When Is The Best Time To Visit Nepal?

Nov 19 . 2020, Hop Nepal

Overview The Best Time To Visit Nepal

Between the month of October and December consider being the best time to visit Nepal.

Nepal is generally moderate, with four foremost seasons centred over the summer monsoon. While thinking about the best time to visit Nepal, it is better considering that most visitors, arranging mountain prominence, visit in the autumn peak season when the weather is vibrant and dry, and neither too cold in the high hilly area nor too hot in the Terai.

Also, the two main festivals, Dashain and Tihar, comes under this period. The disadvantage is that the tourist accommodations and trekking paths are crowded, prices are higher, and it may be difficult to get a suitable room.

The climate of Nepal depends on its season. Autumn and spring are the two most admired seasons to spend the vacation or to visit Nepal. Autumn begins from early September to early December and comes up with clear weather with sunny days and warm nights. At the same time, spring begins from the starting of March to the end of May with chances of frequent rainfalls.

Monsoon season starts from June to September. Trekking is usually problematic and difficult as Nepal climate now of the year carries about hot weather and rain falls most of the day. The paths become unclear and are mostly leech-infested. Also, the mountains are regularly covered by cloud.

Yet, there are some possibilities for summer hiking in the trans-Himalayan regions of Mustang, Dolpo, and Tibet. These regions are in a rain-shadow so gets expressively less rainfall compared to the more southerly parts.

Know The Best Time To Visit Nepal (Nepal Climate Guide)

The best time to visit Nepal is Autumn, from mid-September till the end of November and Spring, from the commencement of March till the mid-May.

1. Visiting Nepal In Autumn (Mid-September to end-November)

This is the best time to visit Nepal. Usually, throughout Autumn, the weather is vibrant with slight to warm days and cold nights. Though, across the higher altitude, the nights drop into freezing temperature. Here, the mountain sights are amazingly clear.

2. Visiting Nepal In Winter And The Mid-Winter (End November through March)

Also, it is likely to trek throughout winter, from December till the end of February. Afternoon temperatures are likely to be cooler. Yet, the nights will often be freezing. The days are normally vibrant, but frequent winter storms can bring snow as low as 2500m. Beginning of October through the end of November is also the hardest time to trek.

However, in mid-winter (January to March), trekking is the most stimulating in the high altitudes with semi-regular snowfall. It is trailed by additional winter storms that break the long fine phases. The mid-December to mid-February is the coolest time to visit Nepal.

As snow grows harder and the wind is likely to remain lightened at the beginning of winter, ascending some of the trekking peaks can be possible. To climb Mera peak, Island peak, Chulu, and trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Langtang at the beginning of winter have been widespread over the past few years.

3. Visiting Nepal In Spring And Early Summer (Mid-March Through May)

During the spring, the mornings are more vibrant, but the day cloud build-up carries infrequent showers. The days are combined with warmth hand rain that shows wild plant such as Rhododendrons.

The entire country is luxurious and a plentiful green at this season. This time prompts the second most widespread and enjoyable trekking season as this is rice-planting period.

At the end of March to the beginning of April is mostly pleasant and gorgeous. Also, it is the perfect time in Nepal to climb as the high passes are mostly snow-free, and the mountain sights are still vibrant in April. Up to May, the weather gets foggy and troubled with the clouds.

4. Visiting Nepal In Monsoon (June to mid-September)

Starting from June to September is the monsoon season. Usually, the morning is cloudy and cloud approach procedure on haphazard ridges and summits.

Visit Nepal now of the year is usually tough and uneasy due to the weather is warm and it rains nearly all day. The paths become muddy and are mostly leech-infested, and the mountains are frequently covered by cloud.

Throughout April and May, there is a hope of thunderstorm, hail shower and strong winds amongst the acceptable periods. There are, however, potentials for summer treks in the trans-Himalayan regions of Mustang, Dolpo, and Tibet.

These regions are mostly in a rain-shadow, so they are likely to have suggestively less rainfall than compared to the southerly parts.

The Last Point,

The plan to visit Nepal can be made anytime throughout the year. Yet, to get the most out of your vacation, you must plan your vacation the time that goes along with your activity. Also, anyone willing to visit Nepal for trekking must think about different choices before thinking about the destination.

The first thing to consider is the weather, then the destination, travel period and so on. So, for fun and entertaining adventure come at the best time to visit Nepal.

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