10 Enchanting Airports in Nepal That Welcome Tourists From Around the World

10 Enchanting Airports in Nepal That Welcome Tourists From Around the World

Nov 02 . 2021

Nepal, better known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a South Asian country notable for its location in the Himalayas. Every day, many people visit Nepal because of its culture and natural beauty and the fact that Mount Everest is located there. One of the causes for Nepal's tourist boom is the country's fully operational airports.

It also contains sections of the Indo Gangetic Plain, making Nepal one of its most picturesque places. Despite suffering significant damage due to the twin earthquakes and the gasoline embargo imposed in 2015, the country is quickly rebuilding and resuming its entire operations.

The main feature of the place is such that even such widespread devastation could not prevent it from blooming anew.

Nepal has long been a popular holiday destination for visitors due to its low cost of living and easy access to its most incredible world-famous trekking routes. The area's fauna, albeit underappreciated, is well worth seeing.

Whether you visit the chilly and beautiful Himalayas or the big attractions, there is one thing in common that you will discover everywhere in the region spread out uniformly- a warm and pleasant greeting from the people.

Ten Major Airports In Nepal

Today, we have assembled a list of the most frequently used domestic and international airports in Nepal to assist you in planning your holiday. Check it out!

#1. Lukla Airport

Lukla, a tiny town in northeastern Nepal at 2860 meters, is a popular arrival point for the Himalayas close to Mount Everest. Despite its literal meaning, the name Lukla signifies "an area with numerous goats and sheep." 

This location has a lot to offer guests in terms of western-style cuisine and other requirements. The area also has a tiny airport known as the Tenzing – Hillary Airport. The airport in Nepal is usually referred to as Lukla Airport.

Lukla airport is often utilized since it is the starting point for the majority of Everest hikes. If the weather is fair, there are regular flights between Lukla and Kathmandu. 

However, due to frequent rains, high winds, cloud cover, and changeable visibility in Lukla, planes are frequently delayed, and under severe weather situations, the airport is forced to close. Nepalese armed or civil police patrol the airport, which is enclosed by a chain-link fence.

#2. Tribhuwan International Airport

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal, and it is located in Kathmandu, the capital city. To be more specific, the airport is located in Kathmandu Valley, approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre of Kathmandu. This area is known as the "Gateway to the Nepalese Himalayas," It is home to seven world heritage sites. 

Kathmandu has long been a tourist hotspot. The capital city has served as the focal point for Nepal's history, art, culture, and economics for many years. As a result, there is no explanation why it is the most popular destination among travellers.

The airport was inaugurated in 1955 by King Mahendra of Nepal and was given its current name in 1964. Known initially as Gaucher Airport, it was renamed Tribhuvan International Airport a few years later in honour of King Mahendra's father.

There is a single domestic and international terminal at the airport. Furthermore, 30 airlines now connect Nepal to diverse Asia and Middle East locations via this airport.

Even though it is now the only international airport in Nepal, numerous active initiatives exist to develop other international airports, including Pokhara International Airport and Gautam Buddha Airport.

#3. Pokhara Airport

Pokhara Airport, which serves the Pokhara area of Nepal, is another vital airport in the country. Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal, behind Kathmandu. Because of its proximity to the Annapurna range, the town is a favourite among trekkers, and as a result, it has become Nepal's tourist capital. 

This Nepal airport, operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, provides regular connections from Kathmandu and Jomsom and a few other seasonal flights to Manang.

The airport is relatively tiny, with just eight propeller planes at a time. Still, it serves as a sizeable diversional airfield for Nepal's major airport in Kathmandu during fog or severe weather. 

New plans are in the works, and Pokhara Airport will soon have a functional international terminal in Nepal, lowering traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport.

#4. Simara Airport

Simara Airport, located around 18 kilometres from Birgunj, Nepal's fifth-largest city and a commerce route between India and Nepal, was completed in 1958 and is presently administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Birgunj, being the entry point of Patna and Calcutta, makes a significant economic contribution to Nepal.

This tiny airport serves with an elevation of roughly 450 feet and a runway length of 1192 meters. Jitpur Samara is a sub-metropolitan city in Nepal's south. This sub-metropolitan city was founded in 2017 and is thus considered the country's youngest sub-metropolitan city.

#5. Bharatpur Airport

Bharatpur Airport was developed in 1958, and the first passenger flight arrived there on March 5, 1965. The airport is located a few kilometres southwest of the city core of Bharatpur. The Bharatpur Airport is the country's fourth busiest airport, and it serves all major domestic airlines in Nepal.

Built with assistance from the United States of America, the airport is now one of the best-connected in the country. Despite its small size, the airport grounds include:

  • One departure.
  • One operating terminal.
  • One arrival terminal building.
  • A few stores are located around the airport.

The airport has only one runway and is built at around 650 feet above sea level. Initially, the airport only handled internal aircraft on a grass runway. Still, after many years of persistent pestering and lobbying by locals and ex-pats living abroad, a modest airport extension was completed.

As a result, a completely new terminal was constructed, and the runway was paved to accommodate the medium-sized aircraft operated by Nepal Airlines and other comparable aircraft. By 2005, all of the building work had been completed.

#6. Biratnagar Airport

Biratnagar Airport is a Nepalese domestic airport that serves the city of Biratnagar. Biratnagar is the country's third-largest metropolitan metropolis. The airport, which the Nepalese government runs, first opened its doors on July 6, 1958. The airport has only one runway and has been permitted to become the country's largest international airport.

#7. Gautam Buddha Airport

Gautam Buddha Airport, also known as Bhairahawa Airport, is located in Nepal and serves the city of Siddharthanagar.

The airport is being refurbished following international standards, and operations are expected to commence in 2020. As soon as the airport begins global operations, travellers from other nations will land here. The airport would then be Nepal's second international airport.

#8. Nepalgunj Airport

Nepalgunj Airport, which has been in operation since 1961, serves Nepalgunj, a sub-metropolitan city in Nepal. There are intentions to turn it into an international airport in the future. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has suggested this. In the future, other facilities like immigration, customs, and quarantine may be built to allow it to function as an international airport.

#9. Bahjang Airport

This airport serves the Nepalese district of Bajhang and is located in Jaya Prithvi Municipality. For the time being, activities have been halted, with plans to resume operations in 2020.

#10. Bajura Airport

Bajura Airport in Nepal serves the Bajura district with a single runway. It is a domestic public airport operated by the following airlines: Nepal Airlines, Summit Air, Sita Air, and Tara Air.