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19 Places To Visit In Pokhara


Are you planning to visit Pokhara? There're several awesome places to visit in Pokhara.

One in all, the foremost extraordinary and exquisite places within the world is Pokhara.

Well, Pokhara is settled at the peak of 884 meters and 203 kilometres to the west of the capital. The deeply non-secular land, resting on the type tour of the Annapurna vary, will encompass a singular cross-sectional of human cultures and natural habitats. It’s endowed flourishing plants and fleetly flowing stream.

The delightful town, Pokhara, is very far-famed for its charming beauty.

Many tourist’s couple native and outsiders explore there to get pleasure from the hypnotic glamour of environment and trekking around the vale.

Pokhara is, actually, a glory town wherever hurly-burly of the traveller to relish the absolutely great thing about the environment is extremely common. One explores to the current Heavenly City is bound to forge a charming result within the reminiscence of the guests endlessly.

19 Best Places To Visit in Pokhara

  1. Begnas Lake
  2. Rupa Lake
  3. Phewa Lake
  4. Sarangkot
  5. Devi’s Fall
  6. Mahendra Gupha
  7. Old Bazaar
  8. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
  9. Seti Gandaki River
  10. Gurkha Memorial Museum
  11. Santi Stupa
  12. Barahi Temple
  13. Annapurna Butterfly Museum
  14. Bindhya Basini Temple
  15. Tal Varahi Temple
  16. Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery
  17. Ghorepani Hill
  18. Tibetan Refugee Camp
  19. International Mountain Museum

Detail Information of Places in Pokhara 

1. Begnas Lake (2nd Major Lake of Pokhara)


At Kaski, Nepal; lies one in all the natural fresh lake called Begnas Tal. And, yes, several of the Nepalese would possibly have already got detected the name. It’s the second major lake amongst the eight of the lakes that are in Pokhara vale wherever Phewa Tal as the biggest amongst.

Begnas Tal is one in every one of the popular lakes in all over Pokhara city. For people who have already travelled to Pokhara may need already explored to the Begnas Tal. The lake is one in every one of the favourites of the tourists as we can see several tourists visiting here.

2. Rupa Lake (3rd Biggest Fresh Lake in Pokhara)


One of the fresh lakes that run within the Pokhara area is Rupa Lake. The lake from Kaski region is found at the Lekhnath Metropolitan Municipality of Pokhara. This lake is found within the southeast of the Pokhara positively has trapped the eyes of a traveller.

This lovely lake that's stretched out from north to the south is that the third highest lake in around the Pokhara vale and is commonly known as a twin to the second-highest lake. Rupa Lake greets the honest range of tourists each year; there ought to be additional promotion and conservation of the lake, so it still stays the same and exquisite within the returning years.

3. Phewa Lake (The Biggest Lake of Pokhara)


Phewa Tal is that the biggest lake within the Pokhara vale among the eight lakes and also the second-largest in Asia.

Most of us have explored Pokhara, in all probability haven't incomprehensible visiting the Phewa Tal. The foremost standard lake within the Pokhara vale may be a major tourist attracting site. Phewa Lake incorporates a nice potential within the commercial enterprise activities.

The lake that's placed in between the mountains provides an ideal reflection of Mt. Machhapuchhre and even Annapurna and Dhaulagiri too.

4. Sarangkot (The Best Place To Visit in Pokhara For Paragliding)


During your visit to Pokhara, you will surely be pleased with the picturesque beauty of Sarangkot, which makes the village a clear select for most of the traveller. It is also an imperative place for the one interested in paragliding.

This small village encloses its own natural prettiness. One of the finest things about this place is that it is situated in the periphery of the Pokhara city.

Also, you can find a possibility to check out and enjoy the view of the one of the most amazing Annapurna Himalayan assortment along with some other gorgeous mountain assortment.

5. Devi’s Fall (The Famous Tourist Spot in Pokhara)


Truly, Devi’s fall is magnificent fall which you may not have viewed earlier, the strange thing on this fall is that the initial point of this fall where Pardi Khola watercourse which ultimately disappears in the subversive. The most incredible thing about this place is that you can noticeably get the noise of the water which ultimately hit the fall. The flowing waterfall furtively appears and encounters the cave that makes this spot popular in Pokhara.

6. Mahendra Gupha


If you are a true Hindu supporter, you should not overlook the opportunity to explore Mahendra Gupha. The cave was coined in the Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. It consisted of different stalactites and stalagmites together with a sculpture of Lord Shiva, which is the main attraction for almost of visitors per year.

Also, you can explore to the Bat Cave, which situated just 10 minutes walk from Mahendra Gupha and is also one of the famous tourist attraction.

One more thing, it is better to avoid exploring here throughout monsoons so make plans throughout October.

