking: The company have a reputation for providing tourism services to vacationers since 1999. Since a majority of their staff are from the Ganesh Himal region, they excel in trekking and mountaineering packages.
  • Ascent Holidays Pvt Ltd: Their services vary from bungee jumping to rafting, zip flying, jungle safari Everest Helicopter Tour, Mountain flights, and many more. The company is affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board, NMA, and TAAN.
  • Nepal Trekking Routes Pvt. Ltd: Started in 2013, Nepal Trekking Routes have clients from all over the world like North America, South East Asia, Europe, Pacific, and South America.
  • Everest View Treks & Expedition: As the name suggests, the company provides the best packages for exploring the Everest region. Their services outshine in the areas of trekking, hiking and peak climbing.
  • Outshine Adventure Pvt. Ltd: The travel agency is known for their reasonable travel packages that perfectly fits a tourist's budget.

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