Places To Camp Around Pokhara, Nepal

Places To Camp Around Pokhara, Nepal

Apr 29 . 2022

Are you curious about learning about some of the best camping spots in Pokhara? These are the most fantastic spots for overnight camping in the Pokhara valley if you enjoy camping. For your next visit to Pokhara, we've compiled a list of 5 prominent camping spots.

Camping is an outdoor pastime that entails being away from home for an extended period of time in order to spend time in more natural settings. People slept in a shelter, such as a tent or a neighbour's house. Like backpacking, hunting, and fishing, camping can be coupled with camping.

During the winter, fire camping is very popular. The categories and types of camping are divided by the visiting seasons and accessible activities. Tents are hard to come by when going camping due to the availability of houses and lodges and people's interests.

Camping Spots Around Pokhara

Pokhara is 200 kilometres west of Kathmandu. The tourism city attracts about two-thirds of all foreign visitors to Nepal. Pokhara was visited for a brief time on a long holiday. Natural beauty, a clean climate, a slower pace of life in the city, and a variety of activities all entice visitors to remain in Pokhara for an extended period of time.

Camping and village stays are available in a number of locations around Pokhara. Here are some notable camping spots near Pokhara that you might want to consider for your next overnight camping trip:

  • Dhampus Village/Australian Base Camp
  • Begnas Taal(Lake) and Rupakot Village
  • Nirmal Pokhari Village
  • Sikles Village
  • Nau Danda

Dhampus Village/Australian Camp

Dhampus village, located on a hilltop at the height of 1,650m, is only 25 kilometres from Pokhara. During the hot summer months, Dhampus village provides the most relaxed environment. For your overnight camping trip, a village with a majority of Gurung people provides you with a variety of options for lodging and activities.

Hiking from Phedi to the village can be done in a day.

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Caption: Australian Camp

The sunrise over the Annapurna mountain range is breathtaking from the mountaintop. The best hilltop spot for the overnight is Australian Camp(2,060m). Other attractions in Dhampus include a fire camp, a village tour, and native delicacies. In Dhampus, you can stay in homestays, small lodges, and semi-luxurious resorts.

Begnas Taal(Lake) and Rupakot Village

Begnas Lake is situated in the Pokhara valley's southeast corner, some 16 kilometres from the city's hustle and bustle. On the other side of Begnas Lake, there are a number of resorts, lodges, and homestays to choose from. Majhikuna is a popular spot for individuals who want to spend the night camping. 

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Caption: Begnas Lake

On the road to Majhikuna, Rupakot is located on a hilltop. At Rupakot and Begnas, you may go hiking, boating, fishing, and mountain hiking. Ecotourism, agrotourism, and sustainable tourism, with local organic cuisine, are also available at several of the resorts. This is an excellent location for meditation and yoga.

Nirmal Pokhari Village

Nirmal Pokhari village, located 10 kilometres south of Pokhara, is most renowned for its orange production. It's an excellent option for travellers who want to get a taste of Nepal's everyday farming and community life. There are a few local lodges and homestays where you can spend the night. Hiking is also a fun activity.

Sikles Village

Sikles is among the Gurung villages near Pokhara that offers rural tourism. The village is Nepal's second-largest Gurung settlement. It's also a popular spot for overnight stays in the Annapurna Region for a typical cultural experience. A public bus or a private vehicle can take you there. For trekkers and hikers, a three-day trek is also possible.

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Caption: Sikles Village

Sikles is worth seeing for the magnificent view of the Annapurna mountain range from an elevation of 2,000m. Visitors can request homestays and a fire camp from the village. Other reasons to visit the village are the people, local culture, traditions, and festivals. Sikles is one of our favourite camping spots near Pokhara.

Nau Danda

Pokhara is roughly about 20 kilometres away from Nau Danda. A bus journey or a trek via Sarngkot are both options for getting there. From Nau Danda, visitors may take in a 360-degree vista of the Pokhara valley. It's a spot where you can see the dawn, sunset, landscapes, cityscapes, and mountains all from one location. There are a few local lodges and hotels where you can spend the night. They do have a fire camp, and local dishes are available.

These are some of Pokhara's most popular camping spots. On the edges of Nepal's Pokhara valley, you may go camping and appreciate the pure beauty of nature.