Why Should You Visit Nepal?

Nov 18 . 2020

Any idea? Why should you visit Nepal?

Well, you can travel to a lovely country Nepal for no reasons. However, here in the article, I will be providing some exciting trips you will get while visiting Nepal.

Nepal may not be a holiday destination that most of you hear about it frequently. It is generally a country that drives below the radar. Recognized as the residence to Mt. Everest and 8 of the highest peaks on the globe, it also has impressive sights and natural settings that are indisputably remarkable.

Also, Nepal is a landlocked country surrounded by China and India, situated in the Himalayas in South Asia. However, it may not be an average type of travel destination; the pristine natural globe most certainly appeals to lots of adventure lovers and nature admirers.

Top 12 Reasons To Visit Nepal:

1. A Trekkers Heaven

Elaborate trekking in the hills of the Himalayas. Yes, Nepal is the perfect destination to enjoy trekking in the hills and resident to the Annapurna Region, which comes up with several trekking prospects that are measured as some of the best destinations in the globe.

2. An Adventurers Port

Nepal is popular for lots of adventurous action. Either you are willing for paragliding or white water rafting to zip-flying and bungee jump, Nepal recognizes the best way to provide the adrenaline and delight searchers with the things.

3. Safe Destination

Measured as the safest travel destination in South East Asia, Nepal is popular for its friendly and warm nature. The residents here are amiable and are welcoming, offering you lots of reasons to make your time enjoyable and happy.

4. The Wildlife

While exploring some amazing places like Chitwan National Park, you can meet lots of erratic flora and fauna types. An over-all of 68 types of creatures, 544 types of birds, 56 types of reptiles and 126 types of fish are noted here. The park is particularly prominent for its defence of the One Horned Rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Gharial Crocodile.

5. World Heritage Spots

Nepal is resident to several UNESCO World Heritage Spots which more improves the cultural magnetism of this wonderful country. It encloses lots of shrines, hermitages and inns for you to explore.

6. The Cuisine

Nepalese cuisine has a heavy effect from the adores of China and India; however, the cuisine usually healthier with extra slender meats and vegetables. Dal Bhat as the main cuisine for Nepalese and momo as their beloved there is other assortments of fragilities that is mouthwatering. Taste the finest of cuisines while visiting Nepal.

7. Diverse Cultures

Did you see that more than 35 various cultural groups call Nepal home-grown? This indicates that there are numerous religions, languages, melodic stimulations and cuisine. Nepal is a charming country to immerse yourself into the assorted values and say bye to your luxury region.

8. Trace The Birth Place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini

Explore Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and touch the birthplace that indicates the appearance of Buddhism. Travel to several hermitages, temples and palaces that offer you the sensation of peace and calmness.

9. Architectural Handicrafts And Art Works For Memento

Architectural handicrafts and artworks are the very general memento for travellers. The mandala portrait, ceramic works, airmanship and other ethnic together with architectural intelligence is what Nepal is essentially popular for.

10. Safest Destination With Welcoming People

Nepal is measured as a harmless journey and travel destination in South East Asia. Nepalese individuals are recognized for their welcoming nature and friendliness. With Namaste and their happy face, Nepalese are always prepared to comfort you.

11. Trouble-Free Visa And Low-Cost Travel

You do not need to collect a huge amount to explore different parts of Nepal. Almost every Tourist can receive their visa on entrance at Tribhuvan International Airport. To receive a Nepalese visa is simple and recognized for its cost-effective travel that keeps your money safe than other destinations.

12. Eminence Lodging, Fooding And Transport

Nepal comes up with quality accommodation, fooding, transport and other services that perfectly correspond to your travel requirements. From five-star facilities to economic facilities, Nepal comes up with all of them. While travelling and exploring with popular trekking corporations, excellence in services is certain.

The Final Touch,

These are some of the best reasons to visit Nepal. If you are planning to visit Nepal, please feel free to contact us. We are always available to make your journey more exciting.