Nepal's Five Best Mountain Biking Trails

Nepal's Five Best Mountain Biking Trails

Jan 27 . 2022

Nepal is traditionally associated with enormous alpine scenery, snowy peaks against a brilliant blue sky, and perhaps a yak or two. This photo is nice, but it's even better when a mountain bike comes down the trail!

Most people think of trekking outdoors in Nepal, but did you know that mountain biking is the fastest-growing activity in this beautiful country?

Initially, the few bikers all knew each other and rode together every weekend, exploring the Kathmandu Valley and travelling further afield on occasion.

Image Cr: Paradise Himalayan Journey

Caption: Mountain Bikers in Nepal

On any given Saturday or weekend, you can witness people riding everything from a brand new bike to an old iron horse, all with the same goal in mind: to enjoy the freedom and joy of a fantastic ride.

Although mountain biking is gaining popularity in Nepal, the trails are centuries old, and there is a staggering amount! Since the entire nation is crisscrossed by walking routes that have been pounded smooth by uncountable generations of feet travelling across the valley or the country for commerce, festivals, or family visits, no one knows how many kilometres of paths are out there waiting to be discovered.

Some of our favourite sites are harsh and untamed, with no easy way 'out.' In contrast, others are close to town and provide practically limitless trip options - from a day to a week or more, staying in luxurious hotels or roughing it in tea houses or camping.

It isn't easy to know VCZ where to start with many options, so here are our five best mountain biking sites in Nepal.

The Classics

#1. Biking within Kathmandu Valley(1-14 days)

This is the place where all the biking activities began. The Kathmandu Valley is perfect for day trips from a nice hotel and longer, more adventurous stays in less populated areas. Highlights include:

  • Different cultures.
  • Itinerary and riding style are each configurable.
  • For bikers of all abilities, there is some genuinely great terrain.

#2. Pokhara-Kathmandu(6-12 days)

Another classic choice for those who love the touring style of cycling. You'll never be far from civilization, you won't need much gear, and you'll be able to stay in little tea shops and guesthouses along the road. Among the highlights are various cultures, point-to-point travel, and the breathtaking alpine splendour of Nepal's "mid-hills".

The New Classics

#1. Annapurna Circuit Biking(10+ days)

When the routes become a trekker's paradise, providing critically needed access to markets, health care, and education to the villagers? Travel enthusiasts can make the most of their vacation time by travelling farther away from big cities in less time, allowing them to get to the action sooner!

Image Cr: Sidetracked Magazine

Caption: A cyclist enjoying the Annapurna Circuit

This spectacular environment used to take 21 days to explore, but now it takes just 11 days to jeep and mountain bike through it. The highlights are beautiful landscapes, a rich culture, fantastic routes, and a point-to-point trek.

#2. Mustang(6-10 days)

The Anthill Films crew brought this region to the international stage in Strength In Numbers, and Red Bull brought it to the international stage again in Where The Trail Ends. Lower Mustang is accessible to all tourists, and there are so many gorgeous routes to choose from that you can customize any trip - from 5 to 10 days - and still have a great time.

Image Cr: Mountain Biking Worldwide

Caption: Biking in Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a remote and restricted place, but it's well worth the extra cost to explore the old fortress city of Lo Manthang and ride the dirt that the Red Bull crew searched the globe for. The highlights are beautiful vistas, awe-inspiring culture, and unique trekking pathways.

The New Frontiers

Lower Everest Region Biking(6+ days)

You can fly into the Lower Everest Region or take a jeep for point-to-point or day trips. Mountain riding in the Everest region offers various routes and customization options. You can cycle in front of Mt. Everest while enjoying the legendary hospitality of the Sherpa people of the Everest region.