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Experience Nepal like a local: Discover the 10 best homestays for an authentic and immersive stay

Feb 09 . 2024,Omi Karki

Nepal is a country that is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. While there are many ways to explore this beautiful country, staying in a homestay is one of the best ways to experience the local culture and immerse yourself in the people's daily lives.

Homestays offer visitors a chance to interact with local families, participate in their daily activities, and learn about their customs and traditions.

If you are looking for an authentic and immersive experience in Nepal, then you should consider staying in a homestay.

In this article, we will go through the 10 best homestays in Nepal that will give you a memorable experience.

From the Annapurna Eco-Village Homestay in the Kaski district to the Tharu Homestay in Chitwan, we will highlight the best options for visitors who want to experience Nepal like a local.

So, pack your bags and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!

Importance of Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is an industry that significantly impacts local communities and the environment. While it can bring economic benefits and support local businesses, it can also negatively impact the environment and cultural heritage. As travellers, we minimize our impact and promote sustainable tourism practices.

The negative impacts of tourism can include overuse of natural resources, pollution and cultural degradation. For example, uncontrolled tourist facilities and infrastructure development can lead to deforestation and erosion, devastatingly impacting the natural ecosystem.

In addition, tourism can also have a negative impact on local communities, such as displacing indigenous people, altering traditional ways of life, and exploiting local resources.

On the other hand, sustainable tourism practices can support local communities and protect the environment.

Sustainable tourism is defined as tourism that is socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible and sustainable. It is a way to preserve natural resources, support local communities and protect cultural heritage.

Homestays are a perfect example of sustainable tourism practice. They allow travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture and support local communities.

Homestays are accommodations where travellers can stay with local families, eat local food, and participate in local activities.

They are often run by families who have converted their homes into guesthouses, providing a unique chance for visitors to experience life in their way.

Homestays support local communities by providing income for local families, supporting small businesses, and promoting the preservation of cultural heritage.

In addition, they often have a smaller environmental footprint than large tourist resorts, as they are typically run by local families who are more invested in protecting their environment and natural resources.

Sustainable tourism practices like homestays can positively impact the environment and local communities. They promote responsible travel and help to preserve natural resources and cultural heritage.

As travellers, we are responsible for supporting sustainable tourism practices and protecting the destinations we visit.

By choosing sustainable tourism practices, we can help ensure that our travels positively impact the world around us.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Homestays in Nepal

When selecting the top homestays in Nepal, several measures must be considered. These criteria ensure that the homestays are authentic and sustainable and positively impact the local community.

By selecting homestays that meet these criteria, travellers can have a truly immersive and responsible travel experience.

1.  Proximity to Tourist Attractions and Activities

While proximity to tourist attractions and activities is essential, it should not be the sole criterion for selecting a homestay. Ensuring the homestay meets other measures, such as sustainability and authenticity, is vital.

A homestay that is located in a quiet and scenic location can provide a more authentic and immersive experience while still being accessible to popular tourist attractions.

2.  Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential criteria when selecting a homestay. A clean and well-maintained homestay ensures a comfortable and healthy stay for travellers.

Sustainable homestays may use eco-friendly cleaning products and implement waste reduction and management practices to minimize their environmental impact.

3.  Comfort and Amenities

Comfort and amenities are also critical criteria for selecting a homestay. A homestay that provides comfortable beds, hot showers, and other basic amenities ensures travellers have a comfortable stay.

Sustainable homestays may also provide amenities that promote eco-friendliness, such as solar-powered lighting and heating.

4.  Cultural Authenticity and Immersion

Cultural authenticity and immersion are essential criteria for selecting a homestay. An authentic homestay allows travellers to experience the local culture and way of life.

Homestays that provide local cuisine, traditional activities, and opportunities to interact with local people offer an immersive cultural experience.

Sustainable homestays may also promote the preservation of cultural heritage and support local cultural initiatives.

5.  Positive Guest Reviews

Positive guest reviews are an essential criterion for selecting a homestay. Guest reviews provide insights into the quality of service, amenities, and cultural experience the homestay offers.

Sustainable homestays prioritizing authenticity, sustainability and local impact are more likely to receive positive guest reviews.

Top 10 Homestays in Nepal

1.  Namaste Homestay

Welcome to Kathmandu, the cultural heart of Nepal! As a traveller, one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life is by staying with a local family. That's where Namaste Homestay comes in – a hidden gem tucked away in the bustling city of Kathmandu.

Namaste Homestay offers a unique and authentic experience for visitors seeking an immersive and cultural stay. This homestay is run by a local family who is warm, friendly, and always ready to welcome guests with open arms.

From the moment you step into the homestay, you'll be greeted with the traditional Nepali greeting of "Namaste", which translates to "I bow to the divine in you".

One of the unique features of Namaste Homestay is the opportunity to learn about Nepali culture and the way of life from the local family.

