Best Places to Paraglide in Kathmandu

Best Places to Paraglide in Kathmandu

Oct 06 . 2021

A bird's eye view's beauty can never be compared to anybody else's. Such is the allure of the bird's-eye view. And if one gets to see it all by oneself, the craziness is bound to multiply. Paragliding is one such activity that provides both an exciting experience and breathtaking vistas. 

One may imagine themselves as birds flying about and taking in the view from the top. Because of the magnificent mountains and sceneries, one would be able to witness, paragliding in Kathmandu may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Best Paragliding Locations in Kathmandu

Take a look at eight such excellent places where you may enjoy the finest of paragliding in Kathmandu and receive those fantastic views and experiences.

#1. Mount Monastery

This location will provide you with the most pleasing view possible while paragliding. To avoid future regrets, one must be sure of the clothing to be carried there and arrive on time. 

The only regret maybe the weather and the lack of transportation options to get there. It is also preferable to hire paragliding operators there rather than going straight there.

#2. Godawari Area

It is amongst the most popular paragliding destinations. Many companies offer flight trips for individuals or groups of two. The typical flight time from here is around 20 minutes. This location is around an hour's drive from the central metropolis. 

Whatever the time of day, the joy one would have from visiting this location would be incredible. Because this is a prominent location, the tour costs may be slightly more due to the large audience.

#3. Lakuri Bhanjyang

This region is located in the Kathmandu Valley's southern outskirts. It is often known for hiking and trekking. However, only a few operators can convince you to try paragliding as well. Because the location is new for paragliding, the costs are likely to be reduced. 

Also, because the height is relatively low, one may expect views of an immense expanse rather than vistas of depth. It is only a short drive from Kathmandu's city centre to get here.

#4. Shivapuri

This is essentially a village in Kathmandu's valley. As a result, one might anticipate a hill and a habitation area for the inhabitants. Whatever the terrain, an essential and low altitude paragliding experience may be found here. Because it is a village area, it is necessary to consult with the paragliding operations' officials to avoid mishaps.

#5. Shivapuri New

This previously unknown section of the Kathmandu valley is gradually preparing for paragliding trips. Many people are unaware of this, yet it may be explored by paragliding. 

One must conduct an extensive study by speaking with paragliding trip providers and government officials. It is essential to prevent any misunderstanding because it is a less-explored area and a national park with the same name.

#6. Hetauda

It is essentially a city closer to Kathmandu. It is well-known for the tunnels that go through the enormous mountains. A guided paragliding excursion might be planned to enjoy panoramic views and an aerial picture of the primary and little city. The only need is for you to accompany the operators who will lead you through the activity. Because it is an out-of-the-way destination, all of this may cost a little more than in the typical Godawari region.

#7. Shreebran

This location is not precisely in Kathmandu, although it is close by. Paragliding here will provide you with not just breathtaking scenery but also sparkling waterways underneath you. This might be the most satisfactory experience because you can even see an airline's flying site. This will provide you with the required adrenaline boost when flying over the skies. Because this is a common paragliding location, one may expect standard cost structures.

#8. Dhulikhel

It is another site that does not explicitly promote paragliding. However, as previously said, one might request that the paragliding operators come here and investigate the experience.

 Another wonderful visual treat will be the vista of the peaks in front of you. Every step brings you closer to the mountains. Because of the metropolis underneath and this region is an unknown place for paragliding, it may be a peaceful excursion.

Tips To Remember

What is the duration of a paragliding session in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, paragliding courses are led by trained experts and can last up to twenty minutes. If you are a skilled and experienced traveller, you can embark on a solo excursion; otherwise, a teacher will survey you on your journey.

How much does a paragliding session in Kathmandu cost?

A paragliding session costs USD 60 for any international tourist. A typical trip lasts around twenty to twenty-five minutes. The journey costs about USD 50 for a local tourist.

Is it safe to paraglide in Kathmandu?

Paragliding in Kathmandu is relatively safe because many visitors participate in this activity throughout the year, and no accidents have occurred during these excursions.

What should one wear in Kathmandu for paragliding?

If you intend to go paragliding in Kathmandu, you should bring long-sleeved t-shirts, long trousers, windbreakers, sunglasses, caps, and other necessary gear.

In Kathmandu, what is the weight restriction for paragliding?

If you weigh more than 100 kg, you will be unable to use the paragliding equipment since even the largest parasails may take up to 120 kilograms of weight, including the rider and the equipment.

How far can you fly while paragliding in Kathmandu?

While paragliding, you will be able to fly at altitudes of up to 18000 feet. However, this is dependent on the sort of parasail you are flying. Some flights, for example, are not permitted to fly over 10,000 feet.