Palpa District - Lumbini District

Palpa District - Lumbini District

Jun 27 . 2021

Palpa District, which is part of Lumbini Province, is one of Nepal's seventy-seven districts. Nepal is a landlocked nation in South Asia with seventy-seven districts. The district, which includes Tansen as its capital, has a population of 261,180 people and spans an area of 1,373 km2 (530 sq mi).

Palpa District is located near Pokhara and is easily accessible by bus. Tansen, a historic hill town in this area, has a more peaceful environment and an infectious laid-back attitude. Discover a way of life by strolling around the ancient bazaar's cobblestone streets. Explore the Shreenagar Hills or take a day walk to the Rani Mahal, a once-vibrant castle on the Kali Gandaki River's banks. Palpa was the centre of the Hindu Sen dynasty, which ruled over this region for over 300 years, starting in the 16th century. Hence the Palpa headquarters is known as "Tansen."

Introduction to Palpa District

Palpa is a lovely district with Tansen Municipality as its seat and a total area of 1,373 square kilometres. Tansen, an old hill town, and the surrounding natural beauty provide a more calm atmosphere that draws local and foreign tourists.

This district's terrain varies from the lowest 250 meters to the highest 2,000 meters. This region is home to various flora and animals, which adds to its beauty, despite Newar architecture and Magar people in this region. Brahmin, Chhetri, Bhojpur, Gurung, Tamang, and Limbu are the other ethnic groups of Palpa.

How Can You Reach Palpa?

From Kathmandu to Tansen, the distance is approximately 296 kilometres through Butwal and 324 kilometres via Pokhara. From Kathmandu to Palpa, there is a frequent bus service. You may alternatively fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara or Bhairahawa and then drive from there to Tansen.

Places to Visit in Palpa District

Tansen, located halfway between Pokhara and the Indian border, is known for its beautiful Newari homes and cobblestone alleys. During your stay in Palpa, visit the ancient bazaar, Rani Mahal, and the Kaligandaki River's bank, which all provide unforgettable trips. Here we have enlisted places for you to see while you're in Palpa:

  • Rani Mahal
  • Mahamritunjaya Statue
  • Tansen City
  • Rambha Devi Temple
  • Vhairabsthan Temple
  • Rishikesh Temple
  • Shrinagar Hill Top
  • Mul Dhoka
  • Ramdi
  • Argeli Palace

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal, also known as Rani Castle, is located on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River in Nepal's Palpa District. General Khadga Samsher Rana erected this mansion in 1893. Rani Mahal is a symbol of affection for General Khadga Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana's deceased wife.

As a result of that tragic occurrence, the king commissioned foreign architects to create beautiful works of art for the palace. As a result, the Rani Mahal (queen's palace) was built. Many rooms with magnificent decorations may be seen inside the castle. This palace is built inside a massive rock on the river's bank, which appears lovely from afar.

Rani Palace is located 13 kilometres from Tansen Bazaar, away from the noise and activity. It is simple to go to the Rani Mahal because a local bus runs there every day. You may also reserve a Jeep for around 120 to 150 rupees. If you enjoy trekking, you can go upwards, which will take approximately 4 hours.

Mahamritunjaya Statue

The Mahamritunjaya statue, a giant metal statue of Lord Shiva in Asia, is located in Barangdi. This monument is around 75 kilometres north of Lumbini and 315 kilometres west of Kathmandu. This monument is remarkable in that it is created in a sitting position and is 18 feet tall with a total weight of 3,000 kilos.

According to the creator, the sculptures are constructed of pure metal idols with a 70 per cent copper and 30 per cent brass composition. The sculptures take approximately two years to build and cost around Rs. 9 million.

On February 19, 2014, the idol was inaugurated with a Maha Puja that included 111 Bhraman singing the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for 5 hours. Devotees used to assemble here on Shivaratri and Mondays in the month of Shawna to worship Shiva. The sculptures' entire bodies were seen when performing Maha Snan, while the statues' faces were covered with red fabric on another day.

Tansen City

Tansen, located on the route between Pokhara and Lumbini, is one of the most incredible locations to visit in Palpa. It provides an excellent chance to learn about the Magar Kingdom, a mighty Nepalese kingdom, and present Magar culture, history, and way of life.

Because of the beautiful weather and stunning vistas, the months of March, April, and May are the most acceptable months to visit Tansen. Tansen has been added to the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage Sites. It is now gaining popularity as a top tourist destination.

Rambha Devi Temple

The Ramba Rural Municipality's Rambha Devi Temple is nestled in the heart of the woods. According to the priest, Lord Ram produced a spring of water just above the temple during his visit.

Lord Ram pulled his bow and arrow and produced a water spring in the earth when Sita became thirsty. Every year on Krishna Janmasthami, the temple hosts a large fair. Pilgrims from all across the country will come to adore Lord Krishna here.

Vhairabsthan Temple 

The Vhairabsthan Temple is one of Asia's most significant temples. As this is a Hindu temple, Lord Shiva is honoured. The Tansen market is 5 kilometres away from the shrine.

During festivals, a significant number of locals and other visitors go to Vhairabsthan Temple.

Rishikesh Temple

The first monarch of Palpa, Mukund Sen, erected the Rishikesh Temple, located in Palpa. While swimming in the Kali Gandaki River, the ruler found the god of God Rishikesh, according to legend. On January 30, 2008, this property was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in the cultural category.

This temple is a mash-up of many architectural styles from the medieval and San periods. Satidevi's bodily pieces, according to Hindu mythology, were burned here.

Shrinagar Hill Top

The hilltop of Shrinagar, which is located outside of Palpa, is well-known. You are greeted with a stunning environment, plants, and animals as you make your way up the hill. A beautiful panoramic view of the town below and the mountains above can be seen from the summit.

In the Palpa area, this hill is one of the most attractive places to visit. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machapuchhre, Kanjiroba, and Langtang may all be seen on a clear day. On the other side, you'll view the endless plain Terai, which is what makes Shrinagar hill so unique.

Those who enjoy camping can do so at the top of the hill. Some people like to spend the night in a tent in the woods, surrounded by the Himalayas, which is the most acceptable location.

Mul Dhoka

Mul Dhoka is the main gate of Palpa's Tansen Durbar. General Pratap Shamsher designed it. This is one of the Kingdom's most giant wooden gates. Mul Dhoka leads the way to the palace's entrance. It was utterly destroyed during the 2006 conflict and rebuilt.

Sitalpati, a lovely public square near Mul Dhoka, is worth seeing. It is a renowned gathering area for locals and visitors in Palpa.


Ramdi is one of Palpa's most famous religious destinations. It is close to the Kali Gandaki River. Locals go here to enjoy a celebration, particularly around the 1st Baisakh.

Argeli Palace

Argeli Palace is in Palpa's Argali village. Juddha Shamser built this magnificent palace in Palpa. This ancient palace has currently been transformed into a school.