frequently asked questions

Here, is how you register as a vendor for Hop Nepal:

  • Fill in your details  : Click on the registration button, fill-up the form with your details, and submit the registration form.
  • Verify your account via the confirmation link in the email : You will receive an email with a confirmation link and a copy of terms and conditions, agreements alongside login credentials once you submit the form. Click on the link to verify your vendor account.
  • Login using the credentials sent in the email and your update your information : Now login using the credentials provided and sign the terms and conditions before you do anything. After this, you can add products/packages, but they will not be placed on the website. You must add the following documents to get your account reviewed by us before you can list them on our website:
  1. Digital copy of Citizenship
  2. Digital copy of PAN registration certificate
  3. Digital copy of TAAN registration certificate

After the verification of your certificates, you can freely add/remove products and packages, update your details and go live on Hop Nepal.

(Note: The verification can take from a few days to a week. We will contact through a phone call once your certificates have been verified.)

Yes, you can! Once you have registered, you have complete access to your account. If you feel like you need to make some updates to the information of your property or products, you can edit your details and products whenever required.

Once you have entirely registered with us, you will be able to add your product/ packages through the backend login provided to you. There are separate sections for each; feel free to add or remove the details and add your packages/ products them if you want just at a click of a button!

While describing your products and property, make sure to include the major attractions and features. For example, if your hotel has a rooftop garden or your product is exclusively available in your shop only, mention it! Any information about your property or product that is fun and entertaining can compel the users to make inquiries for it!

As for the photos, we suggest you upload pictures that highlight the significant features of your property or products. This will help in enticing more customers to make inquiries and even book or order for your products, packages, or rooms. Moreover, click photos of inside and outside of your property and cover most of the angles of your products. The photos need not be of professional quality; a decent photo taken by an average camera or smartphone is enough to create a good impression!

The details regarding the commission will be mentioned in the agreement provided to you while registering. The matter regarding commission will be further discussed by our agent through a phone call too. The commission, however, will be deduced while the booking or order has been made.

The customers can pay for the booking or the order online. They have the option to pay for the entire package or just for the booking and pay the rest when they arrive at your property. If the customers decide to pay for the whole package, payment for the package will be provided to you at the end of the month along with a receipt.

For handicraft products, however, the full payment along with the delivery charge must be made online, and you will be provided with the amount and receipt at the end of the month.

If the customer cancels the order, then they will not get a refund of the booking charge, and the rest is up to your company policy. We will only charge the booking cost, and the rest will be decided according to your company policies. If you have a no-cancellation system, the customer will pay the full amount, and none of its will be refunded. If you have a provision for canceling, we will take the booking cost, and the customer will be refunded as per your policy.

In that case, you can relax. You will not be liable to pay anything but the customer will be charged with a booking fee.

In such cases, the customer is under your property, and you can take action as per your policies. You can take action against the customer if you find his/her activity objecting your rules and procedures.

We will not be liable and will not take responsibility for the misconduct from the side of the customers.