Shopping In Kathmandu: 10 Best Spots In The City With A Lot To Offer Shopaholics!

Shopping In Kathmandu: 10 Best Spots In The City With A Lot To Offer Shopaholics!

Nov 22 . 2021

No trip is complete until you spend some time visiting the local streets and seeing what that location has to offer. The souvenirs brought back from the excursions become the most cherished memories.

Shopping in Kathmandu is one such experience that will leave you satisfied and joyful. Here are the best sites to buy Tibetan Buddhist relics, prayer flags, and traditional Nepalese clothing in Kathmandu and some buying recommendations. Continue reading!

A Practical Shopping Guide for Kathmandu

Here below are listed some of the few lovely items you can buy in Kathmandu. The city contains everything, including trekking equipment, Buddhist artwork, and aromatic spices:

#1. Thangkas and Paintings

Thangkas are beautiful paintings done on materials like silk and cotton. These evolved in tandem with Tibetan Buddhist murals. These Tibetan Buddhist theme paintings, like Chinese scrolls, are traditionally stored wrapped up with a silk cover on top. 

Image Cr: Ravindra Joisa

Caption: A man painting thangka

These delicate works of art depict Buddhist teachings and have incredible manifestations, such as the Bhavachakra (The Wheel of Life). These may be purchased at the Sagarmatha Bazar, one of Kathmandu's most excellent shopping locations.

#2. Bone, Bead, Stone, and Silver Jewellery

Kathmandu is a sanctuary for all you gemstone collectors out there. The local marketplaces are teeming with stunning beads and stone jewellery; doing jewellery shopping in Kathmandu, Nepal, is an absolute must. 

It is a semi-precious stone centre, and who knows better if you are a collector? To buy jewellery in Kathmandu, go to Thamel or nearby areas. It is a mecca for silver jewellery, and you will not be disappointed if you visit. Do you have a design in mind? It's possible to get it produced there!

#3. Singing Bowls

If you're looking for elegant keepsakes to take home, the Singing Bowls are a terrific place to start.

Image Cr: YouTube

Caption: A man playing singing bowl in Kathmandu

Once utilized for Buddhist religious rites, they are now quite popular since they help relax and meditate. Singing bowls may be purchased at any handicraft store in Kathmandu.

#4. Puppets and Bowls

Nepalese puppets and dolls are an excellent representation of Nepali culture and history. They are an excellent method to depict a culture via the outfits and colours they wear. 

Puppets are handcrafted items made of cloth, cotton, or wood. These string puppets are lovely and would make excellent souvenirs to take home.

#5. Pashmina Woolens

Pashmina weaving has long been a part of Nepali history, which is why there are so many marketplaces selling pashmina scarves and shawls. Pick out your favourite colours and designs at affordable prices in Kathmandu's cheap marketplaces. 

Image Cr: The Rising Nepal

Caption: Pashmina woolen shawls

If you want to do some luxury shopping in Kathmandu, you may go to shopping complexes like Civil Mall and Sherpa. You can also buy some designer clothes in Kathmandu.

#6. Incense Sticks and Spices

If varied aromas entice you, you should surely visit Asan Tole. You may choose from a range of incense sticks. Aromatic spices are another well-known commodity in this region. 

The bazaar that connects Indra Chowk and Asan Tole is brimming with spices! While doing some street shopping in Kathmandu, stroll through these perfumed passageways.

#7. Traditional Nepalese Clothing

If you wish to experience authentic Nepalese flavours, you may also buy traditional attire. Clothes shopping in Kathmandu might be a lot of fun because there are so many alternatives. 

Male traditional dress is known as Daura Suruwal, while female apparel is known as Kurta Suruwal. If you're looking for garments in Kathmandu, don't forget to check out the Dhaka (Nepalese Topi).

#8. Khukuri(Nepalese knife)

The Khukuri, also known as the Gurkha knife, is a classic Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade. It is not just a Nepalese weapon, but it is also a significant traditional item of the Gurkhas.

Image Cr: Great Gurkha Khukuri

Caption: Khukuri

It is frequently used in wedding ceremonies and other rites. It may be found at any of Kathmandu's souvenir stores.

#9. Cultural Handicrafts

A trip to any location is incomplete until you shop there. Shopping allows you to take a piece of that area with you. What could be a more remarkable manner than to bring back some handcraft from that land? 

Stores in Kathmandu are brimming with Nepalese cultural products. The prayer flags and Buddha sculptures would only cost you a penny if you went to the correct places.

#10. Trekking Gear

Nepal is a hiker's and trekker's paradise. People come to the land to conquer its dizzying heights. The snow-capped peaks are one of the reasons Nepal has become a popular tourist destination. Due to the abundance of adventure sports accessible, Kathmandu offers a plethora of excellent establishments that provide trekking and climbing equipment. So plan a trip to the city a day ahead of time and stock up on everything you'll need to reach the towering heights!

FAQ Regarding Shopping in Kathmandu

Do Kathmandu stores take travellers' checks?

Yes, the majority of stores in Kathmandu take travellers' checks from travellers. However, most stores only accept this for high-value goods. To preserve liquid cash, it is best to investigate beforehand and spend them sensibly.

Is shopping in Kathmandu reasonably priced?

Yes, travellers from rich nations will find Kathmandu's shopping to be considerably more reasonable. They can pay with cash, credit cards, and traveller's checks.

Is it possible to purchase woollen clothes after arriving in Kathmandu?

Yes, you must go to Civil Mall if you want to buy hand-woven woollen materials. Original sheep's wool may be found here. Even in the height of summer in Kathmandu, they need to keep warm.

On a Kathmandu visit, where should one acquire Nepali traditional attire?

The majority of Nepali fabric merchants and street sellers provide traditional Nepali clothing. It is best to haggle and buy because they do not have a price tag.

Where can I buy Nepali authentic handicrafts on my Kathmandu tour?

If you want to buy genuine Nepali handicrafts, you should go shopping at Lazimpat and Thamel. To purchase these handcrafted things, you can haggle and lower the price.

Is credit card acceptance universal in Kathmandu?

No, just a few of the larger retail malls take credit cards. Before purchasing any things from a store, it is best to inquire.