Top Waterfalls In And Around Kathmandu

Jul 08 . 2022

There are many options in Kathmandu, including historical sites and trekking trails, for a day trip or a week-long cultural excursion. That's not all, though. Kathmandu is also home to some stunning natural vistas and sceneries. 

Here are the top waterfalls in and around the Kathmandu Valley that Hop Nepal recommends.

Waterfalls Around Kathmandu Valley

We adore chasing waterfalls, just as you guys do. In Nepal, the monsoon season is most known for that. In Kathmandu, secret waterfalls can be found. All of them must have been people you knew from social media. Even if you're not, we have a list of Kathmandu's top waterfalls.

Today Hop Nepal has prepared a list of five waterfalls that tourists can find in and around Kathmandu Valley. They are:

  • Jhor
  • Tindhara
  • Mohani Jharna
  • Sundarijal
  • Simba Falls
  • Nagarkot
  • Shivapuri


The Jhor waterfall, another stunning work of nature, lies only eleven kilometres to the north of Samakhusi. Jhor, Tokha's most well-known tourist destination, draws tens and thousands of visitors from throughout the nation.

Image Source: Facebook

Caption: Jhor Jharna

There is a Shiva temple right next to the waterfall that is open on Saturdays and Mondays for those of you with a religious bone in your body. Therefore, Jhor should be at the top of your list if you want to go on a trek, a bike ride, or even for a Saturday picnic.

How can you get to Jhor?

  • Samakhusi-Greenland-Grande Hospital-Tokha-Jhor


A waterfall in Kavre's Kafal Dadha area mimics one from the Bollywood hit "Bahubali", 65 kilometres (40 miles) east of Kathmandu. The 300 m-dropping Tindhara waterfall is encircled by breathtaking natural beauty.

Tindhara, a waterfall made up of three streams(from which the waterfall acquired its name), was once undiscovered, but now Kathmandu locals love to take day trips there because of how much it resembles Bahubali.

How to get to Tindhara?

  • Kathmandu-Dhulikhel- Namo Budhha- Dapcha-Pangu-Kafal Dadha-Tindhara Jharna
  • Kathmandu-Banepa-Panauti-Sankhu-Namo Buddha-Dapcha-Pangu-Kafal Dadha-Tindhara Jharna

Mohani Jharna

Thado Jhola, commonly known as Mohani Jharna(waterfall), is situated in Markhu, Kulekhani. If you're exploring for a quick escape from Kathmandu, it is the most acceptable option for a day excursion, given that it is only 33 kilometres from the city's centre. A natural swimming pool next to the waterfall makes the ideal setting attractive.

Image Cr: Facebook

Caption: Mohani Jharna

How to get to Mohani Jharna?

  • Kirtipur-Pharping-Fakhel-Kulekhnai, Markhu-Mohani Jharna


Without a doubt, Sundarijal is one of Kathmandu's most famous waterfalls. The numerous rivers, water reservoirs, and stunning natural beauty along the path will make your travel even more delightful. It is easily accessible and ideal for a day trip.

The waterfall, which is named after the Hindu Goddess Sundarimai, is a reward for hikers who choose a longer path from Shivapuri National Park.

How can you get to Sundarijal?

  • Ratnapark-Chabahil-Boudha-Jorpati-Gokarna-Sundarijal

To add some experience to your day, you can hike from Bagdwar in the Shivapuri National Park to Lulkharka and Sundarijal.

Simba Falls

Simba Falls, also known as Manikhel Jharna, is located in Lalitpur's Mahankal Rural Municipality, 40 miles(64.37 km) from the bustle of Kathmandu.

The Tamang population in the area gave Simba a collection of five waterfalls in Manikhel its name because of the water's calming yet energizing coldness. Simba Falls welcomes you with an equally stunning jungle in addition to a magnificent view of the water body.

How to get to Simba Falls?

  • Datdobato-Chapa Gaun-Lele-Bhardev-Chaugharey-Gotikhel-Manikhel


One of the most well-known hill towns in Kathmandu is Nagarkot, which is about 25 kilometres from the capital. It is a prominent location for seeing the sunrise and sunset as well as the mountains(which range from the Langtang Range, Mt. Everest, to Mt. Kanchenjunga).

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Caption: Nagarkot Waterfall

The road to Nagarkot Jharna is somewhat uneven. After about a 30-minute climb, you will arrive at Jalpa Devi Temple. The area is encircled by a thick, verdant forest.

How to get to Nagarkot?

  • Ratnapark,Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Bus Park-Nagarkot


The nearest hill to the Kathmandu Valley is called Shivapuri. Shivapuri, which is only 12 km from Kathmandu, is well known for its luscious forest, serene setting, and ideal location for city lights. It is the most well-liked trail for biking and hiking.

To reach Baghdwar, Bishnudwar, Shivapuri Peak Hill, and Nagi Gumba. But Shivapuri has a secret waterfall. The sound of the waterfall will be audible after you get to the main route leading to Bishnudwar. You can access Shivapuri's underground waterfall by taking a downhill trail rather than ascending to Bishnuswar.

Because it is located downward and the slope is slick, getting there is somewhat risky. You may argue that there isn't even a trial. However, if you're skilled at traversing the trail, you can get there from Jhamchen Gumba without much difficulty.


Are you looking for the top waterfalls in Kathmandu because you are waterfall-obsessed? If so, we have listed the top waterfalls in Kathmandu for the monsoon season that you shouldn't miss.