Top Things To Do In Banke National Park


Banke National Park is located in a central western development of Nepal which is also regarded as a gift of nature in 1998. The park was established for the protection of wild tigers, endangered flora and fauna and reflects the dedication to Nepal government on biodiversity protection at the background stage.

Nepalgunj is well-known for the stimulating trekking to the Dopolo plateau and Jumla area. Also, the place is recognized as the business and transport centre of the country with different types of attractions that are Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, and much more.

Well, Banke National Park is one of the most well-known tourist destinations for voyage sports and exciting trips. The key aim of its founding is to conserve rare species together with their environment, support eco-tourism, assisting safeguard zone for wealth management, employment promotion, income production, and community expansion actions and increase trans-boundary natural passage.

Check Out The Things To Do In Banke National Park:

1. Hiking In Banke National Park

Hiking is an amazing experience when you walk into this wonderful park bounded by every kind of flora and fauna. Yet, another difficult part of this place is to view the natural world. In addition, Banke Nikunj is a pleasant spot where you can enjoy hiking. Truly, hiking is likely to become useful to health and discovered in the new spot and its environment. Consequently, this spot is used to enjoy the right activities where different flora and fauna are found in the park.

2. Jungle Safari In Banke National Park


This park is also ideal for Jungle Safari where a tourist travels by jeep or elephant. Well, Elephant safaris will take you to a various place which is and sufficient time to explore places and has lots of fun. When you travel to the elephant, you can feel more secure. You can take pleasure in walking safari some areas which are in fact the finest part of the national park.

3. Adventures/ Outdoor activities In Banke National Park

This national park is the ideal destination for the one fascinated to outdoor actions. Also, appropriate to explore, open of the dumpling, contentment, and raise of its memorial service, hiking, and cascade can be completed on a stunning mountain. For more hiking and additional to the person attracted to, running a boat in the stream can be observed beneath the water. You can watch rare animals of Nepal in Banke National Park like a Porcupine, Royal Bengal tiger, Pangolin, etc.

4. Photography In Banke National Park

This place is appropriate for an incredible view and photography. You can take pictures by turning or staying anywhere in the emerald forest. When the animals approach to drink water, the image can be clicked when they play, which is a superior prospect and major appeal for photographers.

Consequently, when you conduct the photography class, it is simple to coach your students to learn more. The Banke National Park is linked with trans-boundary scenery that connects Suhelwa flora and fauna shelter in India via national and group woods to the south. It also connects with Bardia National Park to the west which in addition borders with Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in India through Khata foyer.

5. Elephant Back Safari In Banke National Park


You can find lots of things to do at Banke National Park. In addition, the good development of the road makes it simpler for travelers to explore. It is a comfort to visit from one place to another. Banke district encloses intense modes of communications that comprise internet amenities, telephone facilities, radio, and television. Because of this basis, you make it fast and simple to a voyage. The key languages used in Banke are Nepali, Awadhi, Tharu, and Urdu the rest utilize Magar, Hindi, and other local languages. This can able to check out the traditions of special variety all through the tour.

In addition, you can Footloose yourself and get prepared to view deer, bears, wild elephants, crocodiles at this National Park. You can hike in the park and take pleasure in the green woodland. To travel with a lot of animals in the tone of the bird can take a range of entertaining when you travel. Banke is, in fact, a bird’s watchers magnificence. Here you can check pout above 100 species when you travel.

6. Boating In Banke National Park

Nepal is the second richest country in the world in the water resources with numbers of rivers and lakes. This is a perfect place for boating as well. There are lots of locations for boating which helps many tourists to get some exclusive climatic feelings and it is significant to keep in mind that these locations can be delicate, and should be maintained time and again.

7. Cycling In Banke National Park

There are rarely people who do not enjoy cycling so far. Due to the danger of wild animals, there are only some places for cycling in National Park. So, we should direct a tourist for cycling. For the guidance, we can hire the personnel with some charge based on the rule of the Banke national park. And from guide introduction, we can feel safe and can acquire complete pleasure from there. One of the key reasons is that tourist mostly visits there for cycling. Thus, The Head of the administration of the national park should think about it. Also, it is better to carry out some additional steps from the head of the management for more development of this area.

Check Out Some Of The Places To Visit Nearby Banke National Park

1. Surkhet Valley And Awesome Sky


Surkhet Valley falls on the innermost terai region of Nepal. It is surrounded by Jajarkot, Dailekh, and Achham towards the north, Bardiya Banke surroundings, and Kailali on the way to the south, Salyan region near the east, and Doti en route for the west. It is located about 600 kilometres west of the capital city Kathmandu. Surkhet is situated in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal.

The attractive Surkhet gorge looks alike Kathmandu valley is about 400 km west of Kathmandu. It is the main hub point to isolated areas such that Dailekh, Kalikot, Mugu, Jumla, Jajarkot, and Salyan. The place is privileged with outstanding mountains, disposes, and wide woods, magnificent river, outrageous Himalaya’s ends which similarly include many spaces of adoration and voyage.

2. Passage Of Kakrebihar


The key vacation locations of Surkhet are Kakrebihar, Deutibajai, Bulbule Lake, Ghantaghar, Bheri stream and several diverse locations with spiritual and also prominent value.

3. Kakrebihar


Kakre Bihar is a Hindu Buddhist Temple close to Birendranagar city. This place encloses a shape like the seed of cucumber, therefore, it is known as Kakre Bihar (kakro is Nepali name for cucumber). This spot is conventional to be derived from the 12th century. It consists of tough stone with appealing sculpture statue of Hindu delightful mortal and goddess together with Buddha. This place is also famous for its typical splendour. It is set above small mountains.

4. Status of Buddha

Well, Kakre Bihar is the outstanding areas of an old Buddhist Monastery (palace), which is situated on the shabby of national heritage locales in Nepal. As mentioned by near communities, Mahabharat’s Heroes-“The Pandavas”, visited here, gathered small house for their livelihood to spend their Banbas time (hiding themselves from other peoples).

5. Place Where Pandavas Hide Themselves


Bulbule Taal which is a small lake welcomes the visitors which is laden with a point of view. This lake is the fountainhead of usual water spring, which appears as air pockets.

6. Deutibajai Temple

DeuitBajai is the renowned and much-admired Hindu Temple in Surkhet and complete Mid-western area of Nepal. Particularly, its history is comparative to “RAJI” society’s relatives where they used to pray.

Time and again peoples from near and distant visit this temple to ask and power BHAKAS (to assurance with god). People of all the groups and class are welcome here.

7. Ghantaghar (Clock Tower)


Ghanta Ghar is one of the most amazing congealed peaks and community enroll Surkhet. This set tall summit is, in addition, the peak of attention of Surkhet. Bheri river is a famous point for boating.

8. Bheri Bridge


Surkhet is open by means of air management and streets from various places of the country. Karnali Highway linked with Surkhet towards the isolated Western setting Karnali. You can take Kathmandu-Nepalgunj and Kathmandu-Surkhet flight to explore this distinctive brilliance.

The Final Touch,

These are some of the things to do and the best places to visit in Banke National Park. If you are willing to visit the place, please feel free to connect with us at your desired time. We will be happy to make your holiday pleasant at Banke National park

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