5 Most Challenging Trekking Destination In Nepal

Nov 20 . 2020,Omi Karki

Overview Challenging Trekking Destination Of Nepal

Different types of Travelers around the globe explore Nepal for a better holiday experience of the Himalayas. And, if you include one of those trekkers with a desire to analyze your level of courage, Nepal is the perfect destination for you.

Mountain assortments mainly bound Nepal. It is popular for its assorted series of trekking point from the most basic and comforting one to the most energetic one.

List Of Famous Challenging Trekking Destination In Nepal:

1. Manaslu Trek (Determined Trekking Destination in Nepal)

Manaslu Trek Himalayan Adventures Await

Manaslu circuit trek is categorized as one of the most determined trekking destinations of Nepal. Ten of the peak more than 6500m be in this area. One of them includes Mt. Manaslu, famous as the 8th highest peak in the Globe. You may not find anywhere on earth like the sight of this peak like that from this trekking way.

The most challenging part of this trekking is the Larke-La pass of more than 5,100 m. You cross this route to arrive at the upper Manaslu part next to Tibet, a constrained trekking region recognized for its well-preserved culture.

It was a constrained area till 1991 and is yet a precise trekking destination. One would need a distinct authorization for trekking in this area. As Manaslu understands some visitors each year, the route is less compressed with trekking in Manaslu an exclusive experience.

2. Makalu Base Camp (Remarkable Trekking Destination)

Makalu Base Camp Alpine Splendor

Makalu Base camp is a remarkable trekking destination in Nepal all the way towards the Base camp of the 5th largest peak in the globe that is Mt. Malaku. It is situated at the height of 5,150 m. It is the entrance towards some of the most isolated spots in Nepal. As Malaku is an isolated part, it is full of tea houses. So, you can enjoy camping during this trek.

Makalu base camp is isolated due to its natural assortment is well conserved. It is amusing in the natural world. It is stimulating and tough, but the sight that is found from this trek totally balances it. It is one of the best sight points of Mt. Everest, Mt Malaku and Mt Kanchenjunga. Anyone with an appropriate body and flourish for the journey will unconditionally admire the trek.

3. Kanchenjunga Trek (Rural Nepal Trekking Destination)

Kanchenjunga Trek Himalayan Splendor Explored

Established in 1998 for foreign trekkers, Kanchenjunga trekking destination towards rural Nepal. It makes your journey enjoyable towards the nearest sight of the 3rd highest peak in the globe called Mt Kanchenjunga.

The journey is near the Himalayan range nearby Tibet and Sikkim. The prospect to travel and learn from a rare and explicit culture is a plus point of this trek. The part is less crowded with dispersed settlements. You are likely to get a various variety of improved extending from compactly green jungle to snow enclosed glacier cliffs.

4. Everest Base Camp (Adventurous Trekking Destination in Nepal )

Everest Base Camp Summit Dreams

Amongst different paths, Everest Base camp trekking is specially planned for adventurous trekkers. Everest base camp is located at an altitude of 5,340 m. Yet, some trekkers look for a higher height and ascend to a height of 5,545 m to Kalapathar in the south flank of Mt. Pumori (7,145 m) and Gokyo Ri (5,350 m) nearby Gokyo for a histrionic sight of Everest.

Most of the challenging high paths that should be crossed during this trekking are Renjo La, Chola la, and Kongma La. It will be bit determined if you have previous experiences in other trekking ways earlier you attend this one. You should make sure the range of height to which your body can adjust to.

The height is very high and the air, even thinner. Everest base camp trek recognizes as the most challenging trekking destination in Nepal.

5. Langtang-Ganja Pass Trek (Stressfree Trekking Destination)

Langtang Nature's Tranquil Escape

Langtang is an isolated gorge which dwells the Tamang persons recognized for their friendliness. This region gets very few trekkers due to its struggle level. You would need some climbing knowledge and gear to trek in this area.

Langtang-Ganja Pass trek is an ideal way to travel the Tibetan ethos, Tamang Communities, high mountain-meadow, remarkable close-up sights of the surrounding mountains and glaciers of Langtang Lirung, Kimshung, Langshisha Ri, and wonderful sights of Ganesh Himal, DorjeLakpa, Yala peak, Naya Kanga, and Gaurishanker. Generally, this trekking destination in Nepal gives a delightful experience for both mind and body.

The Final Touch,

The trekking destination in Nepal listed above is just a few of the many other challenging trekking ways. The challenging every route comes up with a complete sense of balance. And the sense you will get when you have occupied one of these tough treks.