Kathmandu's Top Authentic Nepalese Restaurants

Jun 10 . 2022

If you're visiting Nepal and are seeking some authentic Nepali eateries in Kathmandu, our site may be able to assist you. During their time in that particular destination, the majority of travellers enjoy sampling the authentic local cuisine. It is crucial to experience an authentic and tasty meal, as well as the warmth of hospitality.

Nepal is a culturally, linguistically, geographically, and climatically diverse country with a diverse range of traditional cuisines. Traditional influences include many cultural food fusions, resulting in a distinct set of flavours and culinary standards.

Nepali cuisine is one of the world's most distinctive cuisines. Here are some of your favourite places to eat traditional Nepali food in the Kathmandu Valley.

11 Best Nepalese Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal

#1. Bhojan Griha

Bhojangriha is one of the best and most prominent restaurants in Kathmandu Valley, housed in a historical architectural complex in Dillibazzar.

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Caption: Inside Bhojan Griha

It specialises in Newari cuisine and has several floors to accommodate different dining experiences and meals. The best thing about this place is the distinctive dining style in the standardized building, as well as the service.

#2. Utsav Nepali Restaurant

In Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, another well known and established restaurant is Utsav Nepali Restaurant. A dining hall with numerous private seating spaces with a total capacity of 250 persons is available at the restaurant.

Accompanied by traditional music and classical dances, the restaurant serves Nepali, Newari, Continental, and Indian cuisine. Here, in a managed settlement, events and conferences can be held.

#3. Wellness Organic Club

Besides serving organic food, it also offers a beautiful infrastructure and cultural acts. It's in Lazimpat, close to the Uttardhoka Metropark.

Image Cr: Kata Khane

Caption: Wellness Organic Club

Its healthy dining, the contribution of self-grown organic food, and the friendliest employees make the entire experience a delightful one. It provides a wide range of meals and beverages, as well as excellent service. There's also Nepali cuisine on the menu.

#4. Nepali Chulo

It's also an excellent spot to go if you're looking for Nepali cuisine, as well as cultural dance and entertainment. It may be found in Lazimpat. One will never regret trying Nepali traditional food in such a gorgeous setting, dining in Neaplai traditional way in a breathtaking setting. Guests are entertained every evening with Nepali traditional and cultural dance performances, as well as Nepali food and services.

#5. Malta Newari Restaurant

It's a Nepalese restaurant in Thamel's Jyatha neighbourhood. It serves the most extraordinary Nepali cuisine as well as conventional Indian meals. The most excellent aspect of this place is the relaxing ambience, pleasant service, and delicious Nepali food.

#6. Paalcha Newari Restaurant

The Paalcha Newari restaurant in Jawalakhel Lalitpur serves delectable Newari food as well as continental fare. The finest thing about this place is its contemporary interior with a semi-indoor area and excellent Newari cuisine, as well as the superb service.

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Caption: Paalcha Newari Restaurant

This is also the most outstanding restaurant in town for the unique Newari settlement and experience.

#7. Yala Cafe Patan

In Patan, Lalitpur, there is a cafe called Yala. This cafe restaurant also functions as an art gallery. IT offers a pleasant ambience and helpful personnel. This is also an excellent place to consume some delicious Newari food while admiring the beautiful arts on display ver various platforms.

#8. Gokarna House and Restaurant

Gokarna House in Paknajol is one of Kathmandu's multi-cuisine restaurants. The Gokarna restaurant, which is in the heart of the city, offers covered and open seating areas, the best service, ambience, entertainment, and most importantly, a sense-stimulating menu.

Image Cr: TMM Nepal

Caption: Gokarna House and Restaurant

The joint provides entertainment in the form of Nepali musical instruments and a range of ethnic dances from various regions of the mountains.

#9. Paleti Bhanchha Ghar

It is near J.P. Road in Thamel. It's a beautiful spot to spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones while enjoying traditional Nepali cuisine. Paleti's signature meals are Nepali Faper/Kodo Roti, Nepali Thali, Nepali Khaja, and trout fish.

#10. Karuwa Restaurant

Karuwa Restaurant, located in Jyatha, Thamel, is one of Kathmandu's most fabulous restaurants. It serves a wide range of regional cuisines as well as numerous continental meals.

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Caption: Karuwa Restaurant

This restaurant is ideal for parties, meetings, and any other reasonable time occasion. It features a friendly staff, a relaxing atmosphere, and delicious food.

#11. Sasa Newari Restaurant, Kirtipur

This is a foodie's dream come true, and it's located in Kirtipur. It serves authentic regional food. It boasts an unpretentious Newari cuisine, including the fantastic exotic native foods and drinks that are rarely found in other restaurants due to its role as a necessary form of Newari settlement. It exudes the complete Newari beauty with indigenous delicacy, which is maintained by typical Newari houses, pleasant employees, and, of course, delicious food!


These are some of Kathmandu's most popular authentic Nepali eateries. In the original restaurants of Nepal's Kathmandu valley, you should try the true authentic flavour of Nepali cuisine.