What Is The Best Time To Trek Mount Everest Base Camp?

Nov 19 . 2020, Hop Nepal

Overview Trekking Season/Month Of Everest Base Camp

Are you planning for Everest base camp trek? So, you must be looking for the best time to trek Mount Everest Base camp, Right? Yes, this is one of the frequently asked questions by most of the travel devotee, anywhere they travel via our itinerary and services.

In fact, the question is authentic since most of the climbers and trekkers are frequently confused. But in the meantime, they are excited about trekking to the largest peak of the world, the elegant Mt. Everest.

Almost every best climber of the world have been throughout the area of Mount Everest Base Camp and the environment. Despite everything, it is one of the most impressive voyages of the Khumbu area and the Sagarmatha National Park that attains equal to 5545 meters.

Up to now, even the knowledgeable climbers and trekkers have experienced a difficult time to decide on the ideal time for trekking to Everest Base Camp as the climate here in the peak is disreputably hard to guess.

So, if you are the one looking for a suitable time to trek Mount Everest Base Camp, I am here to help you. I will be listing all the appropriate season, follow me till the end.

Which Is The Best Month/Season To Trek Everest Base Camp?

The suitable time of the year to trek Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is between February to May and October to December. This is the season when the climate is most suitable to trek.

Even if you wish for a minimum crowd and adore being obliged the trekking region by your won, you can find options as well.

Group Trek Adventures Shared Together

1. Spring Season: Best Time To Trek Mount Everest Base Camp

Most of the queries about trek to the Everest Base Camp during spring have become much common query. This period is also recognized as a major trekking month as the climate is not as cold as during the winters.

Spring Trek: Blossoms on Trails

And this is the instance when you can get the option to look for the noteworthy striking and exceptional species of birds and animals. Majority of trekkers decide on the time starting from April-May to pass over the Everest Base Camp. It is also a suitable time for them to ascend the magnificent peak. So, spring is the best time to trek Everest Base Camp.

2. Trekking Everest in Winter Season

If you wish you can also trek during the winter but make sure you are ready for the challenges that come across the way. From December-March is known as the winter trekking. Throughout this time of the year, you will see a massive change in the peaks with colder temperature and heavy snowfalls.

It is warm just during the daytime with minimum sunlight and the night is cold. This is totally not the perfect time for trekking to the Everest Base Camp, but most of the trekkers love this challenge and decide to trek throughout this time.

Winter Trek Snowy Adventure Awaits

Leaving the coldest temperatures beside, the ideal thing regarding this period is the clear sky and the stunning sight of the peak. However, make sure to take security safety measures and advice before deciding on a trek.

3. Trekking Everest in Monsoon Season

The period from the middle of June to August is measured as one of the awful seasons to trek to the Everest Base Camp since the trekking is absolutely exaggerated by rain.

The rainy season is expected to take over the topography standard raining every day, and the weather is likely to be cloudy approximately every day.

Monsoon Trek Rainforest's Green World

Monsoons are not a suitable time for trekkers; the clouds and the fog may dissatisfy you. But an intensely sunny day following the fog can absolutely inform your voyage.

Please share with us about your plan for Everest Base Camp or everything you want to know about Everest Base Camp Trekking. We are always available to solve your query and plan a trip with an easy itinerary that meets your desired requirements.

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