Canyoning Experience In Nepal

Feb 16 . 2021

Nepal does have one of the renowned mountain characteristics of the Himalayas. Canyoning in Nepal is among the most popular adventure sports and leisure activities in the world. By canyoning, one can appreciate the majesty of the Himalayan caves, canyons, waterfalls, ponds, thick forests and rolling hills of Nepal.

It is a tourist-friendly country in South Asia. Many extreme sports service providers send visitors and explorers to different canyoning locations in Nepal. 

Canyoning in Nepal

They've got a lot of canyoning packs. It's best to come here on an adventure tour package like this to go for adrenaline-filled canyoning on the Himalayas in Nepal. 

Here, we've mentioned a few locations for canyoning. They are the best destinations for canyoning to visit for amateurs and professionals. They have medium to high-risk canyoning practices.

  • Jalbire Canyon
  • Raindi Khola
  • Jagat Khola

Jalbire Canyon

Your trip would be great if you visited the Sindhupalchok District of Nepal for canyoning in the Jalbire Canyon. This position is under the Bagmati zone. 

The Bagmati River favoured the canyoning explorers with the torrent of waterfalls, river, and canyons in Jalbire. Its elevation is 13,943-ft above the normal sea level. 

People suffering from acute mountain disease or AMS must also not take on the risk of heading into any canyoning activity. The common events are as follows.

Jalbire Canyon Rafting

Canyon rafting in Jalbire is the highest that canyoning enthusiasts can take. Water is also present in this canyon during the post rainy seasons. You ought to go in-group wearing a life jacket or a swim float jacket.

It's going to be incredible rafting when you can see massive high-rise surrounding mountains on the two opposite sides. Rafting is the only way for visiting the Jalbire Canyon from the downstream.

Jalbire Canyon Swimming

Swimming is possible in river streams, river cascades, and canyon pools. Most of the canyoning events, such as sliding, jumping, and rappelling, in the Jalbire Canyon, end up in an aquatic area.

You can swim at those places for at least 15 minutes if you're here for a full day canyoning trip in the Jalbire Canyon. Awareness of swimming is not required, as you wear float jackets. You're automatically floating on every water body.

Jalbire Canyon Climbing

Climbing in the Jalbire Canyon is another form of extreme adventure. Many that have the guts to do this would pursue this kind of adrenaline activity.

Many of the sites are near water sources such as waterfalls and canyon cliffs. You've got to be energetic to scale the slick rocks in this canyon. 

Yet, those who have a will attempt it by wearing all the protective gear and climbing gear and other types of equipment.

Raindi Khola

Raindi Hola is the preferred spot for canyoning beginners in Nepal. It's advisable to be part of a coordinated adventure tour organizer kit. 

They are available in half-day and full-day bundles. Half-day is a 4-hour canyoning adventure. The entire day is 8-hour canyoning in Raindi Hola. 

One has to indulge in a bit of hiking to get to this spot. Canyoning is going to be a lot of fun to go to as a party and see the scenic locations around you.

Abseiling in the Waterfalls of Raindi Khola

Abseiling is a daredevil sport that is also feasible for beginners in the Raindi Khola canyon. You're going to get down the waterfall with the help of a cord tied to your waist.

You're going to get an adrenaline boost when you descend the canyon rocks along with the river of water. You can see the scenic canyon views on descent. What you need is bravery to do it. 

If you've gone backwards, the organisers will direct you. You will land in the waterfall cascade after abseiling. After this adrenaline activity, you have to dive and get revived. You should swim here for at least 15 minutes or until all of your group members also have done so.

Jagat Khola

There is no other difficult place like Jagat Khola for canyoning in Nepal. This gorge is 26,000-ft above the average sea level. Jagat Khola is not amongst the best place to land for those with serious mountain illness.

It is wise if contact your doctor before journeying for canyoning in the Jagat Khola, Nepal. Canyoning trained people will check for all the adventure events here. 

The rest of the people have to try if they're optimistic. This is a rocky and rugged canyon with several layers of risk.

River Crossing in the Jagat Khola

River crossing with the aid of a rope is excellent fun and simple canyoning task. All would attempt to cross the river once on a Jagat Khola canyoning adventure ride. 

First, beginners could attempt the short-distance river crossing. They should try long-distance if they are optimistic. You should have some leverage to drag your body weight on a massive support rope—white quick waterfalls from the hanging body just one meter away.

Rappelling in the Jagat Khola Canyon

Rappelling is a high-risk operation here, as the Jagat Khola canyon is made up of very rough granite rocks and deep canyons. You don't have to step into this experience if you're scared of heights. 

This is because; you will remember the highest canyoning location in the country. Yet, for those that have willpower can have a lot of fun and excitements. 

The beginners must listen very carefully to the instructor and ask questions if any. Anyway, you're not going to slip off is guaranteed. However, out of fear, you must not get caught in-between. 

Much of the base of this canyon is water. Often, you may be up to the water level of your neck as the flow of water increases and naturally becomes decent.

Rappelling in the Waterfall

There's no other spot that's going to give you the thrill and adventure you're going into the rushing waters of a waterfall. You can remember by striking the rocks of the canyon with your shoes.

In this way, you're going to come down with rope support. You can also see the majesty of the Himalayas coming down from this canyon. You'll be in the water pool when you reach down. 

You can relax here for 15 minutes by floating in the waterfall. If you don't want to remember along the waterfalls, you can pick the side of the waterfall. It's going to come down on the granite rocks, which stand like a huge cliff.

Trekking at the Jagat Khola Canyon

Trekking to the canyon is the only way to get to this canyoning spot. You must have a high degree of energy and confidence to pursue all the adventure activities here. 

You can see the vastness of this incredible canyon in Nepal when trekking. It's going to be a pride to take pictures and bear in mind the most happening canyoning spot in the world in Nepal. 

Swimming, rappelling, sliding, and rock climbing are in various areas. You've got to trek from one adventure experience location to another.

But you're going to do most of the adventurous stuff in the water, the gorge, and rock climbing and sliding. In this manner, from morning to night, you can enjoy recreation, fun and adventure in Jagat Khola Canyon trekking.

These are the best locations for canyoning in Nepal that must be selected for an exciting experience in the best sights. 

From the hustle and bustle of stunning scenery to the wonder of nature, this journey is to be treasured for an entire life. Well if you're planning a visit to Nepal, make sure not to miss out on this activity and have the experience of a lifetime.