Top Guides To Luxury Trek In Nepal


Do You Have Plan For Luxury Trek In Nepal?

Well, Nepal counts on the ideal destination for the one who loves trekking. The Luxury trek in Nepal comes up with lots of reassuring sitting in the supreme properties provide. In addition, you can practice the finest trekking experience of Nepal with extra soothing. This luxury trek is appropriate for the trekkers who are looking for their trip in style. Moreover, decide to live in first-class trekking tea houses and hotels. It helps them to get familiar with amazing Nepalese kindness.

Every year lots of male and female trekkers desire to spend their holiday in Nepal. The country where the world’s top peaks belong to, Nepal is a paradise for all the types of traveller. From easy to challenging trek to let us serve you with anything that works better for you.

The optimum part to trek in Nepal is the wonderful and breathtaking countryside with clean and fresh surroundings. You are also expected to esteem the flavour of authentic Nepalese way of life and the true happiness of travelling all over the land of mountains.

Top Guides To Luxury Trekking In Nepal

Luxury Trekking in Nepal offers to soothe of luxury guest house or lodges. This type of trek is ideal for people who want to trek while not hassle and look at the foremost stunning landscape of Nepal. Allow us to assist you with the luxury trek and make your vacation unforgettable. These varieties of luxury edifice advantages with connected lavatory, hot shower, luxurious space and sanitary meals.


In fact, Nepal splendour vacation that appears with the simplest expertise.

Are you looking for a luxury trek in Nepal?

If yes, just follow this, here I will mention the top guide to luxury trek in Nepal. This helps to enjoy your journey to Nepal with great ease.

What To Pack For Luxury Trekking In Nepal?

For better packing, you surely need a packing checklist. I recommend not bringing everything as you can get lots of good brand shops in Nepal. For the novice trekkers, you may need a well-built water-proof bag. For your reassure, the bag packs are carried by donkeys or porters all through the treks. Your bag should include around 40-45 litre.

Wear comfy shoes with lightweight hiking boots, easy shoes for nighttime walks or a duo of trekking shoes. In addition, carry a down jacket which offers you first-class company all through the luxury trek in Nepal. Ensure you bring some shirts and pants, water-resistant jackets, thick socks, easy nightwear, a cap, light cotton shawl, sunblock, woollen hat and gloves. You will also need wet tissues, toilet paper, water bottle, torch-lights, rub down and other essential items.

Best Season For Luxury Trekking In Nepal

1. Trekking in Autumn Season (September to November)

Autumn is the optimum season to trek in Nepal.

Most of the traveller takes a trip to Nepal to trek in the high mountains. Just a couple of seasons that is spring and autumn is apposite for trekking to the mountains. Thus, Nepal greets lots of trek lovers this season with the utmost travellers.

Maximum trekkers travel around Annapurna or Everest regions. In current time, travellers trek to Manaslu has increased as well. This is also the encouraging time for trekking to Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Ganesh Himal and Makalu.

Numerous trekking ways enchanting you to hoary cross at the elevation of 4000 to 5000 meter or additional must be finished in the desiccated and modest period of autumn and spring. In addition, the main attractions of these trekking are the wonderful peaks by the apparent sky.

2. Trekking in Spring Season (March to May)

Spring is one of the better seasons to trek in Nepal.

It begins to get hot in May but not an awful instant. In the other hands, the sky becomes clear with an enjoyable view. Dry and meek warmth of this period makes the trekking to elevated height possible. As a result, throughout this period you can go for comfort treks to Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Manaslu Circuit Trekking, and Everest Three Passes Trek and so on. The finest side of a trek to Nepal during spring is the stunning flowers following the wonderful sights of hills and peaks.

The tourist number increases during March. It starts to decline through May and just some trekkers are found during untimely monsoon.

3. Trekking in Summer/Monsoon Season (June to August)

Monsoon represents rain and clouds. This period is not a suitable instance to perceive the hills and peaks. The paths become dirty, slippery and landslides can also take place. You will come across lots of Leeches throughout the way and some might fall on your head from trees as well.

On the other hand, you can start trekking towards the northern region as the places in these areas get very least to no rainfall. Humla, Jumla, Mustang are some well-liked sites in Nepal all through the monsoon season. Indeed, summer/ monsoon is the optimum moment to trek to these sites as warmth is most pleasant all through this period. Another good option is to trek towards Tibet. You can connect with a Travel agency in Nepal that facilitates with the luxury trek.

4. Trekking in Winter Season (December to February)

Winter is not in fact a bad period for trekking in Nepal. The air gets dry and the sky gets clear, here the only intricacy is freezing.

Highest elevation trekking is made worrying by the freezing, snowstorm and snowfall. I advise not to decide on the treks that enclose passing on the high passes. Throughout winter, trekking towards the areas such as Dolpo, Mustang, Humla and others can be the most excellent selection.

The warmth at high height is colder all over winter than any other season. So, trip to all through spring and autumn when the warmth is more tolerable.

In addition, because of its well appreciation, Annapurna and Everest receive a handful of trekkers. Because of this, some tea house stays open.

The Final Touch,

Luxury Trek in Nepal appears with a huge experience. All through the trek to hire a porter do not point out that you are feeble, it means you worth the Nepalese culture and you have a contribution on a widespread Nepalese people.

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