10 Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal for an Unforgettable Culinary Adventure

10 Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal for an Unforgettable Culinary Adventure

Dec 09 . 2021

Are you planning a vacation to Nepal and want to stop in Pokhara? Are you unsure about your meal plans and where to go for the best meals? We've got you covered, don't worry.

The city known as the Annapurna Circuit's entrance does not disappoint in the top Pokhara eateries. Make sure to visit these establishments if you want to have a good time.

10 Exceptional Restaurants in Pokhara

The finest Pokhara restaurants to visit provide a varied range of cuisines, including Continental, Japanese, Thai, and even Korean cuisines:

#1. Moondance Restaurant and Bar

When you visit this popular Lakeside restaurant in Pokhara, expect to be greeted by a crackling open fire. With its stylish décor and exquisite food, it's no surprise that this is one of the most popular places for people to have a nice lunch.

Image Cr: Visit Nepal Web

Caption: Moondance Bar and Restaurant

Salads, pizzas, foreign steaks, and Indian and Thai curries are all on the menu, so there's plenty of diversity when you visit Moondance. Don't miss out on the famous Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert!

#2. AoZoRa Restaurant

A traditional bamboo-lined Japanese restaurant featuring sushi, ramen, and donburi, as well as numerous other set meals including chicken teriyaki with rice, miso, and pickle, should be enough to entice any tourist to visit AoZoRa.

However, if this is still not the case, the Japanese-speaking friendly staff will persuade you otherwise by greeting you with a glass of mugi (roasted barley tea).

#3. Byanjan

The elegant apparel that this place is pleased to show off is the first, but surely not the last, thing that will amaze you on your visit to this place, with its calming white-and-blue décor, use of raw rocks, and subtle lighting.

Image Cr: Byanjan

Caption: Inside of Byanjan

There are many Indian, Thai, Chinese, and, of course, Nepali cuisines to choose from on the menu. There is also an upstairs room and a large garden at the back for visitors.

#4. Caffe Concerto

The rusty ambience of this Italian pizzeria matches the blues from its jazz soundtrack and the warmth of its open fireplace. Their thin-crust pizzas are said to be the best in town, and they offer 24 different flavours and a build-your-own option.

Bowls of pasta, bottles of wine, and shots of espresso and gelato can all be part of the delightful experience. To say that it was fantastic would be an understatement.

#5. Fresh Elements Restaurant

Fresh Elements, a clean and cosy Italian and European food business on Middle Path Street, is regularly referred to as one of the favourites for those who visit Pokhara's eateries.

Image Cr: Like a Local Guide

Caption: Fresh Elements Restaurant

This one's sure to make you drool in anticipation while you wait for the meal to arrive, with delicacies like Couscous Salad, Lava Grilled Beef Steak, Fish Fillets, and brownies among many more.

#6. OR2K Restaurant

This branch of Nepal's famed Thamel Restaurant is located on the top level of the Center Point Complex. Pizzas, pasta, and sizzlers are available, as well as beer, cocktails, and wine by the glass.

The breathtaking lake and mountain views and the famous outdoor seating option, where tranquillity reaches new heights, keep people back.

#7. Marwadi Restaurant

When it comes to the Marwadi Restaurant, the original, pure-veg Indian ambience of a popular food place is well maintained.

Image Cr: HappyCow

Caption: Marwadi Restaurant

One characteristic that distinguishes this restaurant from the International Cuisine offering eateries that dominate the Lakeside is that it immediately familiarizes tourists with India's abundance of spices and chillies.

#8. Everest Steak House Restaurant

This old-fashioned steak factory, known for its large assortment of thick slices of freshly cooked beef flown in directly from West Bengal, India, is a paradise for meat lovers. Other meat delicacies such as fish, chicken, and hog, as well as an incredible 31 types of steak sauces, are equally appealing to everyone who visit this establishment.

#9. Potala Tibetan Restaurant

The Tibetan restaurant's owners have chosen to maintain the business in the family and do so tastefully. It's located upstairs near the front of the Tibetan Mini Market and serves some of the tastiest momos in town, whether buffalo, chicken, or cheese.

Thukpa, tingmo, and sha bak ley are other popular delights, with tongba - Tibetan millet beer – to accompany them.

#10. China Town

Any street with restaurants that also include a Chinatown is not worth seeing. This authentic Chinatown experience has red lanterns and goldfish pictures to go along with it.

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Caption: Inside China Town

Authentic Cantonese and Szechuan classics and a delicious assortment of duck and pork dishes are prepared by expert Chinese chefs. The hot mapo dofu(tofu)would be an extraordinary suggestion.


So, what do you have to lose? Start making plans right soon, because giving any Pokhara as mentioned earlier restaurants would be a mistake. Pokhara, situated on the banks of the Phewa Lake, invites you to visit and sample its diverse cuisines. To test these delicacies, travel to Nepal as soon as possible.