6 Best Mosques in Nepal That Exemplify Islamic Architecture

6 Best Mosques in Nepal That Exemplify Islamic Architecture

Dec 01 . 2021

Nepal, a nation of majestic mountains, winding roads, and beautiful meadows, is also home to some of the world's most significant mosques and temples.

Delicate design patterns, spectacular architecture, and great tiny work may all be found in Nepal's mosques. So, if you're planning a trip to Nepal, don't forget to stop by these unique and excellent mosques in Nepal.

The Top 5 Mosques in Nepal

These mosques in Nepal not only have awe-inspiring architecture, but they also have gorgeous Islamic ornamentation that is a visual pleasure. They are:

  1. Madatiya Mosque, Nepal
  2. Kashmiri Masjid, Kathmandu
  3. Masjid-e-Bilal, Pokhara
  4. Jame Masjid, Kathmandu
  5. Jama Masjid, Gorkha
  6. Jama Masjid Rahmaniya, Bhairawa

#1. Madatiya Mosque, Nepal

Madatiya Mosque is one of Nepal's most magnificent mosques. The square chambers, mosque halls, central courtyard, and capped domes are all intricately crafted with etched mihrabs that appear incredibly gorgeous and add to the architectural magnificence of the mosque. Those seeking serenity will undoubtedly find it in Nepal's gorgeously constructed mosque.

#2. Kashmiri Masjid, Kathmandu

Kashmiri Masjid Kathmandu Nepal, conveniently placed on Durbar Marg, is at the top of Nepal's list of mosques. This lovely Nepalese mosque is meticulously built, with domes and a marble-paved plaza in the centre. The neighbouring balcony provided stunning views of the surroundings and the front road.

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Caption: Pancha Kashmiri Takiya Masjid

The Pancha Kashmiri Takiya Masjid, also known as the Kashmiri Masjid, was built in the 15th century AD and is one of Nepal's oldest mosques.

During the reign of King Ratna Malla, Muslims from Kashmir visited Nepal for commerce, and the mosque was erected during the reign of King Pratap Malla. The mosque has been renovated several times. Because of the unrest in Kashmir, more Kashmiris have fled to Kathmandu.

The present mosque was constructed during the reign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah when Muslims assisted him in spying on Malla monarchs.

The mosque is divided into three sections: a prayer hall, an annexe, and a madrasah. Inside the grounds are the graves of Haji Mishkin Shah and Khwaja Gyasuddin Shah.

#3. Masjid-e-Bilal, Pokhara

Masjid-e-Bilal is a traditional Indian mosque in Srinagar, near Nowhatta. The mosque has an enclosed courtyard and attractive architecture, such as wooden pillars and a well-kept garden that surrounds the entire complex. It's also one of the busiest mosques in Pokhara, Nepal.

#4. Jame Masjid, Kathmandu

The walls of Jame Masjid may not be the most gorgeous landmark, but they reveal a lot about the region's surviving architecture. It is a historical treasure buried away in the heart of Nepal. The entire city is so gorgeous and tranquil that a lengthy walk around Nepal's Jame Masjid mosque with majestic views of valleys and birds singing around it makes it a must-see destination.

#5. Jama Masjid, Gorkha

It is a centre of worship for Muslims in Gorkha, Nepal. It is significant because it is one of Nepal's oldest mosques. It has a capacity of fitting more than 200 persons. It contains separate spaces for men and women, and the azan is eloquently played over loudspeakers five times a day.

#6. Jama Masjid Rahmaniya, Bhairawa

The Jama Masjid, also known as the Jama Masjid Rahmaniya, is Nepal's oldest mosque, located in Rupandehi, Bhairahawa. It is amongst the most prominent and well-known mosques in Nepal's Rupandehi District. It was finished in 1950 AD (2007 BS).