Shopping in Pokhara: The 10 Best Places to Spend Your Money

Shopping in Pokhara: The 10 Best Places to Spend Your Money

Nov 23 . 2021

As we all know, Nepal is a lovely city with many attractions that are a pleasure to behold. Kathmandu, the capital, is a prominent tourist attraction that attracts many visitors each year.

Pokhara is the second-most populous city in Nepal, behind Kathmandu. This bustling metropolis is a popular tourist attraction. The most well-known trip in this city is the Annapurna circuit trek, and Pokhara is recognized as Nepal's tourism hub.

Though Pokhara is well-known for hiking, there are numerous sites where travellers may buy and get something unique as a Pokhara memento. So, shopping in Pokhara is an experience you should not pass up on your next vacation to Nepal.

10 Best Shopping Spots in Pokhara

Here in this blog, we've prepared a list of the top ten retail marketplaces in Pokhara where you may spend hours shopping. Check out what's on offer at each of these locations for a wholesome shopping spree!

#1. Tashiling Handicraft Center

This location is well-known for the beautiful handmade items they sell, ranging from jewellery to other forms of souvenirs. This location is mainly famous for its rugs. These Tibetan carpets are the most popular items in this shop.

Image Cr: The Tibetan Encounter

Caption: Tashiling Handicraft Center

Even the sellers at this business are not ordinary salespeople but rather immigrant daughters who are highly excited about their profession. Each rug is associated with a unique Tibetan narrative. If you are in Pokhara, you must see this location.

#2. Women Skills Development Organization Centre

This is a social welfare council that is registered with the Nepalese government. The primary goal of this initiative was to empower women by showing them that their efforts can make a difference in the world.

This Nepalese women's handcraft is part of a women's development initiative. The primary goal of this organization centre is to promote the long-term development of women. There is a facility for this program where women may come and be trained to undertake a variety of occupations related to this project, such as weaving, cutting, and stitching cloth.

This skill development initiative was launched to assist the neediest and poorest women and illiterate women in learning new skills. Women here produce several bags with beautiful jhari art, and this location houses an ancient collection.

#3. Fair Mount Trekking Shop

This city is well-known for trekking, and several businesses provide trekking equipment. One of the stores is Fair Mount, which sells all of the essential hiking equipment.

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Caption: Fair Mount Trekking Shop

This location is always crowded with people purchasing hiking supplies. This business also sells a variety of sporting equipment.

#4. Silver Oaks Handicraft

This location is well-known for its silver jewellery. This business in Pokhara manufactures jewellery by hand and is renowned for having a wide selection of jewellery to pick from. They also accept requests and create unique jewellery.

This store first opened its doors in 2011 and has offered a wide range of jewellery ever since. They create bracelets, rings, and earrings in various styles, including modern, traditional, and classic.

#5. Tibetan Gift Shop

This business is ideal for souvenirs. Many tourists stop by this shop since they have everything Pokhara has to offer as a gift. Bags, Himalayan tea, shawls, singing bowls, and many other items are available.

Image Cr: Blogspot

Caption: Tibetan Gift Shop

This shop is ideal for selecting a present for any loved one, such as friends or family. They also have inexpensive costs, allowing you to buy as many gifts as you wish.

#6. RK Shopping Complex

This retail complex is surrounded by a variety of stores, each with a unique offering. You may get delicate and elegant handicrafts at moderate costs.

If you stroll a little farther ahead, towards the lakeside area, you may come across a shop called Pokhara Cottage Emporium. This business is well-known for the pashmina shawls it sells at reasonable costs.

They also have beautiful wall hangings and handcrafted jewellery, and if you have a specific request, they may be able to produce it for you.

#7. Alpine Trekking Equipment

This is another hiking equipment store. This business sells, rents, and exchanges a wide range of hiking equipment. Many hikers may readily rent equipment from this business, and the things supplied here are of high quality. Trekking is the major attraction of this city. Thus it is easy to find a shop where one may get such trekking equipment.

#8. Yak Wool Handicraft

This shop sells items manufactured by women participating in the Women's Skill Development Project. They advocate for women's empowerment and incorporate their items in their line.

They sell Nepalese women's handicrafts such as sweaters, shawls, purses, dolls, and other gift goods. These ladies work very hard to make a life for themselves, and every purchase helps them do so. They even have an internet presence, allowing them to contact clients all over the world.

#9. Nepal Mandala Book Shops

This bookstore is more than just a bookstore; it also provides all of the maps, travel guides, and publications you'll need to go around. You can quickly get a map or a compass to help you navigate the city and see the key attractions of Pokhara.

This location also has a gift store and a variety of items for travellers. There are many different themes on which books are accessible, and you can buy them at discounted prices. You can also return textbooks if you are finished with them.

#10. Nilgiri Shopping Center

This shop is quite renowned among the locals. Many individuals shop at this retail complex because they can easily bargain. Tourists buy a variety of necessities such as packed food, toiletries, and other products.

So, whether you live near the Nilgiri Shopping Centre or have a chance to pass by, pop in for a quick shopping binge.