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WELCOME TO SHERPA EXPEDITION & TREKKING PVT. LTD Sherpa Expeditiousness and Trek are one of the pioneers of Trek, spell and expeditiousness in Nepal which was established on January 06, 1977, with a motto: ‘Enhancing Tourism possibilities across the World ’. Sherpa Excursion and Trek are proud to be recognized as the second Trek and Dangerous undertaking company authorized by the Tourism Board of Nepal. Since its establishment, it has successfully been cracking its world-class serve to traveler around the globe We have strong dedication and commitment to make every holiday memorable for the remainder of your life. We basically focus on safety and luxury, which has categorized us as a distinctive trek and adventure organizer in Nepal. We have the experience of more than 40 old age in tourism. Our experienced and equipped squad is always prompt and enthusiastic and ready to crack the best military service to our Edgar Albert Guest. Their mania to organize and operate the trip is unique and earns us the kudos of our customer with much-returning class s after year to climb new hateful. We are enthusiastic and ethical in our dealings with guest and always looking for something unique and seeking fell mysteries on our mountain treks. We honor our team, environment, culture and simultaneously promote sustainable tourism. Because of the quality and reliable service we offer, we have above 80 % of repeat clients. We treat them as family members, with many becoming an overseas business spouse. We offer the thrills of adventure and joy during the trip. Sherpa Expeditions and Trek have maintained its goodwill in the international stadium and at the plate in Nepal. Toured across the globe can rely and trust on Sherpa Expeditions and Trek for a pleasant, adventurous, luxurious, economical and a memorable holiday in Nepal. We are committed to providing world-class service while protecting the cancel and cultural heritage. The ethical business pattern is integral to our success.

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Because of we nidus on Armed service ( Robert William Help, Excellency, Esteem, Value, and Environs ) By offering a first socio-economic class, Personal service and using our local knowledge, experience, and impinging. We are proud to SERVE our client with tailor-made root. Table service > Our client come first and we work to the highest operational criterion in parliamentary procedure to exceed the expectation of our client. Excellence> We deliver excellence to customer and out Trek Married someone through the development of lineament organization and continued focus on smarter ways of working. Respect > We work together with our customers with regard and integrity to springiness them biography experience while traveling in with us. Value > Our diverse travel related Synonyms/Superordinate word (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun service and solutions. Personalized software program and quality production and Service at competitive Mary Leontyne Price guarantee superior value for all our clients. Environment > We operate responsibly to minimize negative and enhance positive degree environmental. Mixer and economic impact ensuring the long term sustainability of the tourism manufacture and of the resources on which we depend.