Sonam Lhosar - Festival Of The Tamang People

Feb 02 . 2022

Sonam Lhosar is a Nepalese and Indian new year event celebrated by the Tamang and Yolmo peoples of Sikkim and Darjeeling. The eastern lunar calendar occurs on the second new moon after the winter solstice, which is usually the Magh Sukla Pratipada.

Rat, Ox, Horse, Goat/Sheep, Tiger, Rabbit, Monkey, Dragon, Snake Rooster, Dog, and Boar are the 12 animals linked each year. Agriculture is referred to as Sonam in Tamang. Traditionally, the festival is held after the crops have been harvested.

Sonam Lhosar

Manjushree is said to have begun celebrating Lhochhar 2857 years ago, presuming Manjushree Samvat began on the momentous day when he proclaimed 84,000 scriptures on Panchshirsha hill.

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Caption: Women posing in their ethnic dresses on Sonam Lhosar

'Ta' means horse, and 'Mang' signifies warriors, according to numerous texts and studies that have been written about the Tamang community. In this regard, the valiant Tamangs are well-known in Nepal and throughout the world for their bravery, bravery, and fighting abilities.

The Tamang people honours Lhochhar with unique traditional and cultural importance on this day. In this fashion, the Tamang people of Nepal's high mountains and densely inhabited places, including the adjacent northern country of China, the Chinese people, celebrate the New Year joyfully.

Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bhutan, and Japan celebrated the Sonam Lhochhar festival.

Most Buddhist temples in these nations are now brimming with joy and excitement. Colourful decorations, flags, and other attractive decorations, such as flower gates, make the Buddhist monastery look lovely.

Activities During Sonam Lhosar

Tamang people visit temples and stupas in Sonam Lhosar, where specific rituals involving mask dance are done to ward off evil spirits. To welcome gods and goddesses, the houses and environs are cleansed.

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Caption: Jhankri Dance

During Sonam, Lhosar people eat pork, mutton chicken, seafood, and delicious desserts. In the Hyolmo Community, Khapsey and Babar (rice-based chapati) and Thongsey are the most popular foods.

To participate in cultural events, people wear traditional dresses and jewellery and share greetings. The Tamang Selo and the Damphu are danced to at the festival. In the Hyolmo Community, syabru is a popular dance.