Top 22 Most Beautiful Places In The World For Travelling

Beautiful Places Of World

Overview 22 Most Beautiful Places Of The World

Want to see what the World has to offer? Stand in awe as wonders built by man and Nature enchant you with their beauty? Well look no further, you have come to the right place!

Wanting to live a life worth telling a story is what we all dream of, but only a few accomplish it. Travelling is one answer and not any travel; an extraordinary one! So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you add these 22 most beautiful places in the World for travelling to your bucket list. The journey ahead of you into these magical lands will leave you spellbound!

List Of Top 22 Beautiful Places Of The World

1. Mount Everest, Nepal


Mount Everest, a well-matched opponent for those looking for a gruesome conquest! Land in the World's most dangerous airport, Lukla airport, to get pumped up for the adventure! Start your journey by finding beauty in Buddhist chanting in Namche Bazar, then camp below the roof of the World at night.

Maybe go for a ski or ride a horse sleigh or even better, ride a Yak! Conquer the World’s highest peak, take a look at the beautiful earth from the top and claim your place among legends in this breathtaking journey, literally!

Best Time To Travel:

  • September – November and March-May

Activities To Do:

  • Skiing
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Riding horse sleighs

2. Antelope Canyon, Arizona


Travel through the little known Corkscrew Canyon and discover a fascinating eye candy that will leave you delighted. The camera is a must to capture this art from Mother Nature!

Take a tour towards the lower areas with a boat or explore the upper regions on foot, of this mystifying canyon. Then set your foot on the desert and look at the beautifully sculpted World of sandstones, indeed a work of art! Escape the hustling and bustling human-made places and get lost in this artistic natural maze!

Best Time To Travel:

  • May – September (10 am – 12 pm)

Activities To Do:

  • Lower and higher Antelope Canyon tour
  • Lake Powell adventure
  • Village Heritage Centre visit

3. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

Dive into the Oceans of Australia to see the largest living on earth first hand, the Great Barrier Reef. Watch the colourful corals line up to make a beautiful coral reef as you go scuba diving or snorkelling.

Take a good look at the reef with a helicopter view or just surf over it and make some fun memories of your own. Don't forget to visit the nearby Townsville, which remains synonymous to the legendary city from power puff girls!

The Bathe and relax in the beaches knowing you have seen one of the Seven Wonders of the World and that life truly is beautiful!

Best Time To Travel:

  • September - October

Activities To Do:

  • Scuba diving and snorkelling over the reef
  • Surfing
  • Helicopter ride
  • Townsville visit
  • Relaxing in Beach

4. Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland


Set yourself for a trip to the majestic Island facing the Pacific. Arrive in the Island that boasts of being the most visited tourist attraction in all of Ireland. Stand at the cliff and take in the smell of the Nordic sea as you watch, the sun set beautifully into the horizon.

Then walk up to O'Brien's tower to take a look at the western shoreline. It is best if you avoid this place during tourist season unless you don't mind crowds!

Best Time To Travel:

  • June to August (Peak season)

Activities To Do:

  • Walk along the cliff's edge
  • Sightseeing from O'Brien's Tower
  • Doolin Cliff Walk

5. Tilicho Lake


An adventurous soul but not to the point of extreme are we? Then trek to one of the highest altitude lakes in the World. The Tilicho lake trek offers you a mix of beautiful scenery and the thrilling adventure that you thrive for!

Open the window of the cosy tea houses to let the blast of cold wind wake you up along with your tea. Beautiful mountains and the feeling of achievement upon reaching the lake is indescribable. Let the daunting altitude of 4,949 meters and the sight of blue-green lake send shivers down your spine! Quite a challenging trek but worth every second that you invest!

Best Time To Travel:

  • September - November and March-May

Activities To Do:

  • Trek to Khangsar Village
  • Trekking to Tilicho Base Camp
  • Trek to Thorong Phedi
  • Trek to Yak Kharka

6. Bagan, Myanmar


Visit the capital of once a mighty kingdom of Pagan to admire the wonders of this ancient civilization. Listed in the UNESCO's heritage list, this place is of great archaeological importance.

Take a hot air balloon as you take history classes with the local guide about the architecture of the stupas. You can also allocate a few days and go for a trek at an extinct volcano! And then take a boat ride on the Irrawaddy River to take a look at the golden sunsets that this place offers.

Best Time To Travel:

  • November - February

Activities To Do:

  • Exploring Stupas
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Boat ride at Irrawaddy River
  • Trek to Mountain Popa

7. Milford Sound, New Zealand


Lush green, forest-covered peaks with majestic waterfalls and the ink-dark waters, sounds like some scene from Lord of the Rings? Well then you are damn right because this is the Middle Earth, not really but the place where scenes of middle earth were shot.

Take a look around and get lost in the mystical beauty of this fantasy land on earth. Take a quick cruise around the place or paddle your way through the beautiful, dark, inky waters in a kayak. The choice is yours.

