The Annapurna Circuit Trek: Why is This Tea-House Trek in Nepal So Exciting?

The Annapurna Circuit Trek: Why is This Tea-House Trek in Nepal So Exciting?

Dec 03 . 2021

Annapurna Circuit Trip, sometimes known as the 'Classic Himalayan Trek,' is in central Nepal's Annapurna Mountain range. The entire trekking experience here is riveting, thanks to the magnificent vistas, ever-changing scenery, hospitality, and other visitors.

This journey offers breathtaking views of Annapurna (8,097), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Lamjung, Manaslu (8,163m), Machhapuchhre (6,993m), Tukuche peak (6,920m), and other peaks.

The trip typically lasts 10-15 days for the shorter version or 18-21 days for the more extended version, depending on where you begin and complete your adventure. The distance ranges between 160 and 230 kilometres, depending on where the motorized conveyance was used and the walk finished.

The track of the journey, which is frequently recognized as the most exemplary long-distance trek globally, traverses across a varied environment with various climate zones. It winds past numerous lush terrace cultivated fields into subtropical woods with waterfalls, rocks, and frigid alpine peaks.

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Caption: Annapurna Circuit Trek

The shifting environment also promotes cultural diversity, as the lowlands are dominated by Hindu cultured inhabitants, whilst sophisticated Buddhist individuals dominate the highlands. Thus, no matter how appealing it may seem to put on your trekking shoes and head out, you must come prepared for all of the many weather and obstacles that this walk offers.

Highlights of the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Here are a few highlights from the Annapurna Circuit Trek:

  • The trek's highest point is 5,416m across Thorong La pass.
  • You may dive into the Kali Gandaki, one of the world's deepest canyons.
  • The journey must be avoided during the monsoon season and the harsh winter.
  • This walk will satisfy your need for adventure and sightseeing.
  • The cost of the Annapurna Circuit Walk varies depending on the trek length.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Length

The Annapurna Circuit trek typically lasts between 10-15 days for the shorter version from Chame to Jomsom and 18-21 days, depending on where you begin and conclude your expedition. The length is around 160-230 kilometres. Here are various routes you may follow on the 10-day Annapurna Circuit Trek.

  • Besisahar to Nayapul (the entire journey) - 18 to 21 days
  • Besisahar to Birenthanti journey time is around 17 days.
  • Besisahar to Tatopani (bus and jeep to Pokhara) takes 15 days.
  • Besisahar to Jomsom (after fly or jeep to Pokhara) - 13 days.
  • 12 days from Jagat to Tatopani

Route To Take

The Annapurna Circuit Trek begins at Besisahar or Bhulbhule in the Marsyangdi River Valley and ends at the Kali Gandaki Gorge. The trip crosses two river basins and surrounds the Annapurna Massif culminates at Thorung La Pass.

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Caption: Thorong la Pass (5,416m)

Almost the entire journey is downhill. Muktinath and Marpha will be crucial stops. You may pay a visit to the sacred Muktinath temple and sample the apple wine (local Marpha).

Best Time to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Nepal's monsoon season lasts from June to September, when the rivers flood and most pathways are prone to landslides. This is the one period when the Annapurna Circuit Trek should be avoided. The end of September delivers a beautiful sky and a sense of freshness, making it one of the most fantastic times to trek Annapurna.

The walk is also doable in the winter, but snow frequently covers the Thorong La pass, forcing delays or detours. If you wish to trek in a warmer environment, Spring (Feb-mid Nov) is ideal because of the lovely rhododendrons that blossom.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

The Annapurna journey is quite affordable when compared to the experiences it provides. Though the climb may be a little taxing on your body, you may find walkabout luckily gently in case of your wallet. $700-1000 will pay practically all of the food, housing, and permits for a solitary trekker.

In terms of food, $20 per person per day should be sufficient to cover three meals each day, as well as some snacks to nibble on and energy bars or a mix that may be regarded as a requirement. With an increase in altitude and the sort of spender you are, the rates may soar to $30-40 per person each day.

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Caption: Annapurna Circuit Trek, Thorong la pass

Keep in mind that you won't be able to access an ATM until you reach Jomsom, so bring some additional Nepalese cash with you before starting the journey and keep the amount secure with you at all times. Foreigners must also get a TIMS permit (trekker registration), costing roughly $20.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek vs Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna circuit base camp walk takes you directly to the base camp. Unlike the circuit, the Annapurna base camp trip lasts 4-7 days and takes you up close to the Himalayas. You will spend time in the Annapurna Sanctuary, an unforgettable experience. The trek's highest point is 4,200 meters.

The Annapurna Circuit walk offers far more diversified landscapes, communities, and hands-on encounter with the people and their way of life. Thorong La pass, at 5,416 meters, is the highest point of this 10- to 21-day trip.

Is the Annapurna Trek Suitable for Everyone?

Except for the walk duration and that one long day of crossing the Thorong La pass, there is nothing particularly strenuous in terms of fitness. However, the Annapurna Circuit Trek is not for everyone, and if you intend to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek without a guide, you should keep all of this in mind.

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Caption: Annapurna Circuit Trek

Here are some dos and don'ts to help you understand who it's for.

  • If you're out of breath while racing for the bus, don't attempt the Annapurna Circuit. Don't go on a long journey if you've never done it before. There are certainly people who have done it and are OK, but you will require a substantial degree of fitness.
  • Begin with trekking and shorter journeys if you like comfort. You'll be staying at tea houses for most of your trip. Although these tea shops provide electricity and other necessities, they are often simple.
  • If you're impatient, immerse yourself in the local culture and food (usually rice and lentils) and cover yourself in your sleeping bag. As you climb, your speed slows, followed by a few hiking jams. Annapurna is a challenging trek that takes patience and stamina.

If you want to experience a great combination of hiking and incredible culture, hike the Annapurna Circuit. You will learn about the Himalayan way of life from the people you encounter, from porters to teahouse proprietors, who are all highly knowledgeable.

The Annapurna Trek is strenuous in length. You must be psychologically prepared for a journey of seven hours each day for 18-20 days if you plan on trekking. You put on your hiking boots and start walking. While the activities may be constant, the scenery does not. The splendour of nature will astound you.


It is feasible to complete the hike on your own. Going with a small group of people and adding a trip guide to your Annapurna Circuit trek cost is a more affordable choice.

The firm will breathe new vitality into the culture, scenery, and overall experience. Furthermore, knowing how to access multiple routes and deal with altitude concerns can make you feel safer. If you are planning a long vacation to Nepal, make sure to include this trekking adventure in your itinerary.

FAQ Regarding the Annapurna Circuit Trek

How long does the Annapurna Circuit walk take?

This journey takes between 8 and 25 days to accomplish, depending on your itinerary and experience.

Is the Annapurna Circuit risky?

No, it is not risky in that sense. Because this is a tea-house journey, there will be several tea houses and places to stay along the way. Because this walk is widespread, the area is not entirely secluded. However, if one is not adequately acclimatized, one may suffer from altitude diseases like AMS.

What is the cost of the Annapurna Circuit?

Depending on the time and trek operator you pick, the Annapurna Circuit Trip will cost you between INR 10,000 and INR 15,000.