5 Exciting Reasons To Go On An Upper Mustang Trek In Nepal & The Best Season To Go

5 Exciting Reasons To Go On An Upper Mustang Trek In Nepal & The Best Season To Go

Dec 14 . 2021

Unexplored things and locations hold a secret wonder and amusement unlike any other, and the gratification that comes from learning about them is akin to unlocking Pandora's Box. On the higher Mustang Trek, you'll have a unique trekking journey as you walk up the rugged desert-like landscape high up in the shadows beneath gorgeous mountains.

Make this voyage into the unknown via incredible zephyrs of Trans Himalayan climatic conditions to re-energize your soul from the depths of your being.

Pass through valleys and rocky plains before reaching rocky, arid deserts in Nepal's landscape known as "The Last Forbidden Kingdom." This place is medieval heaven because of its vast cultural legacy, which has been alive and well for ages.

Caption: Beauty of Desert Upper Mustang, Nepal

It's a beautiful sight to see Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and other sky-high mountains cradled inside its laps.

Walk by the magnificent mud lodgings that are sporadically placed around the lovely kingdom of Lo Manthang, which was restricted to tourists until the mid-90s. Monasteries, arts, Chortens (miniature stupas), and verbal communication preserve Nepal's rich heritage, language, customs, and way of life. The upper mustang walk in Nepal is a genuinely worthwhile hike, with paintings, sculpted rocks, clothing, and cuisines.

On this Himalayan trail, forget about yourself in the natural dreamland of Nepal's historical kingdom and experience a whole different aspect of the Himalayas. On this breathtaking adventure of a lifetime to Lo kingdom in Nepal on an upper Mustang trek for ten days, choose to encounter much more than simply the snow-capped peaks and foggy air.

When Is the Best Time to Go On a Trek to Upper Mustang?

Individual bodies have varying degrees of climatic adaption from one person to the next. The optimum time to do the upper Mustang trek maybe when the mountains are covered in snow and look white like vanilla cream on a cake, but this is not the case.

Even the most ardent trekker cannot tolerate the bitter cold of the snowy winter season in December/January since not everyone's body is accustomed to such conditions.

Upper Mustang's quaint village in the timeless, untouched landscape.

Autumn, spring, and monsoon seasons are ideal for a fantasy excursion to this location. While the wet monsoon season may not seem like the best time to visit because Asia experiences a lot of rain, it is still a terrific time to go.

Due to a climatic phenomenon known as a rain shadow, the enormous mountain Dhaulagiri stands like a wall, causing a downward effect on wind flow. Because of the rain shadow, this area receives very little rain, and it remains scorched, although the rest of Nepal gets a lot of rain.

Five Reasons to Trek Upper Mustang

Apart from your passion for trekking, there are five compelling reasons to undertake the Upper Mustang Trek when travelling in Nepal:

#1. Best In Nepal

Even a non-religious trekker can be captivated by the ancient lands of this massive plateau teeming with living Nepali culture. Among the arid trekking paths, little stupa-like Chortens laced with horizontally hanging Lung Ta: (prayer flags) offer a splash of colour to this dry landscape high in the highlands of beautiful Nepal.

The king's palace remains in the Forbidden Kingdom, and it is well worth a visit for a personal taste of Nepali culture. Based on legends and tales from the bordering Chinese Nepal side, history reveals the existence of civilization over this antique valley as far back as the 7th century.

Beautiful Village of Mustang

The stories that have been passed down among the locals confirm this. On this thrilling trip deep into the valleys of the beautiful Upper Mustang, you'll feel like a time traveller.

#2. Natural Wilderness

Upper Mustang Walk is a once-in-a-lifetime trek through natural wilderness on the plains of the beautiful Kali Gandaki valley. The upper mustang trip map takes you to the wild territory of the outdoors, where you may enjoy a captivating stay in perfect conditions. Because the upper Mustang was blocked for a long time, the desolate land looks clean yet natural.

Its gate was only opened to tourists in the early 1990s. Thus the stony beds and red-coloured hills on its plain are still as clean as one would like to see them.

Furthermore, the $500 fee for foreign nationals visiting the territory protects the region's virgin natural environment, flora, fauna, and pristine natural condition. On this short but lovely journey up in the Himalayas, you will undoubtedly see nature in its purest form.

#3. Natural Beauty

Within the confines of this beautiful province, the older capital of Lo Manthang features some pretty old objects full of magnificent art. A decade ago, in 2008, a long-lost cave high up in the rocky hills was discovered with stunning art.

On this tour, challenge the traveller in you and go back in time to see old paintings representing the life of the Holy God Buddha, which locals and holy monks revere. Similarly, visit the local Gompa (monastery) from the 15th century to witness other art from the kingdom's past.

#4. Rock Structures & Salt Mines

On this fantastic journey beyond the gorgeous hills, you will see weird terrain structures you've never seen before. Ascend through Nepal's clouds and hills to a rocky terrain structure with caverns on a whitewashed rock wall.

Rock Structures in Upper Mustang

Click images to capture the best moments of your life on this stay in the red rock hills, which will transport you to Nepal's Grand canyon. Visit the rock salt extraction centres of the kingdom, which used to trade salt for food with the Upper Nepal side in adjacent China.

#5. Prehistoric Techniques of Living

To witness prehistoric items, you don't have to travel back in time to the Neanderthal or Jurassic periods. The mules carry your bag pack while you walk past spectacular hills and rugged barren terrain to observe prehistoric forms of transportation. It may seem cruel, but using a mule to carry your extra weight is the most excellent option because high passes like Kagbeni and others should be free of modern-day fumes.

Similarly, on your journey into the kingdom less known to visitors and even locals, you must visit the Amchi museum and school, which teaches century-old skills of previous times medicine.


So, what exactly are you been waiting for? Grab your boots and head out on a path with the Upper Mustang Trek this season to explore the natural world.

As the saying goes, you only live once, so why not make the most of it? This Nepal journey will give you a glimpse of the best that nature has to offer. Go on a trek to create memories that will last a lifetime! People, have a fantastic time trekking.