9 Exceptional Villas In Nepal

9 Exceptional Villas In Nepal

Nov 24 . 2021

Nepal, a lovely Himalayan city with incredible vistas and scenic beauty, is a spot to visit on your next holiday. The city has a wide range of locations to explore and have fun. 

But, in the midst of all of this, your place of stay should be pleasant and comfortable in a relaxed setting. Villas may be your best bet for a comfortable lifestyle.

9 Best Nepali Villas for Every Traveler

Please have a closer look at our list of 9 top villas that are worth a visit during your next laid-back holiday in Nepal to remain near to nature.

#1. Hotel Himalayan Villa

This mansion is located in Nepal's Nagarkot district. Aside from the location, the altitude at which this villa is situated will entice you to visit Nepal as soon as possible. At 7,200 feet above sea level, where this home is located, you will feel on top of the world.

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Caption: Hotel Himalayan Villa

The surroundings, the view of Kathmandu Valley, the sunset and the dawn are all worth visiting. The price might be requested on-demand, which should not be too much given their amenities.

Some of them are free Wi-Fiwifi, a panoramic view from every room, a 24-hour hot water supply, and all of the latest conveniences.

#2. Hotel Country Villa

Even if you have been in one or more villas/hotels, this is the place to be. The view of the snow-capped mountains from this hotel's rooms is breathtaking. The home is perched atop Nagarkot Hill. It has excellent views because it is located at 7,200 feet above sea level.

There are several living alternatives to fit your mood and needs. And so do the costs, which vary but are unquestionably worth your money and the facilities. The amenities include exceptional service, comfy and cosy accommodations, and various other amenities to help you relax.

#3. La Villa Sherpani Lukla

Another cosy and lovely residence showcases Nepal's traditional Sherpa culture. It is situated at around the height of 2,800 meters above sea level. Thus one can understand the tranquil and cold environment there. This is a mountain guesthouse on the Tenzing-Hillary airport route in Lukla, Nepal.

Image Cr: La Villa Sherpani

Caption: La Villa Sherpani in Lukla

Because it is positioned on a mountain, the accommodations provide stunning views. It also allows you to participate in Sherpa Himalayan adventures. Prices might be minimized if reservations are made as early as possible. If you book early, you may be able to enjoy various discounts and bundles.

#4. Brookside Villa

It is, as the name implies, a residential neighbourhood near a river or lake. This magnificent hotel is located in Kathmandu. The famous Pashupatinath temple is about 3.9 meters away from this property.

The pricing of the villa may seem to be a little more than usual, but the luxury supplied is well worth it. It boasts a central location, amenities such as free Wi-Fiwifi, beautiful meals, the ability to bring your pets, and various other activities that allow you to enjoy a home away from home.

#5. Hotel Fishtail

This is a reasonably priced lodging choice in Nepal. If outdoor activities, tourism, and other country attractions are essential to you, this property is the most acceptable option.

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Caption: Hotel Fishtail

It has nice clean and attractive rooms, good service, and a lot of facilities at a low price. It is located in the Pokhara area of Nepal and provides a profusion of services and an ideal location.

#6. Apa Villa Phulbari

This one is in Nepal's Kavre district, Phulbari, Mathura Pati region. It graces the panoramic vistas from the peak of a Himalayan mountain chain.

Essentially, this is an estate that has been converted into tourist homes. It features organic farming, as well as pickles and jams. As a result, you do not feel like you are in another nation, but rather as if you are in a second home. The rates are reasonable, and the reviews are excellent.

#7. Subaru Panorama Villa

It can be found at Dhapakhel-3, Lalitpur, Nepal. The name alludes to the stunning vistas that can be seen from the hotel suites.

It is a cheap location to stay in Nepal, with free Wi-Fiwifi, excellent meals, a bar, decent room service, and a neat and tidy place to stay. There is laundry service, breakfast is available, and other enjoyable activities are available. Overall, this is a fun, anywhere-you-want-to-be villa to live in.

#8. Machan Country Villa

This villa is located in Nepal's Gochada region. It's close to one of the national parks.

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Caption: Machan Country Villa

The amenities include free Wi-Fi, free parking, the choice of breakfast, air-conditioned rooms, a bar, lounge, laundry service, and beautiful meals from the villa's restaurant.

#9. Jurassic Resort And Villa

It is on Sarangkot Suite Road in Pokhara. The Fewa lake is a significant feature close to this mansion. This property is close to several well-known monuments. The cost of a typical two-bedroom apartment is low and on par with the national average.

So you may visit this location at any moment. The amenities include free private parking, bike and vehicle rentals, free Wi-Fi, a spa, and a pool. The ratings for this location are excellent, indicating that it is a good idea to visit and stay for as many days as you wish to stay.


Whether it's a stay in the Himalayas, a trekking excursion, or simply getting closer to nature, these Nepal villas provide all guests with the most outstanding comfort and elegance. As a result, if you want to have a homelike stay on your next trip to Nepal, be sure to choose one of these excellent villas!