The family is happy to share their knowledge and experience with guests, from teaching you how to cook traditional Nepali dishes to share their customs and traditions.

In addition to cultural amalgamation, Namaste Homestay offers various activities for visitors to experience the best of Kathmandu.

You can go on a guided tour of the city's famous landmarks, such as Swayambhunath Supa, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple.

You can also join a local cooking class and learn how to prepare traditional Nepali dishes like momos and dal-bhat-tarkari.

2.  Bandipur Village Homestay

Nestled in the heart of Tanahun, Bandipur Village Homestay is a true gem that offers an authentic cultural experience in Nepal. This quaint and charming homestay is run by locals passionate about sharing their traditional way of living.

With warm welcoming after your arrival, the cosiness and comfort of the room will soon make you feel right at home.

As the place is home to Newar culture and traditions, you can observe decorators with traditional Nepali art and handicrafts equipped with all the amenities you'll need for a comfortable stay.

One of the outstanding features of Bandipur Village homestay is the opportunity to understand traditional Nepali crafts and skills.

From teaching you how to weave a conventional Dhaka fabric to showing you how to make a clay pot, the requests and enthusiasm of the guest shall be honoured.

Well, isn't it overwhelming that you can participate in these activities and create unique souvenirs to take home?

In addition to cultural activities, the homestays also offer outdoor activities like exploring the nearby hills and forests and reminiscing in the subliminal aesthetics of the Himalayas and surrounding countryside.

Besides that, there is also the grant to join a local farming activity and learn about the traditional farming practices in Nepal.

3.  Chepang Hill Trail Homestay

Located in the picturesque district of Chitwan, Chepang Hill Trail Homestay is a unique and unforgettable experience for travellers seeking an authentic cultural experience in Nepal.

This homestay is run by the Chepang people, an indigenous group that is known for their rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life.

The homestay is simple yet comfortable, with clean and cosy rooms offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills. Each room is decorated with traditional Nepali art and handicrafts, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

You'll also have access to shared spaces, such as a cosy living room and a peaceful garden where you can relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

Throughout your stay at Chepang Hill Trail Homestay, you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact with the family and other members of the local community.

This is a great chance to practice your Nepali language skills and learn more about the unique customs and traditions of the Chepang people.

4.  Sirubari Homestay

Sirubari Village Homestay, located in the Syangja district of Nepal, offers a unique and immersive experience for travellers seeking to connect with the local culture and way of life.

The village is spread over breathtaking natural vistas, making it the perfect destination for those seeking to endure the Gurung traditional life.

What sets Sirubaru Village Homestay apart is the opportunity to learn about the unique customs and traditions of the Gurung people, who are the predominant ethnic group in the village.

Visitors can participate in various cultural activities such as traditional dance performances, cooking classes, and guided walks through the village and surrounding countryside.

Guests can also learn about the local farming practices based on traditional techniques passed down through generations.

5.  Khopra Community Lodge

Located in the Annapurna region of Nepal, Khopra Community Lodge offers a unique cultural and homestay experience for travellers seeking an immersive and authentic Nepalese experience.

The local community runs the lodge and gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the traditional way of life and customs of the people who call this area home.

One of the highlights of staying at Khopra Community Lodge is the opportunity to enjoy traditional Nepalese cuisine.

The lodge offers a range of delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, including fresh vegetables, rice, lentils, and meat.

Guests can sample traditional Nepalese dishes such as dal bhat, momos, and chow mein. The lodge also offers cooking classes, where guests can learn how to prepare these dishes themselves.

The lodge also offers guided tours of the surrounding area, where visitors can explore the stunning natural beauty of the Annapurna region.

The local guides are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area and can provide insights into the local ecology and biodiversity. The lodge also offers hiking and trekking tours, where visitors can explore the nearby mountains and valleys.

6.  Tharu Homestay

Tharu Homestay in Bardia, Nepal, offers a unique cultural and gastro experience for travellers seeking an immersive and authentic experience in the region. The homestay is run by the Tharu community, who are indigenous to the area and have a distinct culture and way of life.

One of the highlights of staying at Tharu Homestay is the opportunity to try traditional Tharu cuisine. The homestay offers a range of conventional Tharu dishes such as dhikri (rice flour dumplings), chukauni (spicy potato salad), and gundruk (fermented vegetable soup).

The Tharu people have a deep knowledge of the local flora and fauna and have developed sustainable farming and fishing practices that are adapted to the local environment.

Guests can learn about these practices and even participate in traditional fishing, farming, and basket-weaving activities.

The homestay also offers guided tours of the local wetlands, where visitors can observe the area's diverse wildlife, including birds, crocodiles, and other aquatic animals.

Similarly, the culture of the Tharu people is also reflected in their music, dance, and other cultural practices.

