Dussehra In Nepal

Dussehra In Nepal: Unmissable Experiences During Six Days

Oct 06 . 2021,Omi Karki

Nepal has rich traditions and cultural customs, which are on display during its main religious festivals. Dussehra is known as Dashain in Nepal, and it is an important holiday for Hindus in Nepal, although it is celebrated with equal zeal by people of all faiths.

Dashain commemorates the triumph of good over evil, based on the belief that the monster Mahishasura was defeated on this day by Goddess Parvati or Durga.

Highlights of Nepal's Dussehra

Dashain Celebration is the name given to the Dussehra festival in Nepal. Here are the highlights of Nepal's spectacular Dussehra festival. Take a peek and plan to attend the events on your vacation!

Day #6

The first day of celebrations is known as the Ghatasthapana, and a Kalash or a pot is set up on this day. The holy water in the container is surrounded by cow manure and barley grains. 

The people believed that Goddess Durga stayed in this pot for nine days and that her presence caused the barley seeds to transform into the grass. The green grass is referred to as Jamara.

Day #7

The Phulpati is the name given to the seventh-day ritual. During this ritual, a crimson cloth is attached to the Kalash, Sugarcane, Jamara, and Banana Stalks. The Gorkha Brahmins then carry this bundle to the King's palace and present it to the King. Today, the President is present in the palace, and the Phulpati is served to him.

Day #8

The eighth day of the Dussehra festival in Nepal is known as the Maha Ashtami. On this day, animal sacrifices are made to Goddess Kali, and the family then prepares and consumes the offering as Prashad.

Day #9

This day, known as Maha Navami, is celebrated grandly, and the Taleju Temple is finally available to all tourists. To avert future mishaps, the residents revere their automobiles and vehicles. On Maha Navami, a large number of people visit the temple and participate in the ceremonies.

Day #10

Vijaya Dashami is the last day of Dussehra celebrations in Nepal, and on this day, a unique Tika made of yoghurt, vermilion, and rice is cooked. The ladies of the home apply this Tika, together with Jamara, on the foreheads of the family's younger members. The crimson tika is said to be a sign of togetherness.

Six Best Dussehra Attractions in Nepal

If you want to go to Nepal, now is the time to do it. Dussehra brings out the finest of Nepal's traditional side, allowing you to experience it all in a short period. The celebration lasts ten days, with each day having a different meaning. Here are some experiences that could interest you as a traveller if you happen to be in Nepal during Dashain.

  • Dashain fairs
  • Dashain food
  • Dashain shopping
  • Dashain music
  • Dashain rituals
  • Kite Flying

Dashain fairs

In Nepal, the Dashain or Dussehra Festival is the most satisfactory time to visit a variety of exciting fairs or melas. The fairs are held in various areas of Nepal, but they all have similar features. 

The attractions of these fairs include Ferris wheels and other rides, food booths, kiosks selling clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, and a variety of different fancy items. People gather here to spend time with their families and friends.

Dashain food

Every celebration is accompanied by the scent of certain unique and traditional culinary dishes. When the holiday coincides with the harvest season, the reasons to eat and celebrate multiply. If you are lucky enough to be in Nepal during Dashain, food is a significant aspect that will keep you engaged.  

This is the ideal moment to sample some authentic traditional Nepalese cuisine. Even the Dashain hymn, "Dashain aayo, khaunla piunla," which means "Dashain is here, and we celebrate as we eat and drink," attests to the importance of food drink during this celebration.

Dashain shopping

This festival is amongst the best times to go shopping on a budget in Nepal. The markets are saturated with a plethora of new items of all types. Kurtis, lehengas, sarees, and other traditional costumes are available for purchase. Footwear is another hot item this holiday season. 

The markets also sell cutlery and kitchenware in various patterns and styles and jewellery and accessories. These items are also suitable for purchasing souvenirs to take home as a remembrance or present to a loved one.

Dashain music

Dashain music is called “Malshree Dhun,” and it is similar to Christmas carols. During Dussehra, several musical performances are organized in various areas of Nepal. It is amongst the six seasonal songs that Nepalese people, particularly those from Kathmandu Valley, perform to mark the entrance of each season.

Malshree Dhun is fall music, and because Dashain is the most important event in October, this music is played during Dashain. People who play musical instruments like Jyapu, Khadgi, Mali, and Dhobi go throughout the village and city, enticing audiences who assemble to listen.

Dashain rituals

Festivals and traditions that are unfamiliar to travellers frequently pique their interest. If you are among these visitors, you will undoubtedly be interested in experiencing the Dashain "puja," or holy rites. A festival is a significant event in temples, with a large turnout from the community.

Aside from domestic devotion, elaborate ceremonies are conducted in Nepal's main Hindu temples. Each day of the 10-day event has a new celebration. Throughout the festival, temples are adorned.

Kite Flying

Dashain observes a friendly and unofficial kite flying competition amongst neighbours. Adults and children alike enjoy flying colourful kites from their homes' rooftops. When their kite lines become entangled with those of others, they yell, "changa cheit!" 

If you are in Nepal during the Dussehra festival, this is one activity you should not miss. FLY360 is organizing Dashain Kite Flying events.

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