Best Places to Experience The Night Life in Pokhara

Best Places to Experience The Night Life in Pokhara

Sep 28 . 2021

Pokhara, Nepal, is hardly the most exciting city on the planet, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a night in this gorgeous, laid-back little town in the lap of the towering snow-covered Himalayas.

Even inexperienced travellers know that Pokhara is the place to be while in Nepal. Pokhara offers you the finest of both nature and nightlife, and a night spent here is a night well spent.

Best Places to Experience Nightlife in Pokhara

Here is a list of the top ten finest locations to visit in Pokhara to learn everything there is to know about Nepali culture and tourism and what makes it so unique. So, read through and make a list of all the clubs you'd like to visit on your next trip.

#1. All That Jazz

The name of the location is self-explanatory of the primary attraction of this location. It is the only location in Pokhara that offers live jazz music with a roster of international performers. 

All that Jazz is one of the rare establishments that offer international and Nepali liquor brands to its clients. Even if you like cocktails, the bar offers a good selection of them to pick from.

#2. Busy Bee Cafe

Busy Bee is one of the most popular locations in Pokhara, and it is also one of the few places that stays open till 2 a.m. Busy Bee provides two types of seating: either in the outdoor area, where you can experience the street vibes of Pokhara or inside, where live music and dance performances take place all the time. 

Because it is popular with international travellers, the pub is also an excellent spot to make new tourist acquaintances.

#3. Club Nasha

Pokhara has a plethora of dance clubs, the most prominent of which being Club Nasha. Local Nepali bands, Bollywood songs, and the best international music collection can all be found here. Club Nasha is well-known for its musical tastes and is popular among international travellers.

#4. Old Blues Bar

This bar has been entertaining visitors from all over the world since 1978; it is physically old, yet it is still popular with tourists. Over the years, this venue has hosted numerous local and international musicians. 

If you're a musician, don't be afraid to take the stage and make the night your own. The establishment is a little old by Pokhara standards, but it's still as active as ever, so go with your friends and enjoy some old school blues.

#5. Movie Garden

Movie Garden, a refreshing change from the modern nightlife trend, provides a relaxing night beneath the stars while viewing a movie in an open-air Amphitheatre with your loved ones. 

While sitting in your seats, you may purchase various pizzas, popcorn, beer, and drinks. Every evening at 7 p.m., movie screenings begin and cost around INR 200 to attend. According to the timetable, a different movie is shown each day.

#6. Ozone Premier Club

Ozone Premium Club, another of Pokhara's Lakeside nightclubs, provides various concerts such as Hip-Hop, Trance, Reggae, and Retro to keep you swaying all night. 

Although the club charges an admission price of around INR 670, considering the ambience and the level of services provided, the money will seem reasonable at the night's end.

#7. The Irish Pub

Have you ever gone to an Irish pub with a relaxed and relaxing ambience that tells you to take a break and sit back and enjoy the night? 

Like every real Irish bar, this one may appear a little boring at first, but if you seek peace, sports, and excellent Irish booze, here is the place to be.

#8. Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto, a unique Pizzeria by day and a lively bar by night, offer mouthwatering pizzas, pasta, and salads.

It attracts all kinds of foodies worldwide, from those who want to have a drink to those who want to spend the night by the fire while listening to Jazz, and those who want a cup of coffee, sandwiches and read newspapers.

#9. Paradiso Sports Bar and Grill

Nothing has changed here save the name, which was once and more widely known as Club Amsterdam. You may watch everything from football events to F1 races on the big screen, or you can see local rock bands play in all their splendour while smoking Hookah and drinking exceptional beverages and eating delicious cuisine.

#10. OR2K

The world will never be one without inclusivity; therefore, here is a vegan restaurant for vegans. OR2K is a vegan restaurant in an outstanding location. You can see the surrounding Himalayas and the Phewa Lake while eating the many cuisines provided while watching your favourite movie being played at the restaurant.


Pokhara, a hilly town, is a fantastic destination for couples and visitors to escape their stressful lives. A tiny laid-back party hungry spot buzzing with people from all over the world, with one of the kindest people in the world as hosts, it's the ideal location to unwind and de-stress.