Most Expensive Things To Do In Nepal

Nepal Expensive Adventure

Are You Looking For Luxurious Vacation In Nepal?

You can do many exciting activities in Nepal, starting from trekking to jungle safari, from Bunzy jumping to rafting and from shopping to dinner in high-quality restaurants. You will surely have an incredible trip here. Nepal is appropriate for any travel lover.

From low-budget service to the high-class service, everything is possible based on your selection. You must have read my last article where I mentioned about the top things to do in Nepal and here I will be describing the most expensive things to do in Nepal particularly for the one willing to have a luxury vacation in Nepal.
Nepal comes up with different types of magnificence services. You can go for a helicopter to see the magnificent Himalayas while you can reserve a five-star hotel for an awesome lunch and dinner. In addition, drink a first-class wine in world-class disco and bars and relax in a lavishness room while you can explore in magnificence motors.

Check Out The Most Expensive Things To Do In Nepal

1. Luxury Trekking


One of the most amazing things you can do in Nepal is trekking. Nepal consists of the wide-ranging trekking choices for you. From the single day simple hikes to reasonable trekking and from an adventurous trek to memorable experience to ascend Mount Everest, anything you wish to do.

And if you desire for comfortable trekking with some precise facilities like WI-FI access, comfy accommodation, first-class hospitability and the helicopter trip, then, there are lots of Travel Company for the help.

In addition, you can have awesome Everest trek by staying in the magnificence lodge. A helicopter ride on the Mt Everest can take your breathing away by its sight. You can also take pleasure in comfort food with the adjacent sight of mountains. In a way, you can get pleasure from the lavish trekking in Nepal which usual trekking may not have.

2. Luxury Resorts


Luxury resorts are another most classy thing to do in Nepal. Here, you can find lots of world-class resorts that make your vacation wonderful. Some of the best choices I suggest is Gokarna forest resort, Dwarika resort, Fulbari resort for the one who loves luxury.

They present well-maintained high-class room, varieties of outstanding foods, good-looking gardens, private swimming pool and attractive surroundings. Also, these places are comfortable and provide you with services based on your choice. Thus, at any time you desire for lavishness life, make a plan for a luxury resort in Nepal.

3. Jungle Safari


Travel around the jungle may come to your preference but if you wish to make it more comfortable other than the usual, then there are a variety of conveniences you can include to it. Anything you desire from the luxury jungle hotel to amazing countryside retreats and from the luxurious transport to top protection in the jungle, just plan to get it. You don’t have to use up your complete night in a tent throughout your jungle safari.

4. Adventurous Retreats


If you are willing to experience some adventurous activities, then Nepal provides a lot of adventurous funs and that are Bunzy jumping, rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing and many others. Still, you can do these adventures more contented and comfortable. There is lots of Travel Company in Nepal who can help you with everything from transportation, ticketing, accommodation and make your adventurous comfort.

5. Travelling


You must have a head that travelling in Nepal is somewhat obscure. Still, if you are willing to make your travel at ease, then you can lease the luxurious car, bus. You can also go for a helicopter if you desire to check out the Himalayas and the picturesque attractiveness of Nepal. There is lots of travel and Tour Company that can offer you the services based on your financial plan. If you are looking for the first-class service, these travel agencies are always set for you.

The Final Touch,

So, these are some of the most expensive things to do in Nepal. If you are willing to have a luxurious vacation in Nepal, then feel free to connect with us anytime you wish. We will do our best to fill your vacation with good memories.

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