Bhojpur District - Province No. 1

May 18 . 2021

Bhojpur District is one of 14 districts in eastern Nepal's Province No. 1. Bhojpur is the district's administrative centre, covering 1,507 km2 and has a population of 182,459 (2011). Dhankuta and Sankhuwasabha are to the east, Khotang is to the west, Sankhuwasabha is to the northeast, Solukhumbu is to the northwest, and Udayapur is to the south of Bhojpur.

In Bhojpur, there is a lot of difference in altitude. Hasanpur is located at the lowest point, at the height of 153 meters above sea level, and Silichung is located at the highest elevation, at 4,153 meters.

Where does Bhojpur get its name from?

This location was named after the Betula utilis, according to the DCC Bhojpur. Significant amounts of Betula utilis were discovered here. "Bhojpatra" is the Nepali word for Betula utilis. Bhojpur is a fusion of the phrase "Bhoj" and "Pur," with Bhoj referring to Bhojpatra (Betula utilis) and Pur referring to a location or area.

According to legend, after winning a fight in this place, Prithvi Narayan Shah threw a huge party. The words "Bhojpur" and "Pur" mean "party" and "buried," respectively. They couldn't finish any of the food after the party because it was too much for them. The Nepali armies then dumped all of their spoiled food here. As a result, Bhojpur was born.

Climate of Bhojpur District

Bhojpur is classified into five climatic zones. They are:

  • Lower Tropical
  • Upper Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Subalpine

Places to Visit in Bhojpur District

Bhojpur is one of Nepal's most popular trekking destinations. It is situated in the country's hilly terrain and is surrounded by majestic mountains, and is almost surrounded by greenery hills. Bhojpur is known for its Khukuri knives, which are Nepali knives.

Places to visit in Bhojpur:

  • Salpa Pokhari
  • Khoksik Village
  • Tyamke Dada
  • Bhojpur Bazaar
  • Silichung Dada
  • Kawa Khola
  • Siddhakali Temple
  • Naagchhanga 
  • Ghoretar Bazaar

Salpa Pokhari

Salpa Pokhari is Bhojpur's most famous and beautiful attraction. It is located at the height of 4000 meters above sea level. Around the Salpa Lake are high greenery hills and rocky mountains.

Salpa Pokhari provides pleasant weather, a tranquil setting, and a lovely reflection of Silichung Dada. On the banks of the Pokhari, there are a few small but majestic monument temples.

Khoksik Village

Khoksik is a lovely village in Bhojpur, Nepal, situated in the southwest corner of the city. It's a flat expanse of land surrounded by lush green hills that resemble a celestial body. The majority of the houses are constructed using the conventional form, including a stone-soil wall and a dry grass roof.

The Rai community has a village here. Villagers are devoted to their Rai culture, worship, festivals, and language. It is ideal for those attracted to learning more about the Rai culture and way of life. The villagers are all very friendly.

Kawa Khola is one of many waterfalls and rivers in the region. Sunrise and sunset views are spectacular from the village. The village is made more breathtaking by the greenery hills and magnificent views of the mountains.

Tyamke Dada

Tyamke Dada is one of Bhojpur's highest peaks. Hiking and admiring the natural scenery attract visitors. The views of hills and valleys from the top of the Tyamke Dada are breathtaking, making it one of Bhojpur's most popular tourist destinations. A mystical temple can be found. It was built out of furniture and stone.

On the trek from Tyamke base camp to Tyamke Dada, it takes about an hour. The teak leads to a rhododendron and sungava forest.

Bhojpur Bazaar

It is Bhojpur's most famous and well-known city. Rai, Newari, Chhetries, and Brahmins are among the castes that live here. It's a day where there's a lot of ethnic variety. Near the bazaar is the renowned Siddhakali temple. Every year, a vast number of people visit the temple. Khukuri, a form of Nepali knife, is one of the bazaar's most popular products.

In the Bhojpur bazaar, planes are also available. On a plane, it takes about an hour to get here from Kathmandu. If you're looking for a quick getaway, Bhojpur is the place to go.

Silichung Dada

Silichung is a well-known rocky mountain and one of Bhojpur's most popular tourist destinations. From the Salpa Pokhari, it takes just a few hours to get here. The sight of the summits and hills from this dada is breathtaking.

Silichung Dada is located at an elevation of 4153 meters above sea level. It is a well-known trekking destination. Khotang, Solukhumbu, and Sankhuwasawa are among the districts that surround the top. Visitors can walk here in around 6 hours from Dobhaney-8's Salphaphedi.

Kawa Khola

The Kawa Khola is one of Bhojpur's most famous rivers. It runs around the base of many large greenery hills and has a constant supply of new, clean running water. It falls like a majestic waterfall at times. Many villages bordered it, including Diten, Bahurang, Khoksik, and Pegla.

Swimming and fishing are everyday activities on the river. Kawa Khola's flowing water is used to generate electricity and for irrigation by the locals. A sturdy bridge crosses the river. The Khawa Khola path leads to the Goretar bazaar.

Siddhakali Temple

Siddhakali Temple is one of Bhojpur's most famous religious destinations. It is a Hindu temple situated in Bhojpur's administrative centre. There is a lovely temple, as well as other small temples and lush green woodland. During festivities, it attracts a large number of worshipers. The best time to attend this temple is said to be in the morning. The sound of bells makes one wish for more.

On the trek from Bhojpur bazaar, we can easily reach this spot. The temple has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and hills.


Naagchhanga is a well-known and well-visited waterfall located in the centre of two Bhojpur villages, Baikunthey and Katunje. It is approximately 300 meters tall.

The fall goes through a large, slick rock. The rock depicts a variety of snakes in mind-blowing ways. The pictures of snakes are well-designed and straightforward. The name of the slide, Naaghhanga, was derived from this serpentine rock.

Ghoretar Bazaar

One of the best places to visit in Bhojpur is the Ghoretar bazaar. It is based to the south of the city. This bazaar is a well-established neighbourhood market. Villagers from the surrounding villages come to store and sell their wares.

Ghoretar bazaar is a small but lovely place. It offers a spectacular sight of the mountains and hills. On the closest hill of the bazaar, there is a beautiful public square. Visitors can access this square by ascending a flight of stairs. From here, we have a comprehensive view of the bazaar as well as a spectacular sunrise.