Visitors can attend traditional Tharu performances featuring colourful costumes, lively music, and intricate dance routines. The Tharu people have a rich oral tradition, including folk tales, songs, and legends passed down through generations.

7.  Panauti Community Homestay

Located in the Kavre district, Panauti Community Homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience traditional Nepali culture and cuisine. The homestay is run by local families who are passionate about sharing their customs and way of life with visitors.

Visitors can learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Panauti community. The town has a history dating back to the 7th century and is known for its beautiful temples and shrines.

Guests can visit local landmarks such as the Indreshwor Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Bhairab Temple, believed to have been built in the 17th century.

The Panauti community also has a rich tradition of handicrafts and artisanal products.

Visitors can learn about traditional weaving and pottery techniques and even try their hand at creating their own handicrafts under the guidance of local artisans.

Another unique aspect of the Panauti community is its commitment to sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism.

Visitors can participate in organic farming, beekeeping and composting activities and learn about the community's efforts to protect the local environment and promote sustainable tourism.

8.  Kopila Homestay

Located in Nuwakot, Kopila Homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience the charm and beauty of rural Nepal. The region is known for its stunning landscapes, with lush green valleys and towering mountains providing a breathtaking backdrop to the homestay.

One of the highlights of staying at Kopila Homestay is the opportunity to experience traditional Nepali culture and cuisine.

Guests can learn about traditional Nepali practices, such as agriculture, which is an integral part of life in Nuwakot.

Visitors can participate in activities such as planting and harvesting crops, milking cows, making cheese and learning about the importance of sustainable farming practices.

In addition to agriculture, the Kopila Homestay offers a range of cultural experiences, such as learning traditional Nepali dances and songs.

 In contrast, you can also indulge in conventional Nepali dishes such as dhindo, gundruk and sel roti.

9.  Rara Hill Homestay

Nestled in the stunning Rara National Park, Rara Hill Homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience Mugu's natural beauty and culture.

One of the highlights of staying at Rara Hill Homestay is the opportunity to explore the national park, which is home to various wildlife, including Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, and musk deer.

Visitors can take guided nature walks, go bird watching, and even try their hand at fishing in the park's pristine lakes and rivers.

10. Kanchenjunga Homestay

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Illam district, Kanchenjunga Homestay offers surreal insights into the natural bliss and cultural richness of Eastern Nepal.

One of the major highlights of the homestay is the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Illam.

Visitors can take nature walks through the region's tea gardens, visit local monasteries and temples, and even try their hand at farming alongside the local community.

Benefits of Staying in a Homestay

When travelling, one of the most significant decisions you will make is where to stay.

While hotels are the go-to option for many, there is an alternative that offers a unique experience and can significantly enhance your trip: homestays. Homestays are accommodations that allow travellers to stay with local families or individuals.

They allow visitors to immerse themselves in local culture and experience the destination from a more authentic perspective.

Here are some benefits of staying in a homestay compared to a hotel

a.  Personalized experience

When staying in a homestay, you are not just another guest in a hotel room. You are a guest in someone's home so you can expect a more personalized experience.

Hosts often go above and beyond to make their guests feel welcome, offering home-cooked meals, local recommendations, and insights into the local way of life.

b.  Cost-effective

Homestays are often more affordable than hotels, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers.

Some hosts may offer additional services, such as airport pick-up or laundry, at a lower cost than hotels.

c.  Cultural Immersion

Homestays offer a unique opportunity to learn about local culture and customs from the people who live there. You will be able to see how locals live, what they eat, and how they interact with each other.

This type of immersion can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the destination you are visiting.

d.  Local knowledge

Your hosts will likely have a wealth of local knowledge and will happily share it with you. They can recommend off-the-beaten experiences, hidden gems, and local events you may not have discovered alone.

Homestays are a bridge between cultural gratification, learning and understanding the locals. When you stay with a host family, you will experience the destination from a local perspective, which can significantly enhance your understanding and appreciation of the place.

You will be able to learn about local customs and traditions, taste authentic cuisine, and interact with locals more personally.


Are you seeking a truly immersive and authentic cultural experience on your next trip to Nepal? Look no further than homestays!

Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about the local customs and traditions firsthand, but you'll also be contributing to learning about the local customs and traditions firsthand, and you'll also be contributing to sustainable tourism practices and supporting the local economy.

Imagine waking up to the sound of roosters crowing and the smell of freshly brewed tea, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountains.

With a homestay in Nepal, this dream can become a reality. You'll be welcomed into the homes of local families who are eager to share their culture and way of life with you.

But it's not just about cultural immersion; staying with a local family will support small businesses and directly contribute to the local economy.

So, why settle for a generic hotel experience when you can have a personalized and authentic homestay in Nepal?

Make your next trip one to remember by choosing a homestay and joining the growing movement towards sustainable tourism. Trust us; you won't regret it! 


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