Best Time To Travel:

  • November – March, April - May and September - October

Activities To Do:

  • Cruise
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking and Hiking

8. Valley of The Ten Peaks, Canada


What is better than a majestic mountain? Nine more of them! This what the valley of peaks offers that no other place can. Ten different peaks back to back and a crystal clear Moraine Lake, this is the major attraction of this valley.

Camping on the lakeside with the clear view of the ten peaks and their reflection staring right back at you from the beautiful Moraine Lake, this is a glimpse of every hiker who has ever heard of this place. Feeling a bit adventurous/ you can try some rock climbing too.

Best Time To Travel:

  • Any time of the year

Activities To Do:

  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing

9. Yellowstone Park, USA


Take a look around the World's first national park. This complete package of forests and grassland is a megafauna location; this attracts thousands of nature lovers every year. Housing the largest super volcano on the continent and some of the largest high altitude lakes in North-America exist here.

Best Time To Travel:

  • Any time of the year

Activities to do:

  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing

10. Quebec City, Canada


Walk through the city of Old Quebec and experience the French culture in America! Dying for a European holiday but not so much? Face you dilemmas by exploring the authentic European city of Quebec as you walk on its cobbled streets.

Get charmed by this fascinating city and visit the corners of this every street as you look inside the corners of your own heart. Then a charming cruise in the St, Lawrence River to finish up your romantic getaway!

Best Time To Travel:

  • June – September and December to February

Activities To Do:

  • Walk around old Quebec
  • Explore nightlife
  • Take the old Quebec city food tour
  • St. Lawrence River cruise

11. Canaima National Park, Venezuela


Fly to Venezuela's second-largest national park and possible one of the most intriguing pockets of Nature in the entire World. Go on a jungle safari inside the moist Venezuelan rainforest. Take a look at the Angel falls roaring as it showcases its might as the World's highest waterfall.

Explore the wild beauty of Nature as you stroll around this World Heritage site listed by UNESCO. The iconic table mountain structure throughout the Island is hard to miss!

Best Time To Travel:

  • October - November

Activities To Do:

  • Soak in the beauty of Kavac village
  • Trip to Angel Falls
  • Hiking to Mount Roraima
  • Visit Canaima lagoon

12. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway


Want to live it out as a Badass? Highway to Hell? While your destination might not be hell, this road sure is one devil of a ride! This one is not for the faint-hearted; it is the price to pay for the exploration of this beautiful place.

Prepare yourself for the most badass ride of your life as you feel the thunderous waves crash into the Storseisundet Bridge that you are crossing, which appears to plunge right into the ocean! And enjoy the lush coastal landscapes and the sunsets which leave a golden trail of sunlight on your shades, like a badass!

Best Time To Travel:

  • September - October

Activities To Do:

  • Ride on the highway
  • Watch waves crash into roads
  • Cross the daunting Storseisundet Bridge

13. Namib Desert, Namibia


The coastal desert, Namib is an alluring sight for all. The desolate beauty of one the oldest deserts is just unworldly. The amount this place offers even when it seems so abandoned is genuinely mystifying. Brazen with thousands of shipwrecks and holding the title of the skeleton coats, be sure to visit it. The grim form of Mother Nature is a sight not to be missed.

Best Time To Travel:

  • any time of the year

Activities To Do:

  • See Deadvlei and Sossusvlei
  • See Dune 45
  • See Ancient cave paintings
  • Visit stone arch at Spitzkoppe

14. Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia


The untamed natural wilderness coupled with hot weather and volcanoes, what more can one ask for in a holiday? Stay in the huts and enjoy the weather and ocean or take a hike down some valleys.

Catch a glimpse of beautiful waterfalls and the scenic beauty these islands have to offer. See what inspired the French Paul Gauguin and Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and get lost in the wilderness of these warm islands!

Best Time To Travel:

  • June - August

Activities To Do:

  • Hakaui waterfall, on Nuku Hiva Island
  • Basaltic rock formation in the Island
  • Breadfruit tree on Fatu-Hiva
  • A view of Hiva Oa, towards the south-west, with Moho Tani Island visible in the distance
  • Insights of Kaimoko family

15. Hvitserkur, Iceland


How about the Troll of Northwest Iceland? While watching a troll might not be on your bucket list (or might be on your list?), this place is quite exciting. Stare in awe at Europe's most powerful waterfall and get ready to get petrified, just like the troll, as you look at the mesmerizing pinkish sunrises.

Hvitserkur, this giant 15-metre high structure of Basalt that is believed to be a troll! Along with the views of Northern lights, you might actually believe it was a troll! Well, this is as close as it gets to a magical creature!

