Top Rated Attractions & Places To Visit in Far West Region, Nepal

Dec 01 . 2020

Residing in the Western end of Nepal, the Far-Western region has two zones, namely, Mahakali and Seti and has its headquarter in Dipayal. Nepal’s Far- Western region has to offer diverse landscape, wildlife, spiritual well as cultural heritage. Each path around this region soaks in the wilderness and natural charm. 

For an exhilarating adventure to remote villages and exciting trails for a magical experience across the far-western part of Nepal, find out our list below:

List of Places To Visit in Far Western Nepal

  1. Khaptad National Park 
  2. Api Nampa Conservation Area
  3. Shukla Panta National Park 
  4. Ramaroshan Area 
  5. Ghodaghodi Lake
  6. Surmasarowar Lake
  7. Mohana Bird Watch 
  8. Badhimalika Temple 

Detail Information of Places To Visit in Far West Region, Nepal

1. Khaptad National Park 

Rich in lush green forests, hills, streams, moorland and landscapes, the Khaptad National park adorns Far West Nepal. It is among the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal. Khaptad National Park covers 225 kilometres square area. 

The main attraction of this place is its hilly grasslands on a plateau. People call it Patan; it lies at an elevation of 3000 meters. While ascending on the steep hills, a cool breeze coming from the Himalayas blows through your hair. 

Early in the morning, you notice the morning haze rising above the meadows and trees, unveiling a mesmerizing panorama. 

Ever since Khaptad National Park came to be in 1984, the quantity of plants and animals species grew. The land is home to wild boar, musk deers, porcupines, and birds namely Kalij, Danphe, Chyakhra and Titra. 

You may savour the peaceful atmosphere and the aura of the jungles which foster green herbs and a variety of vegetation. The sound of singing birds fills the silence, and it is magical.  

2. Api Nampa Conservation Area

The first conservation areas in Nepal, Api Nampa preserves nature in all its essence and is a great place to explore the culture of Far-West Nepal. Api Nampa conservation area takes its name after Mount Nampa which stands tall at the height of 6757 meters. And, it goes after Mount Api at an altitude of 7132 meters. Where these two peaks stand, in between is a big grassland with tall pine trees, oak, along with the temperate deciduous forest. 

Api Nampa Conservation area has varying climatic conditions and diverse altitudes across the region. It helps the sustenance of different kinds of endangered and rare plants and animals. Musk deer and snow leopard are part of the wildlife. This conservation area is a blessing to nature. 

The local people succumb to their traditional way of life. People’s occupation in local communities involves farming, artisan production and mustering plants of medicinal and other values. 

The Byash community lead a nomadic lifestyle. They live in these grasslands at high elevation during summer and return to the lower valley, Darchula in winter. You will certainly get a fresh outlook on people and the world with your visit to the Far-West region and Api Nampa conservation area. Api Nampa is among the top-rated and best places to visit in the Far West region of Nepal. 

3. Shukla Panta National Park 

In Nepal, people call the open grasslands “Phanta”. Shukla Phanta National Park received its name because it is a vast grassland. This panoramic national park lies in Far western Terai and is among the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal. 

Shukla Panta National Park is home to a large number of Swamp deer. Around two thousand swamp deers live there. The population is the biggest in Nepal and even Asia. Other species that live here include wild elephants, rhinos, tigers, crocodiles, and beautiful migratory birds. 

Before Shukla Panta National park became a protected region, the ancient kings would hunt animals here. To this date, the complete exploration of this place is not there because of its large area. 

Zoologists and researchers come to explore this national park more than tourists do. Just two kilometres ahead of this park stands among the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in Far West in Nepal. It is the Dodhara Chandani Suspension bridge. 

Dodhara Chandani Suspension bridge has an area of 1460 meters. This bridge is the longest of its kind in the whole Asian region. The villages, namely Chandani and Dodhara, connect with the help of this big bridge. The Mahakali river separates them. You can relish the view from the deck; green terrain and the raging Mahakali river add beauty to the surrounding. 

4. Ramaroshan Area 

Ramaroshan area is in Achham district. The elevation of this area varies between 2050 meters to 3792 meters. The weather around the Ramaroshan area is everchanging, and the places have different types of ecology because of it. 

Ramaroshan area is one of the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal because it has twelve lakes and eighteen meadows. Different flora and fauna live here. You may witness the tigers, wild boars and bears on your visit to this region. 

As much as the Ramaroshan area is an original site, it is significant as a religious place as well. People believe that Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati spent some time here after they married. 

5. Ghodaghodi Lake 

The Ghodaghodi lake is one of the largest lakes around the Far Western region of Nepal. It resides near the western highway connecting to Kailali. Sukhan town is near it. The wetland shelters a wide range of flora and fauna. 

The march protects different species of birds and mammals. The unique ecosystem protects twenty-three species of flora. Every year, a large number of tourists come to explore Ghodaghodi Lake. 

The hotels and travel agencies provide a guided tour of this popular marshland. And you could avail of boating services if you want. Over the years, this place is getting popularity among biodiversity students, researchers and even couples looking for a home for a honeymoon. 

6. Surmasarowar Lake 

Adorning the Bajhang district, Surmasarowar is at the height of 4300 meters. The lake is of historical and natural significance. People find the environment surrounding this lake serene and therapeutic too. This lake is one of the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal.

People believe that lake water can cure ailments of the skin. Also, there is a myth that dip in the lake please the Devi Surma. She grants you your wishes. 

Surmasarowar lake is a great place to be, and the trail that leads you to this lake is a treat to your mind and body. 

At the end of July each year, the locals celebrate a grand festival named Birijaat. Pilgrims come to the lake for a ritual bath on occasion. 

7. Mohana Bird Watch 

About 1.7 kilometres west of the city, DHhangadhi is the Mohana river corridor. This river preserves one hundred eleven migratory and resident birds, so it makes a beautiful place for bird watching and one of the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal. 

Also, there are five species of amphibians and reptiles, including the Burmese rock python, golden monitor lizard, Indian flap shell turtle, and the elongated tortoise. Mall from twelve species lives here. 

For people who love birds and animals, this place is a delight for your eyes and one of the top-rated places to visit in the Far West region in Nepal. 

8. Badhimalika Temple 

Badhimalika temple is a famous temple that lies in the Bajura district of the Far West region of Nepal. 

The main annual festivals here is the Malika Chaturdashi. Two priests serve this temple; one priest is from the Kalikot district and the other from Bajura. It is one of the top-rated attractions and best places to visit in the Far west region in Nepal.  

In the Bhadra month, locals observe a fair around the temple premise. Devoted pilgrims arrive from different parts of India and Nepal wishing for the fulfilment of their hearts’ desires. Janai Purnima & Ganga Dashara are two occasions people observe here besides fairs at Badhimalika Temple.

Now you know the best destinations you can travel to around the Far Western region of Nepal. Contact us for a beautiful trip around Nepal. 

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