Dhampus Village In Kaski District

Dhampus Village In Kaski District

Apr 12 . 2022

The Nepalese town of Dhampus (1,650 m) is located north of the Pokhara valley, with stunning vistas of golden rice terraces and majestic mountains. Hiking to this settlement provides breathtaking views of the mountains, nature, landscape, and breathtaking landscapes. The village of Dhampus attracts various migrating birds, making it a popular seasonal bird-watching destination.

Dhampus village in Nepal is home to the Gurungs. Tourists generally stay here as a rest stop when trekking in Nepal's Annapurna region. The movement of people, or tourism, is the primary source of revenue for the locals.

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Caption: Dhampus Village

Dhampus hiking is ideal for short vacations and those in Pokhara looking for an overnight hike close to the city. This trekking route is good since Dhampus Hill is one of Nepal's top overlooks in the Annapurna range. One may also enjoy a great view of Pokhara from Dhampus, and the scenery gets much more spectacular when the sunsets.

Hiking To Dhampus Village

The journey to Dhampus village is one of the top things to do in Nepal's Pokhara. The hike starts in Phedi village, about a 30-minute drive from the beautiful lakeside of Pokhara valley, and goes uphill. As you climb higher, you'll be able to witness breathtaking panoramic views and breathtaking scenery.

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To get to Dhampus, you'll have to leave the lush foliage of the jungle and take a short journey. Excellent views of the massive Mt. Machhapuchhare and the Annapurna Himalayan Range are available. Machhapuchre, also known as fishtail mountain (6,991m), is shaped like a fish's tail.

Beauty Of Dhampus Village

The community is beautiful and fantastic and provides the ultimate tranquillity in a Himalayan setting. Dhampus village is an ideal location for an overnight hike that includes a village tour and the best sunrise in the morning.

This region also provides views of the Pokhara valley and its natural attractions, such as Phewa Lake and the World Peace Stupa. Sarangkot is another famous site for viewing the dawn and sunset above Annapurna Mountain's magnificent horizon. The breathtaking vistas of the Annapurna Himalayan range are well-known from this elevation. Pokhara is appealing and offers a variety of exciting activities.

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Caption: Beauty of Dhampus Village

It is well-known as Nepal's adventure capital for a reason. The Gurungs are a mid-hills tribe who live in this area. The Gurungs are Gorkha troops who serve in the Indian, British, and Nepalese armies. In the communities on the outskirts, farming is the principal occupation. However, as tourism grows in popularity, touristic activities are increasingly becoming a source of income in these areas.

Sarangkot is also known for paragliding, which allows you to glide like a bird while experiencing the valley's breathtaking scenery. This hike provides a fantastic flavour of Nepal hiking by providing outstanding landscapes around the Himalayan range. A short stroll on the edges of Pokhara valley will allow you to see a typical Nepali hamlet.

Our guide will assist you with making vehicle and hotel reservations. This is not only a mountain hike but also a learning experience that is inspirational, magnificent, and once in a lifetime. Everything you see and do in Dhampus is worth it. Try local eateries and restaurants, talk to the locals, and listen to their stories about the mountains.

Another significant aspect of hiking in Nepal's Dhampus village is the inhabitants' hospitality in the surrounding environment. To have a better understanding of the area, seek out local experiences. Stay in one of the local homestays and sample the local food to get the most out of your visit to Nepal's villages.

Even though the Dhampus village gets many tourists each year, it remains unspoiled by human intervention. It hasn't lost its enchantment. As a result, Dhampus village is the best hiking spot in the Pokhara valley.