Best Places To Witness Sunrise In Nepal

Nov 11 . 2020,Omi Karki

Overview The Best Places To View Sunrise In Nepal?

If so you are in the right place, here in this article I will provide you with some information about the best places where you can enjoy the amazing sunrise view in Nepal.

Nepal is a magnificent and picturesque state all on its own. However, when the sun handles it and increases its light ray all through the snow-capped peaks and covers the sky with red, yellow and orange, the nation gets even more gripping.

Sunrise in Nepal is the most-watched event. Also, if you are willing to get the most excellent place for this occurrence,

Here Are The Best Places To Witness The Sunrise In Nepal

1. Nagarkot

Situated in the good-looking region of Bhaktapur, Nagarkot has one of the most planned positions to sight sunrise in Nepal. With an eminent altitude of 2,195 kilometres, Nagarkot with no trouble has the broadest sight of the huge peak assortments in Nepal where 8 out of 13 are in view.

Nagarkot's Majestic Himalayan Panorama

Spectator sunrise in Nagarkot is such a paranormal occurrence. As it is far from dust and contamination of the full of activity streets of Kathmandu, Nagarkot also assurances clean gentle wind as the sun makes it climb following the peaks and unto darken.

The most excellent time to stay at Nagarkot for that just precise sunrise is outlook is on March and October. Look forward to the weather to be agreeably colder than the city of Kathmandu, but skies are frequently clearer all through these months.

2. Sarangkot

Only 30 minutes away from Pokhara is a peaked ridge known as Sarangkot. The ridge is prominent at the height of 1600 m, making it an ideal place to sight sunrise in Nepal. Sarangkot encloses the finest spot to observe the sunrise with its rays poignant the snow-capped assortments of Annapurna, Machhapucchare, and Dhaulagiri.

Sarangkot: A Scenic Hilltop Retreat

Most tourists gather to Sarangkot among the October-April to experience the approximately fantastic splendour of sunrise. It is simple and useful to travel around Sarangkot when you are in Pokhara. You can both go hiking during the day and grab the sunset on a similar day. Reside in the guest house during the night then wake early to enjoy the imposing sunrise.

Or else, you can also drive early during the morning from Pokhara towards Sarangkot and get there just in time to check out the sun with the formation its first appearance. Reside here for some time to check out sights, dine breakfast after that return to Pokhara.

3. Poon Hill

Based on the north part of Pokhara is a gorgeous site known as the Poon Hill. You can visit here as part of your Annapurna Trekking and get pleasure from the compelling sunrise.

Poon Hill: Sunrise Delight

Poon Hill comes up with an outstanding vantage spot to view the sunrise. Situated at the height of 3,210 m, trek to Poon Hill is among simple and reasonable which can with no trouble be done by the one with regular strength.

Standing on the hillside, you are likely to take pleasure in the view of northern peaks such as the panoramic Mount Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Manaslu and Machhapuchhre. The Annapurna assortments are also nearer when you are in Poon Hill compared to in Sarangkot.

There are well-planned trekking towards Poon Hill the complete year-round, but it is over and over again most excellent to visit between March-June and September-December as the sky gets clearer and climate is more at ease to trek in Nepal.

4. Gokyo Ri

Gokyo Ri trekking comes up with a magnificent prospect to view the wonderful sunrise above the Everest, but it is also one that is most of the time ignored. Maybe it is due to the trekking towards Gokyo Ri is tougher that mountaineering the Poon Hill and other more well-liked trekking paths.

Gokyo Ri: Mountain Panorama View

On the other hand, to witness the sunrise in Gokyo Ri can get very awe-inspiring. All through the trekking, you are likely to reach Gokyo which is located at an elevation of 4750 m. You have the prospect to travel around the perfect lakes and good-looking glaciers, place next to the back fall of immense assortments.

The following day, get up earlier to take pleasure in beautiful sunrise paint the clouds with oranges and crimsons. Certainly, it is likely to become one of the most striking sights value waking up earlier for.

5. Kalapatthar

Kalapatthar is counts on the most well-liked spot to enjoy sunrise viewing on the way towards Everest Base Camp. Based on your journey, you are expected to get there in Kalapatthar from your Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Kala Patthar's Epic Scenic View

Credit: Adventure great himalayan.com

On the next morning, get up earlier to get pleasure from the sunrise over the magnificent Everest which now comes up closer. Close by ranges such that Nuptse, Lhotse, and Cho-Oye also get influenced by the charming orange sun rays.

Travel around the Kalapatthar in summer and autumn to take pleasure in a friendlier climate and improved sight of the sunrise. Kalapatthar is time and again built-in on your route to Mount Everest Base Camp, and there are no other means to get there instead of trekking.

6. Antu Danda

Antu Danda is situated in the eastern part of Nepal, which is well-liked for its tea gardens. It is pretty far compared to another trekking spot as you should have to get on a 12 hours ride approaching from Kathmandu, but the sights are more than recompense for this exploit.

Every sunrise begins with promise


Based on the altitude of 1823 m, AntuDanda is, in fact, the awesome place to outlook sunrise at this site of the country. Sunrise following Mount Kanchenjunga, also recognized as the 3rd chief mountain in the globe, is enough to take your breath away. Antu Danda, also, shows off lush plant life and beautiful gradient at a similar time with a great sight of Darjeeling region of the bordering country, India.

To wrap up,

These are some of the awesome places where you can take complete pleasure in the sunrise in Nepal. For more details about the trip to Nepal, please feel free to contact us at your desired time.

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