Why a Homestay is the Best Accommodation Option for Traveling in Nepal

Mar 07 . 2023,Omi Karki

In the lookout for a unique way to indulge and roister the culture and hospitality of Nepal? Look no further than homestays- the most resourceful accommodation option for travellers seeking an authentic and immersive experience in this Stunning South Asian nation.

Nepal is a magnificent country well known for its subliminal landscapes, well-off cultural heritage and cordial hospitality. Finding suitable accommodations for travellers visiting Nepal is an important task. As numerous forms of accommodation are available in this domain with an array of hotels, guesthouses and hostels, it is undeniably one of the best options for a homestay retreat.

When it comes to considering the best homestays to cover your head, one must take in mind numerous factors. These include the location, amenities offered, stay cost and the host family's reputation.

Eventually, the one that offers the most authentic cultural experience and a secure environment while supporting the local community is the best type of homestay people try to find.

With caution in determining these factors, you can find the perfect homestays to suit your needs and preference and simultaneously grow an unforgettable experience in Nepal.

Here we will discuss why Homestays are the most helpful accommodation options for travelling in Nepal.

Benefits of Homestays in Nepal

Authentic Nepali Culture

One of the major benefits of residing in a homestay is that the accommodation has pros in allowing you to experience authentic Nepali culture. Unlike hotels and lodges, Homestays are run by local families who will take care of your need, and you will also get a glimpse into their daily life activities.

 The major perks of homestays are the Nepali social, cultural and gastronomical traits one can learn and participate in, such as dance and music.

 Affordable Rates

 The cost of staying at a homestay is relatively cheaper compared to Hotels and Resorts, making it an ideal choice for budget travellers.

 If you are a cost-conscious venturer hoping to live and breathe among the local culture and hospitality, staying in a homestay is the ideal option as it will help you save some money for further exploration. 

Ultimately, by choosing homestays over expensive hotels and resorts, you will find a great way to stretch your travel budget further, resulting in more exploration and local activities to mingle with.  

 Safety and Security

 Homestays provide their customers with a safe and secure environment; it is even better if you're a solo traveller. As you reside with the family, it can be an important information source to learn the etiquette and receive guidance on staying aware and safe in the locality.

 In contrast, homestays are generally located in tranquil and sound residential neighbourhoods, serving a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

 Tailored Attention and Care 

An impeccable reason you should stay in homestays is the personalized attention and care you are bound to receive from the local host family.

 Unlike hotels and resorts, where one will feel like another guest in the structure, you will experience a sense of belonging as the host family invests their time and effort for your convenience and enjoyable stay.

 Suppose there are any queries and questions struck in your mind. In that case, the host family will undoubtedly be available to convey resourceful information and recommendations, and ultimately make sure that you feel at home in their abode.

 Support Local Empowerment

Homestays are an excellent way of boosting the local economy and relishing the actual experience of Nepal. As you stay in a homestay, the host family will likely benefit from your contribution.

You will also benefit from the most serene experience dislocated from the commercialized stigma and tourist areas. At the same time, the bond harboured between you and your host family will strengthen, making an everlasting impression and connection.

Comparing Hotels and Homestays: Which should you choose and why?

 Determining whether you should check in at a hotel or fish experience at a local homestay can be a compact decision. One should consider several factors, including cost, experience and comfort during their stay, to choose the suitable accommodation types.


 Homestays in Nepal are comparatively more affordable than hotels, making up for excellent budget-conscious travel. On the other side, the amenities and frills stationed by homestays are lesser with regard to what a hotel has to offer.

 So, consider the location, season and level of amenities the establishment grants before deciding on where you want to stay.


 Hotels are renowned establishments offering more luxurious accommodations to their guests fueled with amenities like a Swimming pool, room services and spas.

 Whereas, homestays are governed by more authentic and personalized services where the host is even willing to go the extra for the sake of their guest's satisfaction.

In other words, homestays make you feel like you are at home, and you will receive a calm and peaceful serenity with the host family absent in hotels.  


