Seven Haunted Places of Nepal to Visit in 2021

Seven Haunted Places of Nepal to Visit in 2021

Oct 19 . 2021

Every house is haunted, every person is tormented, and ghosts follow us everywhere. Do you identify with this quote? Have you ever been in an incident that caused you to sleep for days, yet you still enjoy watching horror movies? If so, pack your belongings and travel to Nepal's most famous haunted locations.

As impressive as it may get, Nepal, a nation of temples, has several places banned from visiting by the people. Whether it's the narrative of the Royal Family massacre or the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine, the land will give you shivers. While exploring the haunted locations, you may experience the mystery side or encounter a genuine spirit.

Pray, cross your fingers, and travel to Nepal for your next fantastic night adventures.

Seven Haunted Places of Nepal

Below is a list we have prepared of the most haunted sites in Nepal that is going to stay with you for a long time and will undoubtedly haunt you in your nightmares. They are:

  • Raniban: The Gigantic Old Tree
  • Dhapasi: Scary Water Tank
  • Devghat: Chitwan's Mysterious Ladies
  • Mt Everest: The Climber's Ghost
  • Narayanhiti Palace: Ghastly Story of the Nepalese Prince
  • Mugling - Narayanghat
  • Sundarijal: The River that requires Human Sacrifice

Raniban: The Gigantic Old Tree

Let us begin our stomach-churning list of haunted sites in Nepal with the beautiful Raniban, located in the Achham District of Nepal. The location was formerly famous for seeing spectacular sunrises and sunsets, but it is now more where people are afraid to go.

Locals have reported hearing the sounds of a lady sobbing and feeling an evil yet powerful ghost attempting to contact them. If you ask the Raniban locals, they will tell you about a lady raped and killed here.

Call it nature's justice or the work of the woman's spirit, but the unpleasant guy who committed the heinous deed was discovered hanging from a tree. Locals are till now afraid to go near the tree because they believe it is haunted. Do you want to watch the lethal dawn and sunset right now?

Dhapasi: Scary Water Tank

The water tank in Dhapasi, Basundhara, is the next on the list of haunted locations in Nepal. Locals claim to have seen a man's spirit near the water tank; thus, no one dares to visit Dhapasi.

It is claimed that ghosts are constantly present around bodies of water, which may be true in the case of the water tank. Are you ready to meet the water tank spirit?

Devghat: Chitwan's Mysterious Ladies

Another terrifying location in Nepal is a sacred Hindu temple transformed into a site of ghostly activity. Police discovered a woman's bones on the scene, and since then, residents have reported seeing four women dancing at night in Devghat, which is very scary when you think about it.

Nobody dares to go there, even though it is one of Nepal's most famous haunted locations. Do you want to dance with the unknown?

Mt Everest: The Climber's Ghost

Even the world's tallest peak is haunted; therefore, sceptics who believe that supernatural is just a term should go to Mount Everest and see its presence in our world. Many climbers claim to have encountered the ghost of Andrew Irvine, who died while climbing Everest.

Though the ghost does not harm anyone, having a spirit accompany you on your journey is undoubtedly unsettling. Do you want to rise with the soul of a deceased climber?

Narayanhiti Palace: Ghastly Story of the Nepalese Prince

The palace where the inexplicable slaughter of the Royal Family occurred is the last one on our list. The horrific account of the adored Nepal Prince shooting his father and other seven members while intoxicated, or so it is alleged. This heinous crime occurred in the historic Narayanhity Royal Palace, one of Nepal's most haunted locations.

The Royal Palace, a popular tourist destination, is still haunted, and many visitors have agreed. Despite numerous religious rites being done, neighbours hear gunfire, people sobbing, and yelling at the Royal Palace. Are you ready to see the Prince of the Royal Palace and ask him why he murdered his family?

Mugling - Narayanghat

Consider taking a drive through a haunted location. The road between Mugling and Narayanghat is one of the most scenic routes to go. Today, though, it has devolved into a feverish nightmare. Yes, the ride will be thrilling, but if you prefer to travel by night, you are in for a treat. Locals will advise you to avoid walking along the street at night.

You'd witness ghosts begging for a ride, unexpected people appearing in front of your car, and other strange occurrences. Today, the road is pretty congested in the mornings and nights, and you will not feel the adrenaline rush during these times. Choose a time around midnight to achieve the desired scary effect.

Police have acknowledged that they have recovered numerous remains from the wooded areas, and most of the cases are still under investigation. Unfortunately, there may be a slew of more dead bodies in the forest. Previously, the communities along the route were merely abandoned fishing villages rife with crime and violence. The spirits discovered on the roadway were supposed to be tortured souls whose bodies might be left in the woods.

Sundarijal: The River that requires Human Sacrifice

Sundarijal is located a short distance from Kathmandu's leading metropolis. The location is home to a massive river, which serves as one of Kathmandu's primary drinking water sources. Although water is critical to their survival, the villagers believe the river is haunted.

People refused to go near the river's banks for any activity, at whatever time of day. The river is supposed to run through a beautiful rainforest, which is home to many tormented souls.

The river manages to take the lives of those who come into contact with it for whatever reason. There have been reports of visitors and locals reaching the river's banks to tumble into the water and drown. This concept is also linked to the notion that the ghosts of people who perished in the river still walk the riverbanks.

Do you believe these are made-up stories or evolved folklore? Someone may have heard a falling fruit and mistook it for ghosts following them.


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