Finding The Best Hotels In Everest Region's Dingboche

Dec 26 . 2022,Omi Karki

One of the most well-known settlements along the Everest Base Camp Trek is Dingboche, which is perched high in a rough valley surrounded by mountains. At 4,410 meters, it is the ideal acclimatization destination, where most visitors stay for two nights.

Several hotels in the area are prepared to provide various services at various costs to make your time in the mountains enjoyable. Therefore, we have put together this blog to assist you in organizing your lodging in Dingboche while on your Everest Base Camp Trek.

What type of lodging can you expect to find in Dingboche?

Many lodging alternatives are available for different price levels; thus, hikers are no longer required to camp along the Everest Base Camp path.

Image Source: Third Rock Adventures

Caption: Trekkers outside a teahouse lodge in Dingboche

Typically, tea houses that have been transformed into cosy lodges and motels run by Sherpas may be found. In comparison to Namche Bazaar, the lodging in Dingboche is reasonably subpar. In addition, the services provided by most lodges are relatively comparable, with comparable menu prices and price ranges.

What do the hotel rooms look like?

In general, hotels in Dingboche have two types of rooms: basic rooms lacking attached toilets and rooms with adjacent bathrooms.

Basic Rooms

Basic rooms are those that do not have connected toilets. In general, such rooms feature two single beds, a table, a trash can, and a hanger if you're lucky. There are also a few rooms with three or four beds to suit larger groups.

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Caption: Basic Room in Dingboche

Because lodges provide comfy mattresses and decent blankets, you seldom need to use a sleeping bag in Dingboche because you can always pile some clothes on.

The price of such rooms ranges between $5 and $10, depending on the number of beds in the room.

Rooms having Attached Bathroom

To enhance your stay, various hotels in Dingboche have rooms with connected restrooms and a variety of facilities. Depending on the hotel, these rooms often feature additional amenities, such as electric blankets, towels, sandals, chargers, etc.

However, owing to various circumstances such as altitude and temperature, some hotel rooms may have toilets (either commode style or Indian bathrooms) and may or may not contain hot showers.

Price of rooms with attached toilet: $10-$15

Price of rooms with attached toilet and hot shower: $25-$50

Is it essential to reserve a hotel ahead of time?

Yes, the answer is YES. In general, when you reserve hotels through firms or guides, they select and book hotels for you. Dingboche is a bustling location, and if you arrive late in the afternoon, you'll most certainly spend a lot of time looking for a nice room, as agencies, guides, and internet platforms pre-book many hotels.

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Caption: Hotel Peaceful Lodge in Dingboche

You can find it in dining halls, especially during peak hiking. Because Dingboche is a two-day acclimatization stop, it is best to book your accommodations ahead of time.

Hop Nepal boasts the most extensive hotel inventory in the Everest Region, with hotels in every location where you can book rooms online by comparing photographs, pricing, and ratings.

Lodges booked via Hop Nepal allow you to change your reservation by +/- 2 days with advance notice and have a simple cancellation policy. Furthermore, you are free to carry excessive cash on the treks.

What kind of services can you anticipate from Dingboche hotels?

Hot Showers

Hot Showers are often considered a luxury after Namche Bazaar and are only available as a complimentary service in Deluxe Rooms for apparent reasons. Solar or geyser-powered hot showers are available at hotels.

There is a duration limit, and you may be charged extra if you intend on taking a long hot shower. Hotels do not provide additional towels, soaps, or other amenities, so bring your own.

Battery Charging

Except for Deluxe Rooms at some hotels, battery charging is more of a lodge convenience than a room feature. Some hotels charge an hourly fee, while others demand a flat fee for complete battery charging.

The rate may be greater depending on the amount of electricity consumed. As a result, bringing a solar-powered power bank is always advisable to save money when hiking.


Despite lacking a mobile network, 'Everest Link' provides an Internet service that works well in Dingboche. So, if you need an internet connection in Dingboche to send messages, check emails, or send fast updates to folks in other parts of the world, Everest Link is your only alternative. Debit cards for volume-based internet are available in the lodges.

Cellular Network

NTC and Ncell network connections function great until Namche Bazaar. Ncell then works in patches up to Pangboche. There is no cellphone connectivity after Pangboche. As a result, there are no operational mobile networks in Dingboche. As a result, lodges and even trekkers must use Everest Link's Internet service while in Dingboche.

Food & Beverages

Not just at Dingboche but throughout the Everest Region journey, you will be satisfied with the meals. You'll be delighted by the variety of meals available on the menus in each hotel, such as soup, momos, pasta, Dal-Bhat, noodles, and so on.

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Caption: Food in Dingboche

You may also choose from hot drinks such as hot juice, coffee, tea, etc. Taking 3 to 4 litres of liquid during hikes is highly recommended since staying hydrated is critical to avoiding altitude sickness.

Some hotels, such as Hotel Bright Star and Hotel Country Side, have their bakery. In addition, some hotels now feature a coffee machine, so you can enjoy a cup of Cappuccino while gazing out at the mountains. Such beverages increased the cost of machinery.


Commode-styled toilets are found in certain hotels, whereas western-style toilets are found in others. In general, you'll find both in all hotels, and water is only accessible in the basin outside the restrooms, so carry your toilet paper on hikes.

During the winter, with freezing conditions, there is a significant risk of the porcelain exploding when the water freezes. As a result of the high maintenance costs and practical considerations, it is evident that there will be fewer western-style toilets at higher elevations.

Top Hotels In Dingboche, Everest Region

So, based on our experience as well as evaluations from other websites and forums, here are some recommendations:

Hotel Bright Star

The personnel at Hotel Bright Star are courteous, and the cuisine is delicious. I got the opportunity to stay in their bright room with three beds, which was fantastic. They also feature rooms with attached restrooms and hot showers, as well as electric blankets.

Hotel Summit

This 5-star Hotel Summit 4,410M Dingboche contains a neighbouring Stupa and is within a 25-minute walk of the Everest Base Camp Trekking Route. The venue has 44 rooms. WiFi is provided at an additional fee to all guests throughout the property.

Hotel Tashi Delek

Kongma La Pass is 2.6 kilometres from this hotel in Dingboche. A 5-minute stroll takes you to the city centre. Ama Dablam Mountain may also be reached by automobile in 10 minutes. Tumlingtar airport is 613 kilometers away from Hotel Tashi Delek.

Peaceful Lodge

Peaceful Lodge is a lovely hotel in Dingboche with stunning mountain views and dependable room service. They have a lot of excellent accommodations and amenities.

Hotel Countryside

Hotel countryside is located on the main path of Everest Base Camp at an elevation of 4,410 meters above sea level, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas and the home of a kind and hospitable sherpas in Dingboche Solukhumbu, Nepal.

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