10 Indian Restaurants Within Kathmandu For Indian Cuisine

10 Indian Restaurants Within Kathmandu For Indian Cuisine

Dec 08 . 2021,Omi Karki

What is there not to like about Kathmandu? Whether it's ancient and historical museums, gorgeously inscribed temples, or magnificent mountains to trek and camp on, there's something for everyone.

Apart from this, Kathmandu has another feature that Nepalese and Indians adore, no matter where they are. Yep, you read that correctly. It's Indian cuisine! No other cooking can compare to Indian cuisine, which is why we've compiled a list of the best Indian restaurants within Kathmandu for you to enjoy!

Kathmandu's Top 10 Indian Restaurants

Here are some of the most excellent Indian restaurants in Kathmandu, where you may dine on delectable Indian cuisine throughout your vacation.

#1. Third Eye Restaurant

The Third Eye Restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal, serves fantastic food and has a terrific ambience and beautiful surroundings! Depending on your preference, you can sit in either the inner or outer sections. Aside from that, the waiters are pretty friendly and accommodating!

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Caption: Cuisine of Third Eye Restaurant

Although this restaurant's menu is a bit pricey, it is worth it! The tandoori roti, mixed grill, chicken tikka masala, and everyone's favourite chicken butter masala are among the specialities. This restaurant is well-known for its lunch and supper menus and coffee and sweets! From breakfast to dinner, it's a total stomach filler!

#2. Dudh Sagar Restaurant

Dudh Sagar, one of the top south Indian restaurants in Kathmandu, is a must-visit for all south Indian food enthusiasts. It's wonderful for breakfast because it offers a wide range of dosas and idlis. The chutney and sambar are very delicious.

The cuisine is both delicious and affordable. The ambience is pleasant, and the staff is friendly and willing to help you with everything you require. The service is quick, and the samosa is delicious.

#3. Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant

Look no further if you're looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Kathmandu. Then Aniyor, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, is the place for you! They provide only vegetarian meals in a comfortable environment, and the servers are kind and willing to assist you with food selections if you have any reservations.

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Caption: Taking Orders at Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant

The prices are a little high compared to local restaurants, but quality always wins out, right? Here you'll find delicious lassis and smoothies. The flavour of the food is intense. The best thing you will get in this restaurant is perfectly soft tofu cooked, which has the masala you could die for!

This eatery is fantastic for all vegetarians in Kathmandu, and vegetarian biriyani is not a myth here; it's just as wonderful as non-vegetarian biriyanis!

#4. The Ship Restaurant Bar & Lounge

One of Kathmandu's most incredible Indian restaurants is The Ship Restaurant Bar and Lounge. Whether it's the cuisine or the setting, they're both fantastic! The restaurant's menu offers its customers a wide variety of options, so it will not disappoint whether you order vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Chinese or Indian.

The best recipes contain chicken; they are simply the best, as though you have never tasted anything like them before! Although the costs are a touch excessive, you would gladly pay them for such excellent meals.

#5. Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

Customers have given the Sarangi vegetarian restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal, one of the highest ratings on the internet. Unlike other restaurants, this one is known for its food and ambience and social contributions by supporting causes such as the untouchables, women and girls trafficked, and others.

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Caption: Tourists waiting for their meal at Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

If you're seeking vegetarian meals, this is the place to go because the vegetables are fresh and delicious. You may enjoy the ambience, the personnel, and the people in the area, but you may not enjoy the exorbitant rates. But rest certain that the cuisine and service you will receive are well worth your money.

#6. Fusion Himalaya Restaurant

The Fusion Himalaya Restaurant, located on Paknajol Marg, is one of the most fantastic restaurants in Kathmandu for enjoying delectable Indian cuisine in a classic setting while also taking in the tranquillity that pervades the entire establishment.

Along with the establishment's aesthetics, you may appreciate the staff's professionalism and kindness toward clients and the services they provide. The restaurant offers a wide selection of items to try while ensuring hygienic and healthful.

The best aspect is that the pricing ranges are reasonably priced. Everybody wants to spend quality time with their family and friends while eating outstanding cuisine and not spending much money.

#7. Grill Oregano Restaurant

The Grill Oregano Restaurant may be one of the most delicious Indian restaurants in Kathmandu that you would enjoy visiting. Even though the restaurant serves a variety of cuisines, it serves some of the best Indian food in Kathmandu and is one of the few Punjabi restaurants in the city.

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Caption: Inside of Grill Oregano Restaurant

Not only will you be enamoured with the variety of food on offer, but you will also be enamoured with the restaurant's staff's politeness and prompt service. The restaurant maintains a pretty consistent balance between food quality and affordability. You'll surely want to revisit the location. Enjoy your food.

#8. Pilgrims Garden Restaurant

The Pilgrims Garden Restaurant is an outpost of the well-known Pilgrim Guesthouse, where visitors may relax and enjoy themselves. The Garden restaurant, located in the bustling metropolis of Thamel, delivers a sense of tranquillity and peace due to its services and ambience.

They provide a variety of cuisines, but Indian cuisine is a must-try. Visit the restaurant for superb food and family-style service. The restaurant prepares meals according to your preferences by incorporating or eliminating food items that you may like or dislike and getting the only Jain food in Kathmandu. The location is well worth your time and money and reasonably priced.

#9. 0R2K

Any customer who leaves this restaurant will say, "This is the best Indian food in Kathmandu." Like all the others, this restaurant serves cuisines worldwide, but you should stick to Indian food because it is the greatest. Out of all the options on the menu, the vegetarian choice will undoubtedly be your favourite.

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Caption: OR2K

OR2K, like other Kathmandu restaurants, strives to serve the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest meals possible. Along with the food, you may fall in love with the historic environment of the establishment.

OR2K will not disappoint you, thanks to a superb crew who will guarantee that you are not disappointed and a massive audience to ensure that you have an excellent time. The location may be a little pricey, but rest assured that it is well worth your money.

#10. Shree Lal Pure Veg Restaurant

The Shree Lal pure vegetarian restaurant in Thamel is one of the few Indian vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu that is not elegant but offers a lot. You must not, however, judge a book by its cover. Aside from the ambience, the location has ensured the good that will be provided with the fast-paced services.

The place is inexpensive because you will not spend much money there. If you're seeking affordable yet great vegetarian food, Shree Lal pure veg restaurant in Kathmandu might be the spot to go.


We are confident that these Indian restaurants in Kathmandu will provide all Indians with a home flavour when visiting Nepal. If you're heading to Nepal soon, keep these establishments in mind for some fantastic Indian cuisine on the fly.