7. Old Bazaar


The Old Bazaar allows you to see some mysterious pathway and courtyard which you may not have seen earlier. The brilliantly clad locals of Kathmandu assent you to get familiar with different Gurkha and Sherpa communities.

Here, you can shop for some fresh fruits vegetables, fruits, spices and striking goods made of brass, copper, and bronze. Also, visit some temples and holy places which make your Old Bazaar worthy.

8. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave


Well, caves always have been strange but the inquisitive thing regarding this Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. This is that it appears with a religious curved as well.

One of the great stalagmites is regularly worshipped as Shiva Lingam. The serene feeling of the cave will certainly calm your mind and will allow you to introspect a fewer piece.

Amongst the normal busy places, it is an ideal place to enjoy some pleasant time. If you have planned to explore this place, it is better to carry a torch as this place remains generally dark.

9. Seti Gandaki River


If you love to trek, then you must not overlook the opportunity to take immerse into the Seti Gandaki River. Also, you can take pleasure in the picturesque sight of the community of Jhijirka where you can also visit small guest houses which are under a building. The Seti Gandaki River connects the Trisuli River where you can enjoy hiking and travel around.

10. Gurkha Memorial Museum


The remarkable Gurkha Memorial Museum reveals about the part of the Gurkha soldiers who afterwards connected to the Indian army. The museums will certainly leave you amazed as you can view the Gurkha uniforms which are shown in the museum. You can also see the courageous medal which they won in the earlier period.

Also, you can see the service Khukri, which is the customary Gurkha knife utilized throughout the war times. Keep in mind; you can visit the museum from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

11. Santi Stupa


Pokhara Shanti Stupa is a Pagoda-style shrine Buddhist monument which is situated on the hill at the summit of Ananda hill. It would help if you walked till the top to find the stunning appearance of the place. This hike makes your journey enjoyable with the complete sight of Phewa Lake and several huge mountains as well.

12. Barahi Temple


Your visit to Pokhara will surely get incomplete without exploring to Barahi temple, which is very wonderfully located on the Phewa Lake. Also, it is the spot where divinities are devotedly worshipped by the inhabitants who travel to this temple.

You can also take up in gorgeous panorama, which makes you experience that Nepal has a lot to present. Yes, you will surely enjoy the great silence of the place. You can look for or hire the boat and arrive at this temple as well.

13. Annapurna Butterfly Museum


You must be keen to catch the butterflies, right?

Well, if you love to catch a butterfly when you were young, then Nepal is land to view carious pretty butterfly with beautiful colour. Annapurna butterfly museum consists of an extensive range of Butterflies which will please you with a broad assortment of information.

14. Bindhya Basini Temple


Bindhya Basini is one of the leading Shaktipiths of western Nepal, and all the ceremonies are severely followed according to the Hindu traditions. In the peaceful and calm waters of the lake of Pokhara, you can explore this gorgeous Bindhya Basini Temple. It is one of the oldest temples located in Nepal with the statue of Goddess Bhagwati. While visiting this temple, you can also enjoy an incredible boat ride along with the amazing sight of the Himalayas.

15. Tal Varahi Temple


Tal Varahi another tourist attraction of notable significance in Pokhara. This place is surrounded by the lake adding lots of refinement to this most renowned Hindu temple in Pokhara. Established in the 18th century, it is devoted to Lord Vishnu in his hog personification. Tal Varahi temple has been broadly modernized more than the years, and so the pigeons have determined to make it their enduring shelter.

16. Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery


It is a pleasure to take some time to visit Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery. It is one of the best holy places in Nepal, and you can use up some time in calm a harmony which is about to leave you truthfully pleased. It is the ideal way to understanding Tibetan approach and traditions which is going to leave you really pleased.

17. Trek To Ghorepani Hill


Trek to Ghorepani Hill gives you the striking sights of the Annapurna assortment. Here, you can enjoy eating energetic meals throughout this initial trekking. Yes, the refreshing clean mountains and the engrossing natural beauty of spectacular Annapurna assortment can direct a feeling on your mind.

18. International Mountain Museum


If you are willing to get deep inside the history of mountains and other climbing actions, the best thing would be to take a glance at the International Mountain Museum. This museum consists of some of the significant things associated with mountains. You can also view some of the concealed secrecy about Mt Everest.

19. Tibetan Refugee Camp


If you reside in Pokhara, then you can’t overlook the opportunity to visit the Tibetan refugee camp. This place is wonderfully decorated with prayer flags which improve the splendour of the spot. It consists of the house for several monks, and as a result, you can listen to the monks chanting their payers.

The Final Touch,

These are some of the top places to visit in Pokhara. If you are searching for some appealing spots to explore in Pokhara, then you can proceed to the International Mountain Museum which sets as a demonstration to the gorgeous peaks which is placed fairly regally in Nepal. For more details about Pokhara, please feel free to contact us anytime you desire.

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