Everest Base Camp Trek Permits & Cost

Dec 01 . 2020

There are different costs you should consider if you are planning a trekking journey to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. You will need different materials in your backpack for a convenient journey. Along with the cost of these and for accommodation and food, your budget must cover the Everest Base Camp Trekking Permit.

Caption: Paranoiac view of Everest base camp

Here, we mention the three different kinds of trekking permits you must carry along for a smooth trekking experience. One of the permits lets you inside the surrounding of the famous, Sagarmatha National Park. Trekker’s Information Management System is another card; it is not compulsory as of now. And, it would help if you had the Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit as well. This permit is essential only if you go to EBC from the place, namely Jiri. 

Let’s delve into the nature of these permits, way to obtain them along with their cost:

Sagarmatha National Park Permit 

The region around the Everest zone is protected. The mighty Mt. Everest lies inside the Sagarmatha National Park. The government established this park in 1976. Anyone who aspires to trek around the EBC has to avail of the Sagarmatha National Park permit. 


The Sagarmatha National Park permit costs around NRs. 3000, including a tax of 13%. The gross amount equals NRs. 3390 per individual. 

Where Is Sagarmatha National Park Permit Available?

You get this Everest Base Camp trekking permit in Kathmandu. The Nepal Tourism Board offers it; the office is just thirty minutes away from the tourist hub of Thamel. You do not have to carry a photo of this Everest Base Camp Trek permit. 

Remember that the Everest Base Camp Trek Permit is available at Monjo too. Monjo is a tiny village that lies in the Everest region. Monjo is the entry point to Sagarmatha National Park. 


Before the year 2017, Trekker’s Information Management System card was essential for the trekkers to be in the Everest region. It is necessary and valid for other areas of Nepal for the trekkers. If you are trekking from Jiri to EBC, you shall need it. 

The Tourism Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) issues this card. 

TIMS card is of two types; one for an organized trekker and another for an Independent trekker. 

Let us see the cost for each. 


Features of Independent Trekker

  • It is green in colour. 
  • The card costs NRs. 2000 per individual. 
  • You should carry two photos for acquiring it. 
  • It would help if you collected it yourself. 

Features of Organized Trekker

  • This card has a blue colour. 
  • It costs NRs. 1000 per individual. 
  • You need one photograph. 
  • Your local trekking agency can collect it for you. 
  • If you move from Kathmandu to Lukla, the TIMS card is not necessary. However, if you head from Jiri to EBC, you must have it. 

At present, the local authorities are in charge of issuing the Everest Base Camp Trek permit. You may acquire the local permit at Lukla. The cost of such a permit is NRs. 2000 for both organized and independent travellers. There is no need to have photos for these permits. 

Where Is The TIMS Card Available?

The TIMS card is available in Nepal Tourism Board. Your local trekking agency can get the TIMS card for you. Note that you can get the local permit that substituted TIMS card at Lukla itself. 

Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit 

You will have to get this trek permit only if you decide to move from Jiri to the Base Camp. The Gaurishankar Conservation Area permit is necessary because Jiri lies near the boundaries of this particular conservation area.

Now, let us look at the cost of Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit.


You could acquire the Gaurishankar Conservation Area permit in Nepal Tourism Board at Kathmandu or in Shivalaya. While it has the price of NRs. 2000 in Kathmandu, the cost is double in Shivalaya. It is better to plan early on to acquire this Everest Base Camp Trekking permit in Kathmandu at a lower price. 

Required Documents For Everest Base Camp Trekking Permit 

For the National Park Entrance Permit and the local permit, you need to have your passport detail. 

For the Gaurishankar Conservation Area permit, bring along two photos and fill up a short form. The fees are payable in Nepalese currency only. 

In case you are going for an organized trek, your local travel agency shall get all your permits. 

Moreover, you do not need to get permits if you are going for the Everest Helicopter tour. 


It is of utmost importance that you carry along with the trekking permit during your trek. You shall have a seamless experience walking across different checkpoints with the permits. It helps the concerned authorities keep a proper record of all trekkers. And, you will have a sage and convenient journey throughout. 

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