Best Street Foods Of Kathmandu, Nepal

Best Street Foods Of Kathmandu, Nepal

Apr 26 . 2022, Hop Nepal

The destination, its culture and traditions, the route, and, most significantly, the cuisine are essential aspects of travel. No trip to a new location is complete without sampling the local cuisine. 

Nepal is another country with a diverse range of regional cuisines to offer. Various flavours characterize Kathmandu's street cuisine. As you stroll through Kathmandu's streets, savour these regional specialities.

Best Street Foods Available In Kathmandu

Here are some of the most popular cuisine items on Kathmandu's streets. On your next vacation to Nepal, try all of these delectable Nepali street food recipes:

  • Momos
  • Chatamari
  • Choila
  • Sekuwa
  • Lakhamari
  • Sel Roti
  • Samosa
  • Pani Puri
  • Thukpa
  • Aloo Chop


The momos are, without a doubt, the best Nepalese street cuisine in Kathmandu. Today, they are known by numerous names, such as dumplings and dim sums, but in the street of Nepal, they are still known as momo.

Mouth-watering momo

The momos, a well-known cuisine item that requires no introduction, are a must-try dish for anybody visiting Nepal. Aside from the streets, this Nepalese staple cuisine is daily in every Kathmandu household. The red chilli chutney served accompanying elevates this Kathmandu cuisine to new heights.


The Newars of Kathmandu serve this as a traditional dish. Chatamari is a sort of rice crepe known as Newari pizza. Chatamari, a rice pancake that was once served only during festivals and special occasions, is now a popular snack. Small cafes and stalls sell the delectable Chatamari, which comes with either ricotta cheese or eggs as a topping.


This is another well-known Kathmancu delicacy. Choila is a Newari cuisine made primarily of spicy grilled buffalo meat. Choila is a hot and spicy dish usually served with Chiura or rice flakes.

Image Cr: Gorkha Durbar

Caption: Chicken Choila

It is now filled with various meats, including chicken, mutton, and duck, and will leave you wanting more. It's available in Kathmandu's local restaurants. It's a delectable meal that can be found on almost every Kathmandu menu.


Sekuwa is amongst the traditional snack of the Limbu people of Nepal, which is prepared by roasting in a natural wood fire. Today, conventional Nepalese country dishes may be found on the streets of Kathmandu, gracing the city's local vendors. Spices and natural herbs are used to season the beef meal.

Grilled perfection on sekuwa, a tantalizing feast for all


The streets of Kathmandu have a great cuisine dish called Lakhamari in store for all sweet tooths. It's a flaky, crunchy bread with a crispy texture. It is primarily made of flour, butter, and sugar. It's a popular treat in Newar culture, prevalent at weddings. It is well-known among all Nepalese ethnic groups.

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a reddish-brown doughnut with a crispy texture popular in Nepal. It's a rice-based ring-shaped sweet bread traditionally served during the Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar. Sel Roti has evolved into Kathmandu's lovely street cuisine. Rice flour is the fundamental ingredient, and it can be further tailored for other flavors.

Breakfast of Nepalese people


In Kathmandu, this quick takeaway snack is a famous street cuisine. It's comparable to samosas, which are popular in India. The outer layer, generally made of flour, is usually crisp and filled with a delicious potato interior.

Delicious triangles of flavor, a crispy delight for all

Add ginger, onion, chillis, and peas to the stuffing to make it more interesting. Samosa is a popular street meal in Kathmandu's Valley, usually with chutney.

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is also another popular street snack in Nepal. It's a popular street food found in practically every Asian country. The puri is a crisp and fried hollow filled with flavoured water. In Kathmandu, in addition to Pani Puris, there are also excellent Dahi Puris to be had. This is a variation of the same snack, a popular street meal in Kathmandu, where the Puri is filled with curd instead of water.

Favorite Street Food


Thukpa was initially a Tibetan cuisine, but it is now a famous noodle soup in Kathmandu. It's a beautiful bowl of broth that's simple to make and comes in vegetarian and beef options. This delicious bowl does not require a particular occasion to enjoy.

Cold weather demand hot Thukpa

It's a portion of filling comfort food that may be eaten on its alone. Enjoy this delightful bowl of Thukpa at one of Kathmandu's street shacks or one of the city's food trucks.

Aloo Chop

This delicious potato and Nepalese chicken croquette are found in most Nepales shacks. It's a delectable nibble that comes with a tamarind-flavoured chutney. The aloo chops are a favourite dishes amongst both residents and visitors. They're a simple street snack to grab and go. If you're in Kathmandu, make sure you try these.

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