Nepal Nightlife: 10 Hotspots for Your Evening Escapes in 2021

Nepal Nightlife: 10 Hotspots for Your Evening Escapes in 2021

Oct 08 . 2021

Nepal is a captivating destination to visit, located in the heart of the Himalayas. During the day, the country provides magnificent mountain vistas while it is illuminated with lights and music at night. If you thought there wasn't much to see at night in Nepal, we'd prove you wrong.

Nepal nightlife is like no other, with the most excellent music, cuisine, and dancing that will make you get out of bed and put on your best dress. If you're still sceptical, read on to discover how the nation is brimming with breezy nightclubs and exciting locations to visit for a memorable experience!

Reasons Why Nepal's Nightlife Is Secure

Nepal's culture is worth investigating since it is diverse and dynamic. During the nighttime, you may catch a glimpse of the country's cultural aspects. If you believe that this country's nightlife cannot be so exciting, you are mistaken. 

The Nepal nightlife is not only alive and well, but it is also secure. With so many nightclubs in Nepal, the nightlife in this nation will make you want to let out your inner party animal.

The Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Nepal

The nightlife in Nepal has a lot to offer, from the most fantastic nightclubs to the brightly illuminated streets. Check out the finest late-night adventures in Nepal, from Kathmandu to Pokhara, for your next vacation!

#1. Club Deja Vu

Club Deja Vu is one of Nepal's most sophisticated nightclubs. The venue, around 20,000 square feet in size, has been designed in a warehouse-style. This one-of-a-kind and intriguing decor will surely take your breath away. 

This club has become the most fantastic Nepal nightclub, including two distinct levels of dance floors with their entrances and three well-prepared bars.

Club Deja Vu has seats for about 2500 people, a separate lounge, and two unique VIP rooms. The first floor is exclusively accessible to members with a membership card. 

This zone's interiors have a mechanical design and stand out by having state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and eye-catching LED walls with video mapping technology. So go ahead and experience Nepal's sparkling nightlife for singles!

#2. Karma Bar and Lounge

Want to have the finest party in Nepal while on vacation? Karma Bar & Lounge is one of the most fabulous venues to party in Nepal and is well-known for its dance bar. The location is well known for its exciting weekend scenes.

Another popular aspect of Karma Bar And Lounge is its live music programs, which have garnered positive feedback thus far. Bring in your buddies and dance the night away here! It is also an excellent location for social gatherings and corporate functions. Karma is a famous nightlife destination for people of all ages.

#3. Rum Doodle

Visit Rum Doodle, which has earned a Time Magazine award for having the most extraordinary nightlife in Nepal. The name comes from The Ascent of Rum Doodle, a parody of serious mountaineering literature. WE Bowman, the novel's author, presented Mt. Rum Doodle as the world's tallest peak in the book. 

This club is popular with both climbers and partygoers. The pub has a unique décor, with walls exhibiting the footsteps of notable mountaineers, including Edmund Hillary, Ang Rita Sherpa, Reinhold Messner, and Rob Hall. Doesn't it seem intriguing?

#4. Kathmandu Durbar Square

This is one of Nepal's most popular and busiest streets. Aside from providing tourism attractions, it contributes to the attractiveness of Nepal's evening by lighting up the temples and buildings. This is a must-see if you want to see the finest of Kathmandu's nightlife! This location is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The most famous cafés in Kathmandu Durbar Square are Shisha Cafe, Newa Chae, and Clay Pit. The first two are well-known for their Newari and Nepali cuisine, while the third is well-known for its Indian cuisine. These areas are usually busy in the evening.

#5. Purple Haze Rock Bar

Purple Haze Rock Bar brings Thamel, Nepal's nightlife, to life. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Nepal. It provides everything for a beautiful night, including delicious cuisine, great music, and beverages! 

Purple Haze Rock Bar is a fantastic spot to listen to live music performed by outstanding DJs, bands, and entertainers. Visit with friends to enjoy the finest of Kathmandu's nightlife.

#6. Moksh Live Bar

Several pubs in Nepal are well-known among locals for their beverages, atmosphere, and cuisine, and Moksh Live Bar is one of them. Enjoy seeing live music performances, particularly jazz and have an interest in art. Stopping by this pub will be one of the most nuanced decisions you make throughout your Nepal vacation.

#7. Moon Sun Disco

This is one of the country's most popular party spots, predominantly Nepalese youth audience and foreigners. It's mainly because there's so much to do while you're here - for example, there's a video game parlour and snooker tables for all you indoor game enthusiasts! With so many activities to keep you occupied, you won't get enough of this location.

#8. Studio 54

This venue will make you want to put on your party shoes and immerse yourself in the fantastic music and laid-back atmosphere. This establishment's décor is appealing to the eye because it is incredibly artistic. If you want to experience Kathmandu's glamorous nightlife, you must pay a visit to Studio 54. American discos influenced the entire setting.

#9. Buddha-Bar

The hallmark of this Nepalese pub is its ambience, which has a strong Eastern world influence. The cuisine provided here has an unusual, eastern flavour to it as well. The food and beverages are reasonably priced, and the friendly service adds up. Furthermore, the joyful melody that plays in the background enhances the experience. There's also a shisha bar here, which will make your visit complete.

#10. Maya Cocktail Bar

This is a Nepalese resto-bar with a setting influenced by traditional Latin and Mexican themes. Furthermore, this bar will provide you with some delectable Mexican meals. 

You'll find the atmosphere here to be quite sophisticated, and it's one of those places in Nepal where you can get to know the locals. The foreign music playing in the background will add to the intrigue and memorableness of your stay.


It would help if you were convinced that this town has a busy nightlife now that you know about the famous locations for experiencing Nepal nightlife. 

Take some Nepal and Kathmandu nightlife advice and head out to experience this incredible location not only during the day but also at night. So, organize a vacation to Nepal and enjoy the most exciting late-night events.