10 Thrill-Seeking Adventure Locations in Nepal

10 Thrill-Seeking Adventure Locations in Nepal

Nov 21 . 2021

Are you a traveller who seeks adventure? If so, Nepal should probably be at the top of your bucket list. Nepal has a variety of adventure destinations, and you will be blown away by the array. 

The excursions range from typical to severe and involve all three modes of transportation: land, ocean, and air. Proper safety precautions also accompany these adrenaline-pumping and heart-racing adventure sports.

Top 10 Adventure Locations in Nepal

Are you ready to push yourself to your boundaries by summoning the confidence to visit these risky spots in Nepal and experience the thrills they have to offer? 

If so, proceed down the list to select the activities you'd want to try on your Nepal holiday.

#1. Sun Koshi River Rafting

What a sensation it is to be whisked away by the raging white waves of a fast-flowing river. The adrenaline thrill that river rafting provides is indescribable. This sensation is generated when rafting on Nepal's Sun Kosi River.

Image Cr: Himalaya Journeys

Caption: River Rafting In Sun Koshi River

The river boasts class V rapids and is rated as one of the top ten white-water rafting trips globally by National Geographic. The excellent ride takes you via white riversides, villages, and wooded places.

#2. Rock Climbing In Hattiban

Hattiban is a lovely village close to Kathmandu Valley. You trek through the forest for 20 minutes before arriving at the rock climbing spot. The limestone cliff of Hattiban has roughly ten intermediate to advanced single-pitch climbing routes.

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Caption: Hattiban Rock Climbing

These routes in Hattiban are designed for sport climbing and are bolted throughout, with bolted anchors at the top of each other. There are several little overhangs on the essentially vertical limestone cliff.

#3. Jungle Safari In Chitwan National Park

Nepal's first national park is the well-known Chitwan National Park. The park is a deciduous forest with silk cotton, Sisam, acacia, and elephant grass that spans the Shivalik Range. Since 1984, the park has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Image Cr: Thrillophilia

Caption: Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan jungle safari tour includes a nature walk, bird observation trails, a boating/canoeing trip, a visit to the elephant breeding centre, elephant bathing, a Tharu village excursion, sunset views, and much more.

#4. Bungee Jumping In Bhote Koshi River

Dropping from a height of 160 meters is a terrifying experience. On a suspension bridge erected across the Bhote Kosi River, the world's third-highest bungee jumping location is located. While tumbling down, the canyon through which the fast-flowing river rushes provides a beautiful perspective.

#5. Paragliding In Pokhara

Pokhara is considered amongst the top five tandem paragliding destinations globally, with a safe and convenient environment for the pastime. The ideal take-off and landing zones, a vast lake for added safety, and the breathtaking mountain vistas make paragliding here a memorable experience.

Image Cr: Thrillophilia

Caption: Paragliding in Pokhra

There are over 20 firms here that provide paragliding services. However, the fees include transportation and insurance.

#6. Mountain Biking In Mustang

Mountain biking is quickly becoming Nepal's most popular sport. The old walking pathways that crisscross the land make for an excellent bike route. There are rough roads that run through villages and woodlands and highways that are considerably nicer and pass-through towns.

Image Cr: Paradise Himalayan Journey

Caption: Mountain Biking in Mustang

The variety ensures a fun mountain bike path. Mustang, especially the lower Mustang, is a biker's pilgrimage since it is more accessible. The Upper Mustang is secluded and limited, making the path pricey. However, the track is worth the extra money. You ride through the Tibetan Plateau and down the "world's deepest gorge." When you ascend the highest point of the Mustang path, you will arrive at Muktinath, the hallowed temple (3800m).

#7. Everest Skydiving in Gorakh Shep

The Gorakh Shep drop zone is amongst the world's highest skydiving drop zones. Skydiving is a challenging aerial activity, but Everest skydiving is an unforgettable experience. You will be transported to the drop zone by helicopter or aircraft during the activity, from where you will leap. The location is just in front of Mount Everest (8,848). 

Image Cr: Nepal Travel Guide

Caption: Skydiving in Gorakh Shep

CNN News Channel selected the Everest Skydive as the eighth-best "Try Before You Die" event globally.

#8. Zipline In Sarangkot

One of the unique zip-lining experiences can be found in Sarangkot, Western Nepal. Set in a magnificent alpine wonderland, you will fly down an elevation of 5400 meters/17716 feet over a distance of 1800 meters/5905 feet. 

Image Cr: YouTube

Caption Sarangkot Zipline

As you zipline, you will be astounded by the breathtaking views of Pokhara Lake. Sarangkot zip-lines are popular among travellers because of their safe and pleasant settings. You may be confident in your safety because the trainers are highly qualified.

#9. Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Fewa Lake

Fewa Lake is a freshwater lake in the Pokhara Valley known for Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). Fewa Taal's calm water makes it an ideal place for SUP. This is the finest starting water sport. 

Standing up on a narrow board and paddling through the water while taking in some of the most tranquil views in the nation is an experience you should not pass up.

#10. Cave Exploration in Bimal Nagar

Any cave explorer's dream is Siddha Gufa (Bandipur) near Bimal Nagar. The biggest cave in Nepal is Siddha Cave. The cave is filled with bats that have lived there for years, as well as stalactites and stalagmites. The vast rocky cave halls will astound you with their natural beauty.