Hotels are well known to cater for a broad spectrum of travellers, tending to focus on the standardized experience of hospitality. One cannot get an insight into Nepali hospitality and connect it with cultural norms and ethics in a hotel.

 Therefore, homestays are a perfect oasis for learning and gaining insight into the unique cultural experience left out by hotels. The time you spend with the local family offers insight into understanding the Nepalese way of life, values, custom and tradition, resulting in relationships being moulded more personally.

Types of Homestays in Nepal

With the increase in the popularity of the concept of Homestays in Nepal, there are several incredible accommodation options for travellers seeking to embellish the authenticity of Nepalese culture and tradition.

Each type with its own unique services and activities to explore; Nepal harbours numerous types of homestay accommodation available for a unique blend of experiences.


 Farmstay homestays are located in the rural areas of Nepal, offering guests to participate in farming and household activities such as plantation, harvest and milking cows.

 In the present world, where people think milk comes from supermarkets, these homestays offer insight into understanding the traditional process of agricultural practices, farming techniques and sampling fresh produces.

Village Homestay

Fasten your rucksack and get ready to experience the traditional lifestyle of Nepalese villagers. Village homestay is an excellent concept offering guests a chance to participate in the everyday life activities as a villager, including weaving, cooking and farming activities.

 These homestays are known for providing a unique opportunity to experience the authentic Nepali homestay experience. There are numerous village homestays, each inhabiting distinct socio-cultural ethics, traditions and cultural performance.

 Urban Homestay

Just by the title, we can understand that these homestays are located in the cities and are well known for their Nepali city life enclosure. With an abundance of homely culture and norms, these homestays are run by local residents residing in urban areas.

 At the same time, there will be numerous places for tourists to explore in the region; as it is convenient to roam and dwell in the abyss of city life intermingled with versatile heritage sites, temples, recreation centres and hiking destinations.

 Ecological Homestays

With a nature-conscious principle, Eco homestay or Ecological homestays are located in environmentally sensitive areas that sprout its vision of eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

 Moreover, residing in this homestay will savour one with the opportunity to learn about sustainable living and practices abiding activities such as organic farming, nature walks and wildlife conservation.

Adventure Homestays

Adventure homestays are those kinds of homestay services that are located in popular adventure destination zones. These homestays are keen to serve their guest healthy food, accommodation and participation in thrilling and adventurous activities such as rafting, trekking and mountain biking.

Comprehensively, Adventure homestays offer you information and guide service as you feel the urge to indulge in strenuous adventure activities near the locality.

Most Popular Homestays in Nepal

If you plan to stay in Nepal and gain insights into the best homestay experience, look no further, as we bring you the most popular and praised homestays in Nepal. From warm hospitality and immersive culture to delicious cuisines, the below-listed accommodations have won the heart of many travellers from around the globe.

Our journey will take you from Kathmandu's busy streets to Annapurna's unsullied landscapes, and you will have a plethora of top-rated homestays to browse from. The unique establishments are renowned for offering perspectives and insight into the local culture, while the only thing you will be leaving with is fondled memoirs.

Here is the list of information on the popular homestay location in Nepal and what awaits your welcoming there.

Kathmandu Valley Homestays

Nestled in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu Valley Homestays offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the cultural wellness of the nation as you come into close periphery with some of the majestic attraction sites such as Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupati Temple and Boudhanath Stupa. 

The central tourism hub is rich with its cultural and historical heritages attracting a large number of tourists every year. Numerous community homestays in Kathmandu allow you to explore the valley's urban and rural parts. Some of them are listed below:

  • Nepal Yoga Home
  • Chhahari Retreat
  • Himalayan Home Stay
  • Kathmandu Home Stay

Bhaktapur Homestays

Homestays in Bhaktapur allow visitors to stay with local families, learn traditional customs and practices of Newari culture, and participate in cultural activities, including cooking classes, pottery-making workshops and traditional dance performances.