Best Time To Travel:

  • July - August

Activities To Do:

  • Hike up Hverfell
  • Visit Dettifoss, which is Europe's most powerful waterfall.
  • See the rock formation at Dimmuborgir.
  • Explore the Skutustadir pseudo craters

16. Santorini, Greece


The whitewashed building, beautiful sunsets, captivating panoramas and volcanic beaches? Enough said! Ladies and gentlemen time to pack your bags for a Greek holiday! The Island that now stands on the remains of one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in the history of humanity has loads of attractions for you to get engaged in.

Grab a bit have a look around, enjoy the sunset, head out to the beach and look for Atlantis? Just kidding. Atlantis is long lost, but the travelling soul inside you is not! Head out to this Greek beauty to have the best holiday of your life!

Best Time To Travel:

  • April – November

Activities To Do:

  • Hike from Fira to Oia
  • Jet Ski Tour to the Volcano
  • Santorini photography tour
  • Santorini kayak tour
  • Santorini winery tour
  • Walk the volcano

17. Zhangye Danxia, China


If some colourful geography and the history of the silk roads fascinate you go to Zhangye Danxia immediately. This series of Rocky Mountains is in the Zhangye National Geopark.

While a tour in the park full of mountains, my thrill very few, until you know their history of course! Explore the famous silk roads created centuries ago and live the moment as you see the majestically beautiful Rainbow Mountains.

Best Time To Travel:

  • June - September

Activities To Do:

  • Explore the Silk Road in China
  • Private hiking tour from Zhangye Danxia, China
  • Sight view of this incredible rainbow mountain

18. Marble Cave, Chile


Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all and for those who disagree, take your views and bet ready to burn it to the ground! On the border between Chile and Argentina, lies a lake is known as Lake General Carrera if you're on the Chilean side and Lake Buenos Aires if you're on the Argentinean side.

And this is where you will find the fabled marble cave. Carved by Nature to bring out its exquisite beauty, this place will bring shame to most of that modern art. Exquisite art and turquoise waters, what are you waiting for? Let the art tour begin!

Best Time To Travel:

  • April - June

Activities To Do:

  • Swimming in the stunning turquoise water
  • Panoramic view of the caves

19. Okavango Delta, Botswana


Seeing those Lions on National geography is enough no more! Time to get out in the wildlands of Botswana to walk among the animals. If you are an avid animal lover, the ecosystem here will not fail to amuse you, although petting everyone is probably a bad idea!

This is the best place to observe all the animals exclusive to Africa in their wildest habitat! Got the Lion King theme song playing through your head? Good! And in case you have always wondered what makes those national Geography photographers risk their lives for some pics, come out here to find out!

Best Time To Travel:

  • May - September

Activities To Do:

  • Observe the Moremi game reserve
  • Go to the Chief's Island
  • See Mboma Island
  • Visit paradise pools

20. Cinque Terre, Italy


Sometimes taking time off and relaxing is not a bad idea, and there's no better place than Cinque Terre for this. This colourful collection of five fishing villages is a perfect getaway from your busy, work-driven life. Hire a boat get into the sea and relax alongside the calming oceanic waves.

Maybe fish for a bit or learn to fish. And if you feel energized yet, go for a Cliff dive! Enjoy a platter of some of the freshest and finest seafood and watch the sunset into this beautiful place. See? Life is not so bad, after all.

Best Time To Travel:

  • mid-May – mid-September

Activities To Do:

  • Go for a swim and enjoy the panorama.
  • Grab some fried seafood.
  • Go for cliff jumping with the locals.
  • Watch the sunset from the harbour.

21. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


While all of us wonder what an actual fairy tale castle looks like, only a few ever get to see them. If fairy tales are what you grew up with, Neuschwanstein Castle is sure to impress you. Yes, that's right, you can see it! Even take a tour of it!

The inspiration for the famous Castle from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, the Neuschwanstein Castle of Germany sets very high standards even for fairy tale castles! Built-in the late 1800s for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, this majestic castle is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Have a drive round in a horse driven-carriage to get those fairy-tale vibes. Head out to Germany and live your fairy tale.

Best Time To Travel:

  • November - April

Activities To Do:

  • Riding horse-drawn carriage for travelling
  • Go to Marienbrucke Bridge for enjoying the natural scenario.
  • Visit Alpsee Lake behind the Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Enjoy the pretty green hills of Bavaria.

22. Havana, Cuba


No not the Camila Cabello song and definitely not the one with drugs and cartels! Enjoy the relaxing Cuban lifestyle with no worries as you drive through the iconic city of Havana, in a classic Cuban car!

Despite the image created in our minds through movies, this place is safe for travel. The endless blue sky, stretching over the city, coupled with the lax lifestyle and absolute safety, makes you slouch down and relax into the Cuban ways. The name says it all, heaven!

Best Time To Travel:

  • December - May

Activities To Do:

  • Take a classic car tour
  • Cocktails in Havana
  • Visit plaza of Havana
  • Walk around the Havana

Final words,

So, these were the 22 most beautiful places in the World for Travelling. The World is full of them, and while everyone might not agree, the beauty of travel is not in the place itself, it is in the journey and the traveller him/herself!

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