Humla District - Karnali Province

Aug 16 . 2021

Humla District is one of Nepal's seventy-seven districts and is located in Karnali Pradesh. The district, which has Simikot as its capital, has a total area of 5,655 km2. This is likewise a rural area with little access to the metropolis. This area is still undiscovered, and you'll only come across a few visitors en route to Mount Kailash in Tibet.

The terrain grows dryer as you approach Humla, with magnificent red rockscapes and ancient stone settlements. The trail also passes by the thundering Karnali River and tall green rocks. Beyond Limi Valley, you'll find a lovely valley with stunning Tshom Tsho Lake below the 5000-meter Nyalu Pass.

Humla district is one of Nepal's most culturally fascinating areas. The most authentic and undisturbed old Khasa kingdoms may be found in this area since it is unique and unspoiled.

Ho Can You Reach Humla District?

Two ways can reach Humla District. They are:

  • By Bus
  • By Air

By Bus 

You may take a bus to Nepalgunj from the Kathmandu bus station. It takes a long hour to travel from the road, which takes around 12 to 13 hours. The night bus may be more pleasant due to the lack of traffic and dust, but it does not allow you to experience nature. After a long journey to Nepalgunj, switch vehicles to Humla.

By Air

This is the most expensive yet pleasant kind of air travel. It would help if you travelled from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, which takes around 50 minutes. After that, you'll need to get another aircraft to Simikot.

Surkhet is another option for getting to Humla. You can go by bus to Surkhet and then fly to Simikot. The flying from Surkhet is dependent on the weather.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Humla District?

May through November is the finest season to appreciate and immerse yourself in nature. If you want to have an exciting journey and enjoy the snow, go between November and February.

Places to Visit In Humla District

There are several attractions to visit in the Humla District. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Nara La Pass
  • Chyakpalung
  • Tso Lamgyok
  • Upper Humla Circuit Trek

Nara La Pass

At 4620 meters above sea level, Nara La Pass is the highest point in Japan. The scenery and spectacular home will wow you. Trekking along Yak trails while witnessing the magnificent Himalayas peer down at us would be fascinating.

You can see Tibet and a fantastic vista of the Himalayas as you approach Nara La Pass through the caravan of yaks.


Chyakpalung is a town in Humla's upper reaches. The grassy and flatlands of Chyakpalung, as well as the spectacular Himalayan views, will entice trekkers. In 2013, researchers conducted a study and discovered many uncommon species in the region.

Tso Lamgyok

Tso Lamgyok is a village in Nepal's Upper Humla district. The Himalayan lakes are the primary draw here. The lake is located in the Gyau valley on the Tibetan Plateau's southwest corner. This bowl-shaped freshwater lake is beautiful until it freezes over in the winter.

Upper Humla Circuit Trek

Tso Lamgyok is a hamlet located in the Upper Humla district of Nepal. The Himalayan lakes are the main attraction. On the Tibetan Plateau's southwest corner, the lake is situated in the Gyau valley. Until it freezes over in the winter, this bowl-shaped freshwater lake is lovely.

To trek Upper Humla from Kathmandu, you must first travel to Nepalgunj. The next day, you must board another flight to Simikot. Your journey will begin in Simikot and end in Limi Valley. To go to the Upper Humla, you'll have to pass through several magnificent passes, ancient villages, and spiritual monasteries.

After a few days, you'll go to Lapcha Pass in the north. After crossing the pass, continue east across a large valley, passing the highest point at 5475 meters. Your hiking will be adventurous due to the desolate terrain, desert-like atmosphere, and the mood of the end of the world.