Trekking In Nepal In July


Are You Ready For Trekking In Nepal In July?

Trekking in Nepal is world-renowned and for a first-class basis. It is an, in fact, a remarkable spot for amazing activities such as hiking, touring, mountaineering, and trekking in the High Peaks.

Every year, Nepal attracts a huge number of tourists. There are almost 200 trekking ways that are lawfully opened for distant visitors.

There is numerous superb hiking track that can’t be travelled throughout time. The top part to trek in Nepal is there is no seasonal restriction all the way through the year.

Despite the heavy rain, June, July, and August are still the most excellent off-season trek periods in Nepal. Other than that earlier than proceeding to the path all through the monsoon months, for all time, one questions come on the trekker’s mind.

Does it rain 24 hours similar to other parts of the earth?

Here, my answer is a big No!!!

The monsoon in Nepal is not similar to the characteristic heavy rain of Asia. It rains approximately day but frequently during night as well. So you must be fortunate enough to take hold of the finest mountain sights all through the early in the sunrise and the sunset time.

Nepal is land of striking good looks, exciting activity, and outstanding occurrence. I guarantee you that after reading this article; you will certainly get the top reason to trek in Nepal during July.

Weather Conditions During July Trek in Nepal 

July is based on the offseason month of the trek. The weather throughout this month gets hot, moist, and wet.All through this month, it rains approximately every day with an irregular cloudburst in the evening even though the mornings are frequently clear, with the immense mountain sights.

Weather conditions rely on height and altitude. Also, the provincial allocation differs rainfall from one place to another. Pokhara city situated in the heart of Nepal gets over 400 cm rainfalls.

In general, in the west and north part of Nepal get a smaller amount of rainfall. Within the north part of Nepal, there is a large rain shade region away from the immense Himalayan assortments. All through a monsoon, these areas get less rainfall that includes 50 cm.

Best July Trekking Destinations in Nepal 

The trek in Nepal is possible in any season. Summer or monsoon periods are the off-season for a trek in Nepal. Regardless of this, throughout this time of year also it comes up with some of the incredibly small and extensive trekking in Nepal.

All through July, the weather comes up with an important factor to the trek. However, you can decide any of these trekking places, where there is no threat of monsoon.

The well-liked off-beaten trek destinations such as Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Nar Phu Valley trek are possible all through this month. Alongside this, the well-liked trek destination such as Everest Base Camp trekking, Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking, and Mardi Himal trekking is also similarly productive to execute.

Here Are Some Of The Best Trekking Destinations in Nepal for July:

1. Poon Hill Trek


Poon hill trek counts on the most prominent short trekking in Nepal. It is an ideal trekking destination for the novice trekkers with less time to spend in Nepal.

The best part of this trekking is the sight of sunrise at Poon Hill, 3810 meters over sea level. From the top of the prominence, you are likely to get 360-degree panoramic sights of the adjacent mountains.

It is one of the most well-liked trek routes; there is noteworthy explorer all over the path all through the high trek period.

Throughout the path, you can travel around some imperative villages, including Ghandruk. It is the second-largest villages of Gurung residents.

In the little period of a trek, you are likely to view wonderful sights of Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Macchapucchre, and Hiunchuli. This trekking path takes you through unbelievable thick rhododendron forests, profound subtropical vale. 

2. Upper Mustang Trek


Regardless of heavy rain, July is still a perfect time for Upper Mustang trek in Nepal. The Upper Mustang area is situated in the Northern part of Nepal with less or no rainfall throughout the monsoon.

As this area is extremely conquered by huge Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif, so the rain is exceptional in this area.

This trekking path locates under the limited trekking area of Nepal. Therefore, you require particular trekking permission.

All through this wonderful trekking, you can enjoy a remarkable panorama of exclusive scenery of trans-Himalayan mount region. Also, you can get a chance of understanding some exceptional Tibetan culture.

One of the main tourist attractions of Upper Mustang trekking is the antique capital of Lo Manthang. This spot is the most recent instances of living in Tibetan civilization. It is mostly populated by Manangi community whose ethnicity and customs are alike the Tibetan populace.

During this trekking, you are likely to enjoy the Buddhist art and traditions and find out about the Trans-Himalayan history.

This trekking way comes up with the breathtaking mountain sights of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and other close to mountains of Annapurna area.

3. Nar Phu Valley Trek


Nar Phu Valley trek is recently established and exploratory trekking which is likely for trekking in July. This trekking area is also never getting pretentious by monsoon rain.

This trekking is ideal for the one who likes to undertaking off the compressed pathway with the panoramic mountain sights.

All through the path, you can explore various types of Buddhists monasteries. You can trek over high mountains and passes, glacier, isolated villages, contracted canyons, and astonishing landscapes.

As it is located in the remote region, the Nar and Phu villages are intact by current progress. As a result, the path is rough, and the essential accommodations are accessible. This off-beaten trek route is just located north of well-liked Annapurna circuit trek route. 

Clothing Tips For Trekking in Nepal In July

  • All through July, particularly when there will be heavy rainfall don’t forget to pack breathable rain gear.

  • As you walk through the thick forests, there may be a major bug, so you a full sleeves clothes are extremely suggested.
  • For the period of this month, the moisture can also be a massive issue, so you should decide the instant-     drying fabrics such as synthetic. Cotton clothes should be strictly prohibited—best Reasons for July Trekking in Nepal.
  • This period of the year, you can find comparatively fewer people on the trekking path. Fewer trekkers around yourself indicate you can enjoy the complete landscape of trekking just by yourself.
  • Everything is gorgeous greener, and cleaner than always—the flower bloom everywhere in the hillside region. The Himalayas become a sanctuary for trekkers throughout this month.
  • The costs of accommodations are time and again cheaper all through the offseason. Consequently, you can wrangle with no trouble and discounts are easier to locate.

Final Thoughts

This is all about July trekking in Nepal. To get more, you can contact us at your desired time.

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