11 Famous Museums in Nepal: A Museum Lovers' Paradise!

11 Famous Museums in Nepal: A Museum Lovers' Paradise!

Nov 03 . 2021

Exploring Nepal, the fascinating country where Lord Buddha, the "enlightened one," was born, is not limited to the famous attractions to visit or shopping destinations in the cities. To get a taste of Nepal's enticing history and culture, arrange a visit to one of the country's magnificently created museums.

A day spent learning about the wars, or the wildlife and flora of Nepal is a day well spent. Nepal has a lot to offer tourists who are constantly curious and amazed by our existence's past.

11 Top Museums In Nepal

A museum with a Rolls-Royce, or another where you may see fantastic art while indulging in Nepalese cuisine. If you have a wanderlust, scroll down to learn more about these museums in Nepal.

#1. The National Museum

The National Museum of Nepal is a well-known museum that houses sculptures, paintings, weaponry, coins, and murals that depict Nepal's battles. This museum, located in Kathmandu, is the largest of Nepal's museums, with three buildings.

Juddha Jayatia Kala Shala, Buddha Art Gallery, and the main building have a stunning animal and butterfly species collection. Visit Nepal's national museum to learn about the country's liberation fight.

#2. Patan Museum

Patan Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Patan and was inaugurated in 1997. It houses religious artworks from Nepal in a structure that is an ideal of architectural brilliance. It is not only a museum showing prominent Nepalese paintings, but it also features a café where one may sit and enjoy western and traditional foods.

#3. National History Museum

Natural History Museum of Nepal, founded in 1975, is a treasure trove of Nepal's flora and wildlife. This museum in Kathmandu is the only one on Nepal's list of museums with 50,000 specimens of flora and fauna.

This museum, located a few kilometres ahead of the National Museum of Nepal, is a must-see for anybody interested in learning more about Nepal's biodiversity.

#4. Children's Art Museum of Nepal

The Children's Art Museum of Nepal was founded in 2014 to educate pupils on project-based art-making while preparing them for 21st-century skills.

The primary objective of this Kathmandu-based museum is to promote art and education in Nepal. This museum is a must-see for anybody interested in supporting local art while also offering a creative environment for youngsters.

#5. The Military Museum

The Military Museum Of Nepal takes you on a journey through the history of conflicts fought by Nepal's military. As you approach the museum, you will see the massive tanks placed in the front, and you will be able to witness Nepal's first attractive Rolls-Royce, which was given to the country by Queen Elizabeth.

Visit Nepal's most entertaining museum, which commemorates the victories of the country's military heroes.

#6. Narayanhiti Palace

This is how your visit to Kathmandu's famed museum would begin, with the glorious royal throne and elegant chambers, followed by the plush animals displayed on the walls.

Isn't it already enthralling, dating back to the 1960s when the regal king was ordered to leave the castle and subsequently convert this palace into a museum? So, go and be enchanted by the museum's history.

#7. International Museum of Nepal

The International Mountain Museum, located in the lovely city of Pokhara, is a museum dedicated to the beautiful heritage of mountains and mountaineers.

In this appealing Nepalese museum, one may learn about mountains' history, flora, and biodiversity.

#8. Kaplivastu Museum

Archaeological finds from Tilaurko and other sites are housed in the Kapilavastu museum. This museum was founded in 1962 and is located on the right side of the Banaganga River, west of Tilaurko Mound.

Terracotta human figures, flesh rubber, animal figurines, bird, beads, bangles, seal and sealing, musical instruments, dabber, coins, and chalcolithic items from Mustang Chhokhopani cave are on display.

#9. Sindhuligahdi War Museum

Sindhuligadhi War Museum is Nepal's first war museum. It is in the Kamalamai Municipality. The museum displays artefacts and weaponry from the Battle of Sindhuli (1767), which saw the British force beaten by the Gurkha army.

It also shows battle footage and documentaries. Mithila art, historical records, and a library are also on display in the museum.

#10. Tribhuwan Museum

The Tribhuvan Museum is a Nepalese museum. It is situated next to the Birendra Museum and the Mahendra Museum. It has personal artefacts from Royal Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah, the most well-known Nepalese king in contemporary history.

According to historians, it is the palace from where Late King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah used to watch all the dwellings to ensure that everyone under his administration cooked their meals.

#11. Birendra Museum

The Birendra Museum is a museum in Kathmandu, Nepal, located near Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is situated next to the Tribhuvan Museum and the Mahendra Museum. It has personal artefacts from Royal Birendra Bir Bikram Shah, the most well-known Nepalese king in contemporary history.