Glaciers in Nepal: Getting Close With Nature's Five Most Beautiful Wonders

Glaciers in Nepal: Getting Close With Nature's Five Most Beautiful Wonders

Dec 02 . 2021

Nepal is a hotspot for trekkers, the entrance to the Himalayas, an abode of adventure, nature's sanctuary, and the home of diverse fauna. It is a pure pleasure for tourists who like soaking in the goodness of bizarre sights.

There is nothing in Nepal that a tourist cannot find, from temples to villages, mountains to valleys, treks to adventure sports, and national parks to glaciers.

Nepal's Top 5 Glaciers

With mountains being the main attraction in Nepal, glaciers are also a big draw for visitors worldwide. As the location of Everest base camp, the city is synonymous with snow-clad mountains, leading visitors to explore Nepal's beautiful glaciers.

#1. Khumbu Glacier

At the height of around 24,900 feet, Khumbu Glacier is considered the world's highest glacier, nestled between the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge and the great Mount Everest.

Image Cr: Britannica

Caption: Khumbu Glacier

With Western Cwm as the beginning point, Khumbu Glacier plays a critical role for trekkers as it leads to Everest Base Camp and comprises the trail's last section. One of the glacier's primary features is the Khumbu Icefall, well-known among trekkers for being a significant barrier throughout the walk.

#2. Imja Glacier

Imja Glacier, located in the Solukhumbu area of Nepal, is one of the most well-known glaciers in the Himalayas. At the height of 23,153 feet, Kali Himal is the peak that constitutes the originating source of the Imja glacier.

Imja Glacier runs down to the Indian Ocean through the Dudh Kosi and River Ganges after passing past the Island Peak, tucked in the hilly terrain in the southeast portion of Mount Everest.

#3. Ngozumpa Glacier

The Ngozumpa Glacier, often regarded as the longest glacier in the Himalayas, is located near the foothills of the Cho Oyu mountains, Nepal's sixth highest peak. Ngozumpa Glacier, along with the Gokyo Lakes, is one of the key attractions for visitors to discover during their vacation to Nepal.

Image Cr: Caingram

Caption: Ngozumpa Glacier

The glacier appears rustic since a rocky environment and rocks surround it. While glaciers in Nepal have been receding due to global warming, Ngozumpa Glacier has long been a magnet for scientists and tourists alike.

#4. Nangpai Gosum Glacier

Those who are ardent enthusiasts of snow-covered mountain peaks must make an effort to see the picturesque Nangpai Gosum Glacier at least once in their lives when in Nepal.

It is one of Nepal's most fascinating glaciers, located only 25 kilometres from the majestic Mount Everest. While the glacier lies close to the borders of China and Nepal, hikers may also visit an ice-drilling site.

#5. Langtang Glacier

Langtang Glacier, which flows from the Langtang Lirung summit, is well-known among trekkers and other tourists for being the longest of Nepal's glaciers.

Image Cr: LamaKarma

Caption: Langtang Glacier

While the Langtang Valley is known as "the Valley of Glaciers," the existence of 7000-meter-high debris makes it one of the most sought-after retreats among trekkers.


While there are many lesser glaciers, such as the Ambulapcha glacier and the Hunku glacier, it is essential for nature lovers and adventure seekers to add these stunning glaciers to your travel bucket list. Plan a personalised trip in Nepal with Hop Nepal for a stress-free journey.

FAQ Regarding Glaciers in Nepal

How many glacier lakes are there in Nepal?

Nepal has around 2,323 lakes and 3,252 glaciers located approximately 3,500 meters above sea level.

Which is Nepal's most extended glacier?

Langtang Glacier is the longest of Nepal's glaciers.

Which is Nepal's largest glacier?

The Khumbu Glacier is Nepal's largest glacier.

Which glacier is the tallest in the world?

The Khumbu Glacier, which originates at an elevation of 24,900 feet, is the world's tallest glacier in Nepal.