 The homestays in Bhaktapur are renowned for their architecture and design since most homes are built with traditional Newari brickworks and intricate wood carvings.

 The best part of staying at a homestay in Bhaktapur is the comfortable accommodation, traditional Nepali meals, and the plethora of the city's temples, markets and historical landmarks to explore, which offers a deep insight into the history, tradition and daily life of the Nepali people.

 Some of the most renowned Homestays in Bhaktapur are-

  • Bhaktapur Home Stay
  • Lalitpur Home Stay
  • Thimi Homestay
  • Bhaktapur Community Homestay

 Annapurna Region Homestay

Travelling through the rocky terrain, wildflower grasslands and lush green forests surrounded by snowy peaks, the Annapurna region is filled with enthralling adventure experiences for those seeking adrenaline. 

 Annapurna is home to several homestays offering warm hospitality, breath-snatching mountain vistas and a homage to experiencing local tradition, culture and cuisines.

Detracting travellers away from the hustle and bustle life of the city and in deep contemplation of fascination over nature, the trail inhabits numerous homestays located along the popular trekking routes, including the Annapurna circuit and Poon Hill trek.

As the Annapurna region offers several renowned homestays in various places, we have listed the most popular homestays divided by location


  • Poon Hill Home Stay
  • Mother House Trekking Home Stay
  • Peaceful Lodge and Home Stay
  • Heaven Hill View Homestay


  • Gurung Homestay
  • Beautiful View Homestay
  • Kimche Homestay
  • Himalaya Lodge and Homestay 


  • Snow View Homestay
  • Himalayan View Homestay
  • Gurung Cottage and Homestay
  • Mountain View Homestay


  • Muktinath Homestay
  • The Royal Mustang Homestay
  • Mountain View Homestay
  • Snowland Homestay

What to Expect During a Homestay in Nepal

 If you have confirmed that you will be checking in at a homestay during your venture to Nepal, it is obliged that you understand some standard practices that are observed in many households.

However, Daily routines and cultural practices in Nepali households vary depending on the region, religion, and socio-economic status of the family. Here, we are serving you briefs on what you should expect as you lay over in any homestays in Nepal.

Many Nepali households begin their day with religious practices such as chanting prayers, performing puja (worship), or meditating.

Only once the morning ritual is completed, the household begins to prepare breakfast. Generally, breakfast in homestays includes local ingredients and eateries such as tea, bread or chapati (flatbread), and eggs or leftovers from the previous night sometimes.

The end of breakfast in the morning will set forth the daily work schedule of the people. In rural parts, people mostly engage in farming, while in the city area, they go to offices, shops or factories.

The main meal of the day in Nepali households usually entails Dal bhat, served alongside meat or fish occasionally. It is normal for family members to take a short nap after lunch.

As dawn hits, the locality is filled with an energetic evening as the children engage in extracurricular activities and adults run errands, making the place look full of life.

In many Nepali households, evening time is designated for religious rituals, including lighting candles or incense, reading scriptures and offering prayers. The dinner is usually a soft meal consisting of leftovers or snacks.

The leisure time for family members to interact is usually after dinner as they watch TV, listen to music, or come together to play cards or board games.

In addition to these daily routines, Nepali households also observe cultural practices such as celebrating festivals, observing fasts, and following social customs such as hospitality, respect for elders, and gender roles.

During numerous festivities, such as Teez, people may abstain from food or certain activities as a form of penance or prayer. Social customs such as hospitality and respect for elders are deeply ingrained in Nepali culture and are observed in most households.


Homestays in Nepal offer a unique and authentic way to experience Nepali culture and hospitality. By staying with local families, travellers can learn about daily routines, cultural practices, and traditional customs that they might not otherwise experience.

Homestays also provide a sustainable and responsible way to support local communities, often offering meaningful cultural exchange and learning opportunities.

Overall, homestays in Nepal can enrich travellers' experiences by providing a deeper understanding of Nepali culture and a chance to form meaningful connections with local residents.