Effect Of Covid-19 On Nepal's Tourism

Effect Of Covid-19 On Nepal's Tourism

Jun 07 . 2022, Hop Nepal

The Covid-19 epidemic has had a consequential effect on Nepalese tourism as well as the worldwide tourism sector. The majority of international and domestic flights have been halted as countries have locked their borders and proclaimed a state of emergency.

This pandemic has just put some employment in danger. Countries with lower infection rates, on the other hand, are easing some of the restrictions in the hopes of encouraging visitors and their money to travel overseas again.

 In the case of Nepal, we are currently unable to ease any of the limitations. Even still, as soon as the situation returns to normal, the administration will be inundated with requests to welcome travellers worldwide. It is quiet in Nepal, and the country's most popular tourist attractions are generally packed with visitors who come to admire Nepal's stunning nature and unique culture.

Nonetheless, the Covid-19 pandemic has depleted the tourist industry. Except for the essentials, all facilities and services are shut down until the situation returns to normal. Although the tourism industry employs many people in Nepal, visitors from outside the country have been restricted since March. Even Nepalese citizens are prohibited from visiting any location without a valid reason.

As a result, hotels, travel businesses, and a variety of other industries are adversely affected. The travel industry is one of Nepal's most important industries, accounting for 8% of the country's GDP. The fall of the Nepalese tourism industry directly impacts the country's economy.

Effect Of Covid-19 On Nepal's Tourism

Nepal was preparing for the "Visit Nepal 202" campaign, which was to welcome and serve more than two million travellers from around the world, but it has been cancelled as well. The election campaign had raised hopes that 2020 would be a prosperous year for business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has broken the hospitality and tourism-related economic sector, intended to provide everyone with ample job options. The lockdown was declared to safeguard the citizens from infection. Without a sure, the business will suffer, but who will be held accountable if the infection spreads across the country?

Navigating COVID's Impact with Resilience

Taking all of this into account, Nepal's government has proclaimed a state of emergency. The mountain isn't moving in any direction. Next year, people are welcome to visit and climb the majestic mountains. However, individuals who live along the key hiking trails, including hotel owners, guides, and porters, have been devastated by the decision.

Even the cafes, trekking shops, and other businesses that line Thamel's streets are closed. Because so many enterprises rely on tourism, the ripple effect is enormous. Everything has been flipped upside down by the pandemic.

How Is Nepal Preventing The Spread Of Covid-19?

Despite experiencing numerous challenges as a result of the pandemic, the government is succeeding in preventing pandemics from spreading by instituting a lockdown. Nepal's ability to deal with the problem is severely lacking. As a result, the only way to safeguard Nepalese citizens from the pandemic is to put the country under lockdown.

Safeguarding Communities, restoring hope amidst the Pandemic

In Nepal, less than 10,000 Covid-19 cases have been reported so far. There were 23 persons killed, and roughly 2,000 people were found. The majority of afflicted persons have arrived from other nations to work and earn money.

In Nepal, local transmission is uncommon. Nepal's infection rate is under control because the affected people have already been quarantined.

Is It A Good Idea To Go To Nepal Soon?

The Nepalese government has intelligently used the lockdown period to create and renovate necessary developmental facilities, ensuring that travel will be as easy as possible in the coming days. You will notice numerous upgrades when you arrive in Kathmandu in the following days. Both the government and the environment are becoming more lovely and fresh these days.

We may enjoy a pollution-free atmosphere because folks are stuck indoors around the world to stop the spread of Covid-19. Air pollution has decreased significantly, according to satellites orbiting the Earth. The river's water is becoming increasingly precise. Even fish can be seen clearly in the polluted waters.

Wildlife is slowly but steadily returning to its native habitat. The Himalayas can be seen from the towns: for example, in recent days, Kathmandu has had a spectacular view of Everest. Envision how amazing it would be to see Everest's picture from Nepal's culturally rich capital city.

Nature, without a doubt, is getting a chance to heal while everyone is on lockdown. The delight of visiting Nepal's famous cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara is unrivalled. Joining the Everest Base Camp(EBC) trek, the Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) trek, and other Nepal trekking will be even more adventurous and fascinating in the coming days. You will be able to enjoy nature's rejuvenating beauty. Furthermore, even locals value health and hygiene, making trekking in Nepal healthier in any region.

Apart from that, your visit to Nepal in the coming days will help improve the living conditions of those who rely on Nepal's tourism sector for a living, such as guides, porter guides, and others whose income has been severely impacted by the current